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  1. * places tiny violin away * Developer don't owe you anything. Welcome to participation of Early Access games.
  2. Useless post! Post your computer specs/setup so it can be worked out why it's not working well for you, but is your friends. That's the whole point of these posts.
  3. Very odd. The buttons are those found on the main menu of the game. The fact it loads a web browser as the background is certainly odd! Edit; you're not the only one..
  4. I have a USB headset and audio via my graphics card to my TV. Both enabled, headset as default. PUBG always uses headset with no issues. So while that's not entirely helpful for you, I would say it's not simply a case of having the two audio devices but something else. Have you tried starting with your tv device disabled and just your headset enabled? Does it start without audio then?
  5. The issue of not being able to interact with anything is odd, but as said it appears your damage is occurring because you're outside the blue zone. You need to be inside of this to avoid damage.
  6. JasonO

    Game Stuttering

    My only thoughts think hard drive? I don't know how the game uses it so maybe irrelevant
  7. What's your specs? Devs need to know why your computer is different to those who have no issues. Saying it's happening to you helps no one.
  8. Tested, but made no difference for me. Thank you though.
  9. Probably obvious but I imagine it only does it in game. if you unplug while in game, does it still continue going up or does it stop?
  10. The issue is likely to do with how it detects if you've let go of the key. Once pressed (keyDown), it turns free look on. It then waits for the key to be let go (keyUp) to disable it. However, if you all tab the game window isn't active when you let go of Alt, thus it's waiting for the keyUp but keyboard entries don't register in a game of which it's window isn't active. Its an issue with a few games because it works on this process. The solution in meantime is just to press Alt again.
  11. I don't see an issue with how it works at the moment. I would guess if I was to put a finger on the issue would be the damage taken while injured should be multiplied. There has been times I've knocked someone out and then taken a silly amount of rounds to finish them off. Quite frankly if they're knocked out to the position they are, one more shot of pretty much anything would probably finish them off. This puts the importance of them getting to cover ASAP.
  12. I had this yesterday (since update). The sound of being hit, blood splatter, however I took virtually no health loss, if any at all. It happened about 4-5 times before stopping. I thought it may have been a sniper, but then it was happening when I was in a room with no windows. A friend I was playing with saw nothing to suggest I was hit (no sound/blood etc). It's only happened that one game though.
  13. Bug Description: Sound stuttering triggering low FPS when there are multiple sounds playing at once. Most noticeable; During initial lobby When it rains Bombing Runs When firing a gun or being shot at (or near someone shooting) Vehicles driving about I am confident my FPS issues surround the sound issues. As soon as I die, the sound issues resolve themselves (even if the rain, bombing runs and shooting is the same) and my FPS increases from about 5 FPS to about 60+ FPS as the camera pans over my body. It's as if something changes when I die to stop the issue. Date Seen: 06/04/2017 on latest patch Troubleshooting Attempted: Uninstalled/Reinstalled Audio drivers (restarting between each one) Uninstalled headset drivers, using only Nvidia drivers for HDMI use. Still an issue (also updated these using same process) Other Information: Latest patch has improved this slightly. Audio doesn't lag as often (but still regularly occurs) and a 15% increase in FPS perhaps? However what this has done it would appear is allow for some more sounds to play before it lags again. So I guess the chance of it doing it has reduced but if the sounds peak rapidly then I still have the issue until the sounds stopped (well, they've all finished being rendered). This causes the same low 1-5 FPS. Launch Options: -d3d10 Was advised many others were introduced into the game by default so was not required. System Specifications: Windows 7 Professional 64bit (SP1, updated) Intel i7 965 Extreme @ 3.33GHz 12GB RAM (Triple Channel) Gigabyte GTX 1070 WesternDigital Harddrive with 300+ GB space free (differs to OS drive) Corsair Vengeance 2100 USB Headset 1920x1080 montior, via HDMI (Video and audio) I've never experienced any issues before in other games using the same engine. Both via the graphics card and headset the audio glitches. Also, I can use things like Teamspeak with no problems in the background and the sound of that is not affected. The sound issues appear contained within the game. I've played with and without Teamspeak running and no obvious difference to the issue.
  14. I think while obviously not correct, is just down to the fact the ground model hasn't been done for all objects at this point? For example, all the trousers, tops and shoes use the same model/texture so you don't actually know what it is until you step over it.
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