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  1. Let us know if you experience this issue still with your new Xbox. It's unfortunate this happened after today's update so it won't be a 1-1 comparison. I'm in the midst of talking with Microsoft support. Had to put my call on hold for an hour so I can go home from uni and check my serial number of my Xbox. @Dangles, you said you went to a Microsoft mall kiosk? I discovered my the one near me is a one as well. I'd have to wait till Thanksgiving to bring it into a real store when I go back to Chicago.
  2. This is basically red rings 2.0
  3. def gonna call the local Microsoft store today about this and schedule an appointment.
  4. I have created a feedback post on the Microsoft Feedback Hub. Please upvote my post and comment. Perhaps create your own post and share it here as well. We absolutely need to get Microsoft's attention about this. https://aka.ms/AA2zssy
  5. TBH I think y'all goofy for thinking this is an Xbox problem.
  6. Okay ladies and gentlemen, let's see how this new update affects this bug. Please continue commenting here whether or not you still are having this issue. Godspeed!
  7. I had a blast and got a lot of kills, however many of those were with nades/secondaries. I feel that this event mode should be split into 2 separate ones: Bolt/lever action only (kar98 + win) and shotguns/shotguns + glocks only. The secondaries took away from the "sniping" event mode thus, I suggested adding a winchester as the secondary (for close range).
  8. #1, wrong thread to post this in. #2, please tell me how you can rule out that it's not your Xbox "because it's new". New things break all the time. See: Recall notice says Jeep Wrangler weld issue could lead to crash. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/chrysler/2018/10/16/recall-notice-says-jeep-wrangler-weld-issue-could-lead-crash/1650832002/
  9. I don't think this was a problem for anyone using the OG or the S. X renders many more elements than the peasant Xboxs which is where the problem is stemming from.
  10. Has this happened to anyone in the PTS? Only played one game on Sanhok to try it out, but didn't play long enough to test for this bug.
  11. I get hit with the lost connection error multiple times in a sesh. I'm salty the Xbox shutting off is a bug in the first place but like all things in this world I know the fix can't come instantly. I just hope they announce it will be addressed soon. At least there is a 'fix' (looking up at the sky for the first few seconds while dropping). There is no fix for the lost connection bug, so I comprehend the priority.
  12. Never had Red Rings of Death? You musta been one of the lucky ones! Yeah it's pretty lame that this is happening frequently and to a lot of people. None of my buddies on the Xbox OG or S experience this issue. I honestly think they will have a hard time diagnosing this issue in one specific update. I think their best bet is to crank the resolution/effects down on everything, get it to a stable 60 fps, and then incrementally bringing back up the resolution/effects in PTS updates to make sure this kind of stuff is a thing of the past. They said they are working on an optimized graphics vs framerate selection, but that we wouldn't see it until November... I get that most/none of us are game developers, but imo Bluehole is acting like the biggest noob on the planet. Like where tf is all our money going to?
  13. So this just happened to me for the first time during normal gameplay. Dropped at one of the camps (alpha or bravo), got into a close-quarter fire fight with another player. Unloaded all the rounds of my extended mag vector about 1 foot away from him. As soon as he died, my xbox shut off, same as it did when dropping straight down from the plane.
  14. I'm sure that there are variations in Xbox hardware, as there are with PC components. Pushing two 'identical' devices to their limits may show slightly different responses. The fact that this game is pushing the xbox to their limit is THE PROBLEM.
  15. Are you high? A surge protector...protects against power surges...why when my xbox shuts off it says "overheated"?
  16. I'm an aerospace engineer, I know how heat transfer works. I am suggesting that perhaps your little fan is cooling the thermocouple that determines the heat of your Xbox (and thus when to shut down), but is subsequently allowing other components of your Xbox to remain heated without your Xbox being able to know. Thus, it is unable to shut down to protect the components that are still experiencing tremendous heat despite your fan.
  17. The xbox shuts itself off to protect against overheating. If anything, you are potentially damaging it even more because you are allowing it to run when it should be shutting itself off.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_Decay_(video_game) PUBLISHED by Microsoft. Not developed. They were not even acquired until the middle of June this year. State of Decay 1 also had a plethora of bugs. This is exclusively a developer problem. No if's, and's, or but's.
  19. Dude, have you played another game other than PUBG? This is 100% the games fault. My xbox sounds like a fighter jet when playing PUBG. Any other new 4k UHD game and I can barely hear my Xbox.
  20. Out of 255 pages of bug threads, this thread is on page 1 when sorted by most replies. Among the first page, ignoring the bug mega thread, older issues that have been resolved, and non-gameplay related bugs, it is near the top. I think that if people continue to post on here stating their problem with this specific bug, it will be addressed soon. I have a feeling (based off my own experiences and other people's anecdotes), that this is an issue with rendering/framerate/general stability. I presume that as they keep improving stability, it will address this issue. Not sure how much Microsoft is helping Bluehole. IMHO, Bluehole should just hand the IP over to Microsoft so that they can use their expertise to quickly fix some of the glaring issues with this game. But now with Sony talks in the works, I doubt this will ever happen. I have a feeling that PUBG will never quite get to the level it deserves to be at, and that another publisher will come around, buy the IP, and create a PUBG 2.0 (whether it retains the name or not) that uses a better engine and has better servers. I will be for PUBG for as long as they can keep pushing new content and making it stable, but I think that just like every other console game, its time will come and a reincarnate will be born (Jesus?)
  21. @Andymh5 Bug Description: Xbox One X shuts off suddenly while playing PUBG. When I boot it back up, it brings me to the screen that says my Xbox has overheated. It happened to me on both Erangel and Sanhok. The first time it happened to me was when I was in the smoke plume of a smoke grenade looting a players crate. The next few times were primarily dropping from the plane onto Sanhok. It also happened to me a few minutes after the start of a Sanhok match while in a boat with my team mate driving. Location: No particular location. I primarily play Sanhok, but as mentioned, it happened to me once on the original map. Evidence: I can't record this action because...well...MY XBOX SHUTS OFF! I am not going to hold a phone camera on my TV and record gigabytes of data to prove this. Replication: My Xbox currently sits on the floor in my room with nothing around it. The first few times this happened, I elevated it. After it happened another few times, I rotated it away from the wall so there is literally nothing behind it, yet it still continued to happen. I played the pre-release of PUBG with my Xbox in an enclosed part of an entertainment stand from January till August and never had this problem. I notice it tends to happen during graphically intense moments such as driving a car or a boat, dropping from the plane, or looting while in a smoke grenade. Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Connection: Wired Game Mode: Has happened to me in both Duos (FPP) and Squad (TPP)
  22. Hasn't happened to me the past few days...I find that when it happens, it is persistent for that play period, but then I don't see it for a few sessions. TBH, hoping it blows up our Xboxs and then we can have a class action lawsuit.
  23. Hello, it's the OP again. The dumbest part about all this is that while I am at University, I am using a cheap 720p TV (yeah I realize that is silly if I own a 1X but I'm a broke boy right now). Because of this, my xbox should only be outputting 720p...I realize it super-samples, however my xbox should absolutely not be overheating....
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