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  1. Since they introduced this feature it been really laggy and is a pain to add a skin to a weapon. It's not a big issue because it doesn't effect game play, but for something that's been on here for awhile and still runs like trash is a little sad.
  2. It's getting really bad with people playing mods to run a mouse on the game. It seems like every other game I run into someone that is turning faster than a 20 setting on sensitively, complete recoil management without missing a shot, and pin point accuracy without delay. You win some and lose a lot in this game, and I never assume someone is cheating. I usually spectate after I get killed and the number of people that is easy to tell they are using a mouse has greatly increased. Watch some of the top players videos on the leaders board. One has a picture of all his sensitively settings on 5, but turns faster than if you set it on 20 with a controller. They need to do one of two things to fix this. 1. Have a reporting opinion when spectate against possible mouse users ( you can't tell unless you spectate) Or 2. Allow mouse and keyboard on all platforms. I don't like this option but at least everyone will have the option to play on an even field.
  3. It take four trys to drop as a squad
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