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  1. jakedrums520

    Individual Map Selection

    I've said it in the past and I'll say it again. Make each map 6x6 (perhaps retroactively make miramar and erangle smaller), and have two options: Blitz mode and OG mode. Blitz will function like Sanhok, perhaps even faster. OG will be what we started PUBG with in December 2017.
  2. jakedrums520

    Playlists Switching Without My Input

    I almost exclusively play the playlist mode MINI ROYAL, in squads, either by myself or with 1-3 friends. After some games (only when playing with random people I do not know), when the players regroup in the lobby, the playlist mode has been set to "ALL". I have a feeling that what is happening is: I get grouped with a team that has selected "ALL", but they happen to have gotten Sanhok for that specific play-through. I then have to tell them to switch the playlist, or simply back out and start a new lobby. This does not happen when I am playing with a full squad of my friends. This is somewhat annoying. If I select the playlist mode MIN ROYAL, then I expect the playlist to remain as such until I change it.
  3. When I start up a PUBG match without anyone in my squad and go to the invite screen to invite my party or any previous players, if they join while I am still in the invite menu, it will not indicate in any way that they have. Thus, unless I am in a party talking to them, I will sometimes keep inviting them because I don't have any indication if they joined or not. I have to back out of the invite screen to see who has joined.
  4. jakedrums520

    Game crash: Megathread

    Crashed while spectating my teammate. An enemy on a scooter was driving up to him and my teammate was ads, about to shoot him when my screen froze and the scooter sound froze and repeated itself indefinitely. Squad Sanhok Xbox 1X 4k/HDR TV
  5. jakedrums520

    Main Menu Stacking/Overlay

    This image should be self explanatory. Happens every time I play multiple games with my friends (doesn't matter which mode or which map). It's been doing this since release (original, not 1.0). It's not game breaking, but definitely detracts from my experience since it's so damn ugly.
  6. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Dude go back a page and look at my last post. I literally posted the email I received from them.
  7. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    I just enjoy arguing with @Prince Akilleuz, don't worry. I think that the local mall would have reset yours. Imagine buying an Xbox from Gamestop with the old user's settings and account still on there...wouldn't look so great.
  8. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    That was after I received my Xbox back, big shot. Take a look at the email they sent me when they created the shipping label for me.
  9. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Oh yeah? You really know your stuff huh? When Microsoft sends you an email with your packing slip, it SPECIFICALLY says to factory reset your Xbox.
  10. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    FYI: I asked Microsoft 3 separate times to send me a repair log. Today they closed my repair ticket... Really pissed Microsoft is treating their customers as such.
  11. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Correlation is not always causation. Is this happening with the new update? How many times did you experiment with this? To clarify, you are stating your Xbox One X will only crash in (PUBG?) If you turn on the Xbox via your controller?
  12. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    I would presume I'd have a much better chance at such since I have a repair warranty. Who knows though. I'd rather not find out.
  13. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    hmmm. LMK what they say
  14. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    What do you mean "tell you"? Are you going to call and ask what exactly they did? Did you send an email to someone?
  15. jakedrums520

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    So, I received my Xbox One X back after 6 days. I am genuinely impressed at how quickly it sent off. I dropped it off (via UPS) in Ames, Iowa on Thursday, October 25th before the last pick-up and received it in the mail Friday, November 3rd, before noon (via FedEx). Microsoft provided updates as to when it was received, processed, and set out (you can also use the tracking numbers provided to determine the Xbox's transient location). I received a letter in the box that said they put my Xbox through testing, however no indication on the type of repair they did. It is my original Xbox One X as I can discern some marks it had on the top. I also received an email from the Support Specialist that helped me asking me to reply once I received my Xbox back. I did, but asked if there was any sort of log I could get to see what they did. No response. Regarding the warranty, my original warranty has not changed, however I have a new 3 month repair warranty, whatever that means. Now focusing on the result, I played a few games upon receiving my Xbox (of course after re-downloading everything) and PUBG ran smoothly, no crashes while looking straight down after jumping out the plane, and no loud fan noises. Again, this is NOT a 1:1 comparison of the issues as the new PUBG update dropped shortly after I sent my Xbox in for repair. As per Mythbusters, I will say: PLAUSIBLE. So to summarize, very impressed how quickly this process worked out (I recommend purchasing the expedited shipping), I am upset there was no repair log of what they did (IF they even did anything), and cannot give a proper determination on if my issue was resolved as there was an update during my repair.