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  1. jakedrums520

    Individual Map Selection

    I've said it in the past and I'll say it again. Make each map 6x6 (perhaps retroactively make miramar and erangle smaller), and have two options: Blitz mode and OG mode. Blitz will function like Sanhok, perhaps even faster. OG will be what we started PUBG with in December 2017.
  2. jakedrums520

    Playlists Switching Without My Input

    I almost exclusively play the playlist mode MINI ROYAL, in squads, either by myself or with 1-3 friends. After some games (only when playing with random people I do not know), when the players regroup in the lobby, the playlist mode has been set to "ALL". I have a feeling that what is happening is: I get grouped with a team that has selected "ALL", but they happen to have gotten Sanhok for that specific play-through. I then have to tell them to switch the playlist, or simply back out and start a new lobby. This does not happen when I am playing with a full squad of my friends. This is somewhat annoying. If I select the playlist mode MIN ROYAL, then I expect the playlist to remain as such until I change it.
  3. jakedrums520

    Map selector

    "doubt it"...yeah you must do your research. They implemented map selection on PC awhile back and it created massive queue times. I'm going to suggest my idea which I've posted about before which is to make all future maps 6X6 and have an option for "Normal" and "Express" game modes. Normal is...normal and express is where the circle is already shown when you drop (basically Sanhok pace).
  4. Instead of making 8x8 maps, 6x6 maps, and 4x4 maps, perhaps make only 6x6 maps, and have the option to select "blitz mode" or "normal mode". For blitz, have the first circle already shown while in the lobby, and a faster blue zone closing rate. Thus, people can enjoy all maps, but have the ability to play them with a Sanhok-style pace.
  5. jakedrums520

    Fix getting into vehicles please

    Hear hear
  6. jakedrums520

    Overall experience (X or S)

    I mean I got the one X so idt the console cpu is the bottleneck. Gotta be servers and poorly optimized code yeah?
  7. jakedrums520

    Overall experience (X or S)

    Genuine question: why do y'all think an ssd helps with fps? Realistically a frame drop is gonna happen in smoke or cqc which means your immediate surroundings. Doesn't that mean that that everything should be loaded immediately surrounding you? The bottleneck is the coding which is processed by the gpu/cpu right?
  8. jakedrums520

    Kar98 Headshot on Lvl 1 Helmet (Video)

    Why doesn't a shot to the leg make it harder to walk/run? Why did they include flies in the houses? Because the developers made it that way. It's always been that way...just go with it bro And get gud lulz
  9. jakedrums520

    Huntsmen and Marksmen [Nov 22-25] Feedback topic

    Much less lag on One X but still very present and reduces positive experience.
  10. When I start up a PUBG match without anyone in my squad and go to the invite screen to invite my party or any previous players, if they join while I am still in the invite menu, it will not indicate in any way that they have. Thus, unless I am in a party talking to them, I will sometimes keep inviting them because I don't have any indication if they joined or not. I have to back out of the invite screen to see who has joined.
  11. jakedrums520

    Huntsmen and Marksmen [Nov 22-25] Feedback topic

    Great mode and lots of fun. Glad you extended the kill amount and decreased the revive time. However again, the frame rate is awful. When my cross hair skips across my screen, that makes it pretty impossible to get solid hits on people. I am playing on the original Xbox since I've been home for the holidays, however, I would anticipate it wouldn't be much better on my One X. I will respond back here when I try it on that.
  12. jakedrums520

    Huntsmen and Marksmen [Nov 22-25] Feedback topic

    Your second option is the correct one. There is no team management for the event mode. At least not this current one.
  13. jakedrums520

    what do squad colors signify?

    I thought it had to do with the order everyone joined.
  14. jakedrums520

    Help with purchasing a monitor?!

    Cause I already sit 3 ft from my TV now haha. The couch is for potato-ing out to Netflix, not gaming imo