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  1. All of those articles are all based on the same initial event (reported by a XIM user being kicked from a game) and are guesswork about what had happened. In actuality it appears that the kicking of any XIM users were collateral from Epic's attempts to kick players who were using native mouse and keyboard but were tricking their way into controller games. Best guess is whatever algorithm Epic was using to detect native keyboard use in controller games was also being triggered by the XIM controller emulation when used with a keyboard. Pretty sure XIM were able to bypass it by just adding some noise to the emulated input rather than making any major changes. It also didn't seem to affect any XIM user who was using an analogue input for movement. Epic also very quickly reverted the change. All of that put together doesn't sound to me like they were able to detect the XIM (or other emulator) reliably or, more likely, at all.
  2. No, I'm telling you it is impossible for someone who is using a mouse and keyboard in PUBG (through one of the available emulators) to move in a way that couldn't be done with a controller.
  3. EU FPP is pretty much dead, which is what he was referring to. EU is fine for TPP. And yes, mouse movement is limited to whatever can be done with a controller. The emulator (XIM/Cronus etc) simply converts the mouse movements into equivalent controller inputs which are then sent to the game. If it can't be done with a controller then it cannot be done with a m+k setup. That will only stop being the case if PUBG were to add native m+k support and someone was using a mouse that way.
  4. Yes there is. Simply plugging a mouse and keyboard into an emulator and running it in place of a controller does not automatically give the player a huge advantage over everyone else in the game. It is far more nuanced than that. It's perfectly possible that a player could see far more improvement to their game by switching to a third party controller than they ever would by using a mouse and keyboard.
  5. Just kill knocked players, then you'll get it counted towards the mission. Simples.
  6. Pretty sure anything like the Xim is already constrained by the same input 'rules' as controllers. It can't provide any sort of input that you couldn't already do with a controller. I don't think it's anything like a native K+M experience on a PC.
  7. How do you decide whether a gained advantage is fair or not?
  8. There's no such thing. Having a headset gives you an advantage over someone who doesn't. Expensive headsets can give you an advantage over cheaper headsets. The elite controller gives you an advantage over the standard controller. 3rd party controllers give you advantages over MS controllers. Having a bigger/better TV or monitor gives you an advantage. The list goes on and on... Just to be clear, I'm not saying that using a k+m wouldn't give someone an advantage, it might or it might not. Mainly depending on their familiarity with it versus their skills with a controller, but can we please stop trying to pretend that a) it turns everyone into Shroud and b) that everyone else in game is on an entirely equal footing with no advantages gained from the equipment they're using.
  9. I assume you're also against the use of elite controllers (or any of the equivalent third party controllers)? They're a paid for advantage...
  10. Hang about, I'm confused. If nobody wants to move a mouse around as we all enjoy controllers then what's the fuss over MnK? Surely if what you say is true then the number of players allegedly using MnK is going to be tiny, both now and in the future? The argument doesn't work both ways. Either using a controller is far more popular so MnK use must be minuscule and not an issue, or we need to accept that consoles need to move forward with the available controller options and give more freedom to people to use their favoured option (albeit with maybe things like split lobbies etc.)
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