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  1. krazeh

    Do it something with M&K user

    No they don't.
  2. krazeh

    Mouse/KB support about to be official

    They already don't allow that. Any system which emulates a controller (Xim, Chronus, presumably the adaptive controller too) has the exact same input rules/limitations as a controller.
  3. To be honest anyone looking for an SSD would do well to look at the Crucial MX500 series. They're pretty much just as fast as the Samsung 860s, but a bit more affordable.
  4. Except that's not true for the 860 series (or the 850 series really either). The Evo will read and write just as fast as the Pro. The only thing you get for the additional money you spend is an increase in claimed endurance. But the guaranteed lifetime writes for the 860 Evo are way above what you'd ever need for use with an Xbox.
  5. krazeh

    Vikendi Possible PTS Date

    They can't win. They give information and then everyone loses their minds when it gets delayed (which is not an uncommon thing in game development, especially on consoles), or they don't give information and everyone loses their minds that they aren't being updated enough. Frankly in their place I wouldn't make any statements beyond releases will occur when they occur.
  6. krazeh

    What happened to the community post

    So you enjoy reading it but failed to read the part where they said they'd now be doing it every two weeks, rather than weekly?
  7. krazeh

    Vikendi Possible PTS Date

    Do we really need another thread about when the PTS may arrive? It'll be here when it's here.
  8. krazeh

    Salty McSaltertin

    Looks to me like the guy who killed you appeared from behind the tree. Doesn't seem to me that he appears out of thin air.
  9. All of those articles are all based on the same initial event (reported by a XIM user being kicked from a game) and are guesswork about what had happened. In actuality it appears that the kicking of any XIM users were collateral from Epic's attempts to kick players who were using native mouse and keyboard but were tricking their way into controller games. Best guess is whatever algorithm Epic was using to detect native keyboard use in controller games was also being triggered by the XIM controller emulation when used with a keyboard. Pretty sure XIM were able to bypass it by just adding some noise to the emulated input rather than making any major changes. It also didn't seem to affect any XIM user who was using an analogue input for movement. Epic also very quickly reverted the change. All of that put together doesn't sound to me like they were able to detect the XIM (or other emulator) reliably or, more likely, at all.
  10. They never said "Winter is coming". You've decided that's what it said, despite those words never being put in the video.
  11. There's nothing metaphorical about it. The statement that something (in this case 'Winter' being used to describe Vikendi) is coming in 2018 is not the same as stating that something will be released in the Winter 2018 period. They are literally different things.
  12. If it had said 'Winter is coming 2018' then I'd agree with you that it should be here before the end of the year. But that's not what it said, it said Winter 2018 which is a different thing.
  13. The PC version is nearly 2 years old, the Xbox version isn't. You weren't playing PUBG on the Xbox in April 2017. No, it's just Winter (or Summer in the southern hemisphere) that straddles two years. There are plenty of people who understand that, it's why we know when we say Winter 2018 or 2017 etc we mean from December of that year until Spring in the next year. We don't have the issue of having to confirm if when we say Winter 2018 we mean December 2018 or Jan-Mar 2018. And if you'd taken the ad literally then there'd be no issue here because we're getting Vikendi in the time period it stated. The only issue here is your lack of understanding of a fairly basic concept.
  14. Winter 2018 isn't the same as Winter 2019. I never said it was. Winter 2019 starts in December 2019. And plenty of people understand that Winter 2018 starts in 2018 and continues into the early months of 2019, just the same as Winter 2017 started in 2017 and continued into 2018, and so on. Your inability to understand this fairly simple concept (which isn't a new thing, it's been like that for a while...) doesn't mean that you have been lied to by being told Vikendi would be released in Winter 2018 and it being released in Winter 2018. Where have I claimed that about Bluehole? Not that whether they know what they're doing or not has any relevance to the issue at hand. But anyway, PUBG was in the release preview program from December 2017 till September 2018. By my count that's no more than 10 months, so where are you getting a year and 8 months from? And for the development of a game 10 months isn't a hugely long time, there are plenty of games that are in development for much much longer. They just don't let you play during that development process. What is this selective celebration? Is it the same as this 'largest promotion' you keep banging on about? What are you finding unclear about their intentions for Xbox players? They've said Vikendi is coming in January, what more do you want them to say?
  15. Because Sony only allow games to be released when they are judged to be suitable for full release. Xbox, on the other hand, has the release preview system which allows games to be released much earlier in the development cycle. If Sony had something similar then I have no doubt we would've seen it out on the PS4 a long time. And while there are some differences between the PC and consoles it is much less these days then in the past, particularly with the Xbox. So yes, everything which appears in PUBG starts out on the PC then is ported to console. Bugs which appear in the PC version can be, and likely are, also present in the console code base so fixes will come from PC players, as well as console players. They didn't tell everyone 'Winter is coming 2018', they said Vikendi would be here in Winter 2018. Winter 2018 runs from 21 December 2018 until 20 March 2019. Now, unless I'm very much mistaken, January 2019 falls within those two dates which means Vikendi will be available to play on the Xbox in Winter 2018. Where is the lie? And what is this largest promotion in PUBG history that you keep banging on about? There isn't any 'promotion' going on with the PC or PS4 versions (well other than the bog standard release promo on the PS4 that all new games get) and the release of Vikendi isn't being put forward as anything bigger than the release of Sanhok. Also, you haven't been forgotten, you're just not being treated as special because you had the choice of playing PUBG while it was still being developed. You'll get Vikendi at the same time as it releases for everyone else on console.