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  1. Just uninstall the fucking game already bro. I'm sure you can live without it if it pisses you off this much. If it ever hits 60fps on my one X I'll give you a shout but please quit bitching and moaning.
  2. Jacque A Loo

    New content we want to see in 2019

    I would like to have the option to show people in the pre game lobby a small version of whichever map we are playing on so they can see the markers our team has placed down and we can then have a death match if we find each other. I know it might promote teaming but heck, I'd be alright with a map that has markers preset to Bootcamp. I'll fight out there any day 😂
  3. Jacque A Loo

    Looking For New Teamates

    Always down for new squad mates brotha! Gt: Jacque A Loo I would say calculated aggression and awareness are my most notable strengths https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/jacque-a-loo/video/66560515
  4. Jacque A Loo

    Idea about changes to cars etc in game.

    Haha it's all good man. Add me if you want! We would absolutely shred the fuck out of kids. gt: Jacque A Loo
  5. Jacque A Loo

    Idea about changes to cars etc in game.

    Not going to do that because I wasnt talking to you haha. Nice try though brotha. Are you the OP? Or am I missing something?
  6. Jacque A Loo

    Idea about changes to cars etc in game.

    Improve your accuracy and you will soon be melting every dude who rolls by you
  7. Jacque A Loo

    Ragnarok Arena

    I know right!? They must be the ones who don't have any friends to play with because they're bad at the game so they come here to be an asshole to everyone who slowly but surely seem to be learning about the toxicity of the forums which further antagonizes people like you and I to get pissed off at their dumb off topic nonsense. Am I right?
  8. Jacque A Loo

    Re-Roll mission?

    If there's a mission you would prefer to skip, you can re-roll for an entirely different mission to take its place but if you already completed all 3 daily missions, you are unable to do so because you're only allowed to complete 3 daily missions per day.
  9. Jacque A Loo

    Some things I'd like in the training mode map

    Try keeping RT held down when you fire down range. It should stay scoped in as long as it's held down and you will see your bullet trajectory clear as day