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  1. Prinzar

    Question for top level players

    I’ll pop by the stream later. Tried watching a few minutes but my kids won’t be quiet so I can hear. The joys of half term
  2. What do you guys do in final circles? Do you run around like a headless chicken from one end of a circle to another, seeking out kills? I watched one guy last night that got me and then ran from the south of the blue, to the north of the blue to kill a guy that he couldn’t have seen or heard. Is it coincidence that he spotted him because he’s so aggressive running through the middle of a late zone? I died 7th, so it was probably a 6th circle Do any of you play like this? I try and move from rock or tree to another to have cover, but I lose out at 2nd or 3rd so often. Should I be more aggressive?
  3. Prinzar

    Controller Mods

    It’s a clip from the Japanese film ‘Battle Royale’. The woman instructor is in a video telling the school kids what’s going to happen in their fight to the death. Great film if you don’t mind the subtitles.
  4. Prinzar

    EU being put into OC

    Same for a lot of people. I wait way past the checking time and still get OC about 1/3 of the time. No mention of this in the dev post, so don’t expect a fix on 28th with the other stuff unfortunately
  5. Prinzar

    Controller Mods

    In PUBG and other multiplayer games I would consider it cheating. I don’t see any harm in a single player game because it doesn’t affect anybody else. I wouldn’t consider it cheating to use a cross platform controller either, if there were no other mods. It’s the scripts that are the problem, not the device itself
  6. Prinzar

    Well, that was a tough weekend!

    I find the weekends easier. I always thought the more casual players played on weekends because there’s more time to play all their games/ play when they don’t have time in the week. Weekdays I sometimes go a day without a kill. Just feels like it doesn’t click some days
  7. My ping on the website check is 340ms to Sydney servers, and 100ms to Ohio. I’ve never once been placed in a NA server since the matchmaking change. Its clear that matchmaking doesn’t want you to get the best game. 100ms is playable, and much more preferable that 340ms. If EU wasn’t getting a game, I could accept NA, but EU doesn’t struggle when I play, so I shouldn’t be punished by underpopulated servers
  8. Prinzar

    Teamers on xb?

    If I want 3 people flanking me I would play a 1 man squad. 3 people shooting you from 3 sides is a tiny chance in a small final circle. It’s totally cheating, don’t justify cheating
  9. 3 of 6 games last night sent me to OC servers from EU. Waited a minute after the silly check had completed and it still made no difference. The game forces you into the under populated servers when they’ve not got enough to start. It’s no coincidence that each game I was put in had 50ish players and didn’t actually start a countdown for about 2 minutes each time. Why does the game need to check my ping every time? Why can’t it just do it when I change game modes so I don’t spend 5 minutes waiting to get EU bit actually get sent to OC, and have to wait for the ping check again
  10. Prinzar

    Daily missions reset..

    You can complete a mission and then crash a car full speed into something. Doesn’t stop the missions counting and you still get out of the game quick enough to claim the reward. Deliberately shooting to draw attention helps too. There’s always somebody out hunting the scraps of what they think was a fight.
  11. Prinzar

    Teamers on xb?

    Just put a report in for more teaming. 3 of the final 5 running around together. 2 stormed my building together even though another had the door covered, not sure if he was part of it and it was all the final 4 together. He was quickly killed after I died 5th, and the final 3 proceeded to finish each other with pistols after letting each other get positions on opposite sides of the circle. Will this actually get looked into? Does anybody ever get banned? Will I know if they do? Had a rubbish few days on the game, finally seemed to have a chance of a dinner and they ruined the game. Waste of time, totally lost interest for the day now
  12. Prinzar

    Compensators on SR

    Flash hider does nothing for recoil on a DMR does it? Comp does control it a little, or so I thought anyway. I always go Suppressor > comp> flash hider
  13. Prinzar

    Wireless controller disconnecting

    Maybe related to the vibration on the controller? Try turning vibration off and see if the less strain on battery makes a difference.
  14. It would be nice if they were useful challenges. Hot drops and a kill or two sounds like a good idea. Top 5 in any mode, so it’s not forcing people without a team to play with randoms or go solo. I dont see any benefit of hunting out ten frags and blowing them up to draw attention to myself. Your bags can’t hold 10 at once if you’ve got any proper loot. Most I carry is 2-3 tops normally. Missions to encourage hunting other players would be good. Something like attack 3-4 players per game for ten games. Might stop some of the camping that the other missions lead to
  15. Prinzar

    How to leave squads?

    Any chance we can get this post stickied at the top? It’s coming up several times a day