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  1. In my personal opinion the Win94 should have an over/under sight that works similar to the cantid. Switching between the 2 simply push X while you ADS. So my vote is fixed but over/under capabilities.
  2. What's the new hot fix about?
  3. I found the video that I watched and you are right. My misunderstanding.
  4. I heard about the left over coupons from vikendi pass would get transfered over to be used in new survival pass. Is this true? If so, I havnt received them.
  5. COALY1982


    Right! They seem to have very bad grammer as well. Couple of examples in the new survival rewards I have noticed.
  6. I unlocked the new level one racer helmet. When I have it active and pick a level one helmet up during gameplay it doesn't switch to the new level one until I drop it and pick it up again. Kind of annoying...
  7. This usually starts shortly into the game. After a short time playing I will try to pick things up in my vicinity and I cant scroll down to choose different items. When I push down the cursor will move to second item but then will bounce back up to the first item. Makes looting nearly impossible.
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