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  1. Silmarillis

    3 Controller Bugs (PC) With Video

    I get type A bugs with bolt actions all the time, and some other guns too, you guys must be real lucky not to get ADS bugs but it happens on both types
  2. Yes I agree de sync and lag, but it should be maintained and checked every couple of weeks its something routine that they need to do
  3. Silmarillis

    2 core processor lobby frozen

    tons of bugs make it to live every time the do these patches I report all the time and still see them pushed over, at least they say they have fixed this new one...
  4. I would also like to point out the the sound bug where you cant hear people coming behind you is top of the list of things to fix
  5. Silmarillis

    Worse fps after the update?

    make sure you have your fps capped to your monitor it will give a stable fps rate at the very least, check your settings for the new additional options and see if changing them makes a difference
  6. I just dropped a silencer for a friend in a duo game in my last game, and it bugged out and wasnt able to be picked back up, this happens in all sorts of places, rocks beds floorboards tyres... As you can see in the picture there is no pick up indicator and it doesnt appear in the tab loot inventory. I know this is probably been reported before but with you new commitment to bug fixes I want to make sure you are upto date with the bugs
  7. So when you press the shift key to run with keyboard, it will toggle run on, and when you stop and start it will keep you in running mode without having to press shift again, as you start to move it will automatically begin you running. But when using controller, if you toggle run on with the left stick, and then stop to pick something up, it doesnt keep the run toggled on when you then start to move away like with keyboard. You have to constantly toggle run on, on, on, on because it always toggles it off permanently when you stop running. I think this inconsistency should be fixed so that both get the same benefit of movement speed.
  8. Some of the bugs we report do not get put on the list of 'known' bugs even though they are well known to players, how do we know that you pay attention to our posts and that you forward them to devs in a manner than then allows them to beginning fixing them or even to look at them, if you dont list them as 'known', so for that reason I am re posting a list of bugs I would like to be fixed with intent. I think this latest update has improved the desync and you fixed a few bugs but there are others that cause more problems than the ones you fixed. Whilst you fixed the white background panels for inventory tabs on controller you gave us a new bug, and the worst bug yet was left unfixed. Some of these bugs are ones that most affect me and other people in my situation but its for good reason. Why are the majority controller bugs? because controller players are effected with many more bugs than mouse and keyboard, we suffer from the standard pubg bugs that everyone gets, but then included are our controller input bugs on top of all the others. Some bugs are easy to live with even if they are horrible at times, but others are in dire need of change asap. 1. Fix the ADS slow movement bug, its for both controller types a and b and when using mouse controller combo. 2. The new loot slider shouldn't be for controller users imo, but if you want to make it that way you need to let controller buttons work for it. 3. You can still crash cars into things (even at slow speed) and if they get stuck on objects or start to vibrate violently after hitting them they exploding killing you (recently for me in NA erangel near georgopol on a house porch). 4. I would like car explosions to knock and not kill a player when standing next to them, just like grenades do. When standing next to a car that explodes you shouldn't just die instantly with no hope of reviving if you can tank a grenade and be revived. 5. I would like you to look at the new movement for controller users that you added in the new patch, you called it dynamic movement or something like that? When running forwards you run fast, but when you try and run diagonally at an anagle the player movement slows down it isnt smooth as running in a straight line, this isnt right, it really slows down compared to normal forward running, I agree running left or right while facing forward should be slower but not running at an angle. 6. I would like you to look at the aim acceleration model, specifically before and after patch 12, did you intentionally super nerf the aim acceleration slider? imo it needs an all round buff. 7. I think that controller sliders need more variety for example for mouse and keyboard the sliders can go from 0.0, 0.1 - 99 you have 100% sensitivity slider adjustment available, but on controller sliders they only go up in 1, 2, 3 - 10 etc etc. I think its only fair that we should get get the option to go up in halves at the very least, im not asking for 100% adjustments like for the mouse but at least 0.5, 1, 1.5 2 etc. While I understand that bugs take time to fix, and that you need to priorities bugs and triage to do the best you can, I feel like you have been neglecting bug fixes for some time, that is why like many other people Im glad to see the 'Fix the game' headline. I think you will always need to be doing optimization and server improvements to help keep the game running smoothly but you definitely need to spend a couple of months really smashing out some bugs and fixing as many as possible. If you get this right, I think you will really regain faith in people, but if you continue to abuse our patience and dont fix a lot of the bugs then people will just strengthen in their disappointment
  9. here is a video showing how bad the bug is for controller players, the bug overwrites all controller input making it 100% useless until you remove the slide with mouse... you cant move walk drop items or even move the slider with controller once it opens up form the controller Y button... the original controller drop design was perfect for controller you can move in amounts of 10 with an up or down or single amounts with left and right. In the video I button bashed every button stick and trigger multiple times normally you cant even close the loot tab, I guess I bugged it off the screen but the loot slider still remains and freezes all other functions while its up FYI this is now live.
  10. Silmarillis

    3 Controller Bugs (PC) With Video

    they fixed the white box on the loot menu, but added loot quantity bug but the ads bug is still there @iLLZx85 @TheBasicBro
  11. 13 players remain, i have full level 3 gear, AWM + 8x + ghillie suit on Sanhok. 2nd to last zone is coming, Im fighting 2 squads, its 2v2v3. we 2 Knock 3 players from 2 different squads, im quick scoping, getting some really good snipes, now its 2v1v1 and we are trying to run for zone. I take some shots im low 30% HP, take a quick shot to finish off one last guy to wipe the team, now the ADS bug hits me for like the 3rd time in the last 4 minutes, but this time just after knocking the last guy, and Im right next to the edge of the zone, and I cant turn, walk or move fast enough or even run into the safe zone even though its like 1 or 2 meters in front of me. Result... zone hits end limit and the damage spikes and I get hit 2 times and killed whilst walking at a snails pace as if im prone and aiming and my body falls into the safe zone and we lost. 6 players remaining....... All because of this ADS bug that has been reported to death is still not fixed after months. I dont record my games anymore because the desync and lag is awful, need as much frames as possible
  12. Smoke grenades and FPS drops. Often playing in games getting revived in smoke and reviving people it causes massive lags and fps drops. I could drop my effects to low or very low, but why should I, on low and medium I can see more clearly the muzzle flash from peoples weapons which is a big + for trying to spot enemies who are shooting at you. So I suggest better optimization of the in game effects such as smoke and explosions
  13. Controller users cant manually assign the location ping to screen like mouse can, why not? who knows? LB hold + Right stick press should be good enough, just alternative looking whilst using the same key to mark the map should be an easy set up
  14. Silmarillis

    XboX Controller ADS

    been reported hundreds of times, there are at least 3 or 4 big controller related bugs at the moment stopping us from playing properly. They have had months to fix them