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  1. All they need to do to buff SMG’s is boost the damage in very close proximity, and keep it low at distances beyond 50m, and none existent at 150-200m. If they’re so good in a very close gunfight, I’m sure people will use them more than AR’s for storming compounds
  2. I can host it but I get kicked out of games a lot lately, so chances are it would miss a game of commentary and video
  3. I’ve crashed in top 3 with both other guys in my sights. Felt like I had the dinner stole from me. Also had one of my kids pull the router plug out when I was top 2. It’s since been moved out of reach!
  4. I love the bolt action but feel more comfortable with the DMR’s sometimes. That’s not a bad thing. An SLR quick tapped can mess you up very quickly, and they’re preferable to a bolt action when there is level 3 helmets in play. I use both depending on my mood and how I’m playing. The Kar98 and M24 should suit your play style of staying out of sight. You need to get that sensitivity spot on for the head shot, then try and get some cover elsewhere because they draw a lot of attention whether you get the kill or not. Shots against people that are basically still are easy enough. With practice you will get the feel of the shots infront of a player as they’re driving or running. The AWM is one of the 5 guns in overpowered war mode. Could be a good way to practice and doesn’t matter if you die. Training ground will help your aim but you can’t tell exactly where you hit them
  5. Which is the more cheesy tactic; lying prone (certainly viable in real life), or running around in circles and ducking/jumping constantly whilst still able to fire a gun accurately? I know which I prefer to see. Funny how nobody complains about the second option though
  6. Thanks for trying to organise something again
  7. Sorry to hear this. Hope you’re ok?
  8. Think we’re the same 4 as last week and Mamulator too. Going to need to be public games if we do anything because we won’t have anywhere near enough to start a custom game
  9. Taking a break from PUBG. He’ll be back soon. He will miss us all too much
  10. It’s interesting that they’ve finally got the m16 back to where it used to be, but now they’ve slightly nerfed most AR’s. I would like to see SMG’s become the clear choice for CQC, AR’s for the mid ground, and SR/DMR for long range, as logically it should be. Currently an M4 does everything and I don’t have a reason to want to use an SMG. The ammo swap between the vector and UMP made them both awful for me, a Tommy is the only SMG I ever use. I would like to see a benefit to using an UMP again, but it’s just too many bullets to take down an enemy even when pushing a house, never mind out in the open
  11. Seems likely to be a low turnout again. I think if we pushed it to 10 UK it would probably mean @mamulator would be short on time with work. Not sure if it would be better for any UK/EU players because there’s not many said yes
  12. Just watch Battle Royale instead. Never watched Requiem though to know how the series continued
  13. A post has already been locked regarding this subject today. Search bar will tell you clearly, M&K is not authorised, it is considered against the ToS and you will be banned for using it.
  14. Not sure what to read into it, but I presume that because they have made a point to emphasise that the release is 4.1 instead of their usual weekly/bi-weekly update, they’re going to put something else in to the content. I would expect winter theme at some point. Interesting to note, there has been a lot of vehicle mechanic changes in the PTS on PC today. Some affect how vehicles handle and speed they can drive on different terrains. Looks like a useful step before this possible winter update
  15. Many moons ago my thumbs would blister up from playing the Mega Drive on that awful controller. Curse you Road Rash! Seriously though, have you been to get it checked properly incase you’ve damaged a tendon in your thumb?
  16. Just saw the new trailer for season 4, which goes live to PC on July 23rd. Watch the video and see what you think. Very curious about the clips of winter Erangel
  17. Yours is worse than mine. I generally get the loot a few seconds after landing. I posted a video of this last week. How fast did you drop here? I think they changed the loading and added a delay so you can’t see loot through unrendered buildings, but now buildings work fine and it’s becoming clear that the loot needs to go back to how it was
  18. Not against the idea, but Sanhok and Vikendi are such different experiences with game speed and gameplay experience. I think most that like Sanhok would quit out of Vikendi games. I’m still hoping for a weekly map rotation and an improvement to personal map rotation so programming stops days of 5 of the same map in a row
  19. Would prefer the night time mode with day as the alternate ‘weather’. They need to turn down the wind noise in both versions. The day wind is awful, but the night is horrendous
  20. We need some kind of superhero to stop these muggings. Who will save us from this crime spree?!?!
  21. 😂 did he think you would drive over him and he would survive between the wheels? Looks like he had dumped a mini 14 and some 12 gauge on the bridge too just infront of him. I’m a little confused on his logic here
  22. I’m about 3800 in solo but been playing all 3 modes. I only get about 3 hours a day so not enough time to rack up enough points
  23. Happens intermittently in games. I get a level 2 backpack in pretty much every game but it doesn’t do this most times, maybe just once or twice at the same time as getting the bag?
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