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  1. A new modern DMR... I would such a weapon.... DMR s are the most versatile guns for me
  2. DONT LOWER THE RESOLUTION!!!!!! I have a xbox one x with 4k TV and even on high res settings.. The game looks shit..... The draw distance is shit!!!! Don't make it even worser
  3. So even with equally good players... When all land there shots and would start shooting in the exact same time... It is possible to outgunn ARs with a DMR?
  4. is it possible to kill up close with a DMR mini 14, sks, SLR as fast as with ARs like m416, beryl......??? Or have some of you took DMRs as primary even in CQC and had win fights against ARs?
  5. It would be awesome to have a new DMR. And a modern one like the L129A1 with 5 attachment slots.
  6. How is the M16 now especially in burst? And are the sniper now OP with bodyshot damage bering increased
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