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  1. Prinzar

    Are you kidding me?

    Amazingly I got back in before the zone got me, but I got killed a second later. Wish I would have died before rejoining. Those bullets hurt The servers seem a lot more unstable since the last patch
  2. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/prinzar2/video/73553012 I think Pubgeezus owes me for this one. First time in probably over 6 months that it’s happened
  3. Prinzar

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    Plug that bad boy in. We need to know now if you made 100 kd on a completely different game than this forum was made for
  4. Prinzar

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    You’re missing a decimal point. Even the very best players only get teen k/d
  5. Prinzar

    Damage of a Kar 98

    I had this once too. Checked the replay and realised I got hit at exactly the same time by two separate players, one a Kar98 and another an SKS. I agree though, this does happen. I’ve witnessed it when spectating others
  6. Prinzar

    No vikendi on quick join

    Until a few days ago I had it about 50% of the time in quick join. Since then it’s been just once a night and I’ve had a really nice balance of maps
  7. Prinzar

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    A console ban seems excessive for stream sniping. It would be great for the PG lot to get that though. I’ve reported them at least three times with some very clear videos and always gotten the usual response. I check their gamer tags and they never miss a day so never had a ban that I have spotted. I guess we’ll see if the new policy works by seeing if the complaints about them stop.
  8. Prinzar

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    It’s just not fair. I’m amazed you managed to get through the camp. The fog even favoured them and made it nearly impossible to see them in advance. Glad you survived their BS. Fingers crossed all this evidence we all have might actually get somewhere for once
  9. Prinzar

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    I slow motion played this to see the outfit of the one on the car. Would their team name be PG by any chance? Looks like them again to me. This is the second post on this in 24 hours.
  10. Prinzar

    This is messed up

    I’m not that savvy with DoS, but wouldn’t that mean all players, in all lobbies, on the same server would be affected? So hundreds of people mid game would be lagging like the ones in the plane with the person causing the DoS attack?
  11. Eventually we need an in game system that lets you report the player, whenever you see the cheating in process whilst spectating. If it recorded video automatically then, that would be great and so much faster than the website is, and manually linking videos
  12. Prinzar

    My first teaming encounter...

    That’s who I think it is. Very clearly their ‘team uniform’ in the video.
  13. Prinzar

    My first teaming encounter...

    What’s worse is I know who they are even without gamer tag. Why aren’t they banned yet? Sick of seeing them do this every day and then posts pop up in here about them a few times a week. It’s pathetic they’re not console banned already
  14. Prinzar

    This is messed up

    I’ve posted this in another thread, but I had the same tonight too. The game claimed it was Network Lag, but every player dropped at the end of the plane too. Figure @PUBG_Andymh5 can add this game for further evidence of the bug https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/prinzar2/video/73211684
  15. Prinzar

    96 players all jump in one spot

    Think it was a central server issue. All players in both our games got stuck. I’ll bet they were both from about the same time