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  1. @Aguy9916 just saw your 2d replay. I got the wrong bridge, but can see clearly what they did just looking at the dots
  2. Gonna guess the scene. Erangel. Bridge closest to Mylta. Zone was closing on the military island. They had a massive wall at the very end of the bridge, southern side. One was on the crate on the right as you were driving down, the other was on the mess of exploded cars at the bottom. You didn’t see the wall until the idiot on the crate shot, so you had no chance to turn around and avoid or else the bike gets blown up? Thats almost exactly how I first met them. They had 4 that day and I had to turn it off after watching it unfold and clipping it all
  3. They’re not even great at cheating. When you know they’re in the game you can plan for them. The bridge camps on Erangel are the worst, but if you’ve seen their names you know to swim it and take damage from the blue instead of hitting a 15-20 car solid wall that nobody can pass
  4. They won’t be banned. I’ve ran into them several times and reported them several times, but even with evidence they don’t get banned. When this new system came in they were banned, but came on with alternative names instead. They have been back on their regular accounts for a couple months still teaming together. Seen some absolute filth teaming from them that’s clear as day shooting and looting bodies together then riding in cars together. Bridge camps, shooting together, looting together, teaming above Novo to flank proper players, everything, they never get banned from our reports
  5. This is my solo record. Clearly not a great player. Hadn’t played a shooter game properly before PUBG
  6. He was signed in 2 hours ago. He’s not played in almost a week though, so probably something has come up in personal life I guess
  7. I’ll take that as a compliment 😂 I heard you guys shooting it out and wondered what scraps I could find. Figured the cabin was the safest place to go. I was originally planning to drive to the compound by you, but glad I didn’t risk it
  8. I didn’t even see you. I thought you were still by the warehouse across the water but wasn’t sure where anybody was except @jjarQue
  9. 225.6m nice! I got an SKS on Yoshi from 227m in Erangel My view of @dopestone1 killing me
  10. West coast ping to the NA servers is the same, or greater, than that of a UK player to the NA servers. Check out this post Do you think west coast players should be locked out of their own server too?
  11. You can all get the confidence back by killing me. You’ll have to find me before @Big Stend does though 😂
  12. Too few games to be him, unless it’s an alt account. Just compared, and GaGa has double the amount of games
  13. @Baba Yaga 138 not sure if you’ve seen any of the updates too and might be free to join tonight?
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