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  1. I am getting desync more and more often. It's happening 1 of every 4 games or so. I signed off after this last night. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/level-3-idiot/video/74382209
  2. Credit where credit is due, I came back after some friends said rendering had improved and I haven't had an issue yet. However, the desync is BAD right now. If they can just manage to do the loot buff on erangel and make improvements in desync I would be pretty happy. Honestly that's the only issue for me right now.
  3. While I agree with you 100% it's not a 20 GB update, the game was already 20 GB, the download is simply the whole game plus their "optimizations" I think it's a bit ridiculous you have to D/L the entire game again for every patch but maybe that's always been the case and someone smarter than me could explain why.
  4. Everyone enjoys the hell out of the game in the beginning. For those of us who got the game at launch, we loved the hell out of it even with countless frustrating bugs. The concept of the game is amazing, but there are persistent issues that will weigh on you over time. The fact that those issues are never addressed and there is no communication in terms of giving us a timetable or an explanation of the root problem/solutions they are "working" on.
  5. My update is halfway done, admittedly I am pessimistic after looking at reddit..
  6. About to run a few with a positive mindset since all I have done is crap on Bluehole on these forums as of late..
  7. I'm sure you will get an answer to all these questions very soon. The PUBG team does an amazing job of communicating with their fanbase. I mean that update from the dev team dated Feb 27th that was the last communication to us was chock full of answers and insights. I'll link below
  8. If there is a noticeable drop in sales to their next pass they will notice. There was a huge outcry when Vikendi dropped in regards to rendering they were (somewhat) quick in acknowledging the colossal F up that update was. Of course they have done dick since but at least our voice was heard. I'm not sure what the answer is to get their attention and get some more communication. But I know acting like everything is fine when we are being shit on is not the answer either. Soon there will be a non cartoony alternative to this game.
  9. LMAO at 10 people saying the game is fine. This game was released 14 1/2 months ago. Vikendi was released over 4 months ago, then got one small update (that did absolutely nothing to gameplay just added canted sights bizon etc) and the map is still unplayable. Go look at reddit and see that half of the posts are clips of people getting PUBG'd (stuck in walls, glitched in unexplainable ways) go look at the reviews on your xbox, the ten voted most helpful are all 1 star reviews, look at the posts on this forums. You have so many people just begging for any type of communication because the truth is we all want this game to work correctly. The sad truth is even though they have made millions no matter what they reinvest in to fixing the game won't matter because they have the same incompetent developers working on it. When the game runs well (I feel like it ran half decent on my X right after the fake ass "1.0" release) it can be a whole lot of fun. What a shame. Someday a realistic modern military style BR will be released and we can forget all about this nightmare.
  10. I just got a warning and it was for a post I made in the custom games thread here pointing out how ridiculous it was that custom games are barebone, have had no update in 7 months, and we have had no communication on when that will change. It seems like they really got their panties in a wad and are now using the "post constructively" AKA "don't say anything bad about our shit developers" as means to get rid of people on this forum who speak facts. This game has taken steps backwards and has the most frustrating lack of communication. But they have time to sift through these posts lol.
  11. LMAO great idea. There was a time I could jump in to boot camp on Sanhok and see guns well before I landed. Those days are long gone, I can't even play the game the way I want to because they messed up loading rendering sometime last fall when it was actually stable for X users. In the second clip it takes well beyond 60 seconds once I've landed for things like furniture to load in. Still people running through the ground and walls throughout the two minute clip. Again, this is me trying to drop hot at hacienda with an xbox one x, something I used to be able to do with ease until the geniuses at blueballs screwed it up.. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rpgxgoat/video/72116809 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rpgxgoat/video/71164806
  12. Wired. It's never been an issue before and I have had the same ISP since the game dropped.
  13. Is my whole damn game broke????????????????????? Look at these grenades!!!!!!!! What the hell happened? This was after the same thing above happened!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to restart my xbox https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rpgxgoat/video/72216008
  14. So I came back to this game after a break because I'm insane I guess. In the first clip my squad found a team in a house, I threw a grenade through an upstairs window, then got lag and could no longer hear my friends in our party. After 30 seconds or so it finally catches up and fixes itself and I find myself knocked even though my grenade went through the window. I didn't record the full two minutes unfortunately so it missed the beginning. Then I go upstairs and see their bodies hovering above their boxes still. In the second clip I am unable to use my controller at all for a few seconds once we stop and again can't hear anything. Xbox one X. Duo. TPP. This game is the ultimate shitshow. A complete clusterf*ck. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rpgxgoat/video/72213417 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rpgxgoat/video/72213445
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