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  1. ForOne815

    please combine miramar and enragel.

    There aren't enough players not in Europe to support map select. I'm in Europe, I don't care.
  2. ForOne815

    please combine miramar and enragel.

    It's a fucking desert. That's it.
  3. ForOne815

    please combine miramar and enragel.

    There is. An option to chose more than one specific map. You know, like in every other game.
  4. Or 5, or 10 - that was random and very fucking annoying. I mean my squad literally left the game until they released Sanhok. Not only for Miramar, I don't think that you really need 90+ people when most of them are going to die in the first 10 minutes of each round. Or they could just ignore the problem because not that many people actually cares. I mean there was much more whining about inability to exclude Miramar than there is whining about inability to play it.
  5. The current system is an inconvenience, you can just leave whenever not Miramar shows up until it does show up.
  6. Well, you can try to find Miramar specifically...Oh, wait. Nobody queues for it, and you have a problem with that. This type of threads. Although I'm selfish to an enormous degree, it has nothing to do with the argument. I've been always advocating for the freedom of choice. I mean I'd love to see Miramar completely deleted from this game but some people actually like it. For some reason. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I'm glad that I don't see Miramar anymore but I don't say that it should be enforced. And it's not, players just don't want to queue for it. You want to somehow change it. How?
  7. That is an unpleasant feeling, I may assume. Same goes for liking map that literally everyone else hates.
  8. Nope, the old way I had a chance to immediately leave Miramar. Now I don't really have that chance.
  9. Yeah, because forcing people to play the map that they don't want to play is definitely a better option.
  10. Not in EU. I mean even in RU I get a game in a matter of seconds.
  11. Oh, yeah, I forgot that devs can't actually code. That explains pretty much everything.
  12. Why would you make it that way? You can just enter different queues at the same time, each is for its specific map, like, you know, in EVERY NORMAL GAME.
  13. No. People wanted to be able to select the exact map they didn't want. And that is Miramar. But those Korean...(I dunno right racial slurs for Koreans, just use them in your mind if you know them) managed to fuck this up. Again.
  14. It's more like:"I like straight porn, I like lesbian porn and I definitely don't like gay porn".