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  1. In the last week ive only played 15 matches and with a total of 19 kills.... dunno where you got that data from.. doesn’t help that my friend just wanted to play shitty old sanhok aswell and man im forced to play on North America from Australia so its not as easy as you think to kill people with high as hell ping, because you know they wont implement ping based match making.
  2. I had a one s when the game came out it was teribbbllee and from up until i got my one x a few moths ago i did notice change in optimisation and the one x runs well but its still just not good enough to the standard it should be at
  3. Yes a week late but i know only a week but it was a 1 year anniversary facepalm/
  4. Fricken do some server maintenance, fricken region lock or something everything is delayed as fuck and optimise the damn game, hurry up with the pts, add some new fricken content for a reason to actually play, new cosmetics, weapon skins or something fricken hell you guys at the xbox team are utterly useless, fix your dam game already it’s been a YEAR!!! And we still don’t have even a proper stable 30 fps, OPTIMISE the damn game. 60ish days in this game and it feels pointless to play and feels like you guys dont care about us and havnt fixed shit all in the past year, im honestly reasy the throw this game in the bin if you guys at pubg dont pick your shit up and start actually doing stuff to this game (before you ask my internet is absolutely perfectly fine execpt when i play pubg)
  5. Feel more responsive aswell and better for micro adjustments aswell i feel
  6. Man its pubg just have fun and if you want to win you just camp around (yes it is dumb but it works ) and if you want kills just push everyone you hear, simple and sometimes you might get a win after all them people you kept pushing, this game on xbox is dying so enjoy it while you can
  7. Epic2JZ

    1 Year Anniversary news?

    Absolutely useless.. forget about pubg xbox 1yr anniversary ffs pubg corp and that news better be something half decent because I haven’t touched pubg for well a while now because well the xbox team seems as if they havnt touched it either...
  8. Honestly just pick 1 sens and stick with is because you have to then keep adjusting to different senses, 1 sens to rule them all..
  9. Epic2JZ

    SMG needs regulated

    I know right it’s amazing-ly stupid 😂
  10. High rise on right stick and low rise on left stick konrtol freak inferno on right and no idea what the other one is from eb games
  11. Epic2JZ

    Miramar Island ending.

    I’ve had a few on that island myself
  12. Epic2JZ

    Thoughts on fixing OCE matchmaking.

    Would be a good start if anyone played in oc anymore, plus only thing that would help is ping based matchmaking thats being put into the game next year/ next month if I remember correctly
  13. Man im honestly agreeing with you i have played the gusince day 1 every day and the past week i think ive played 1 match, im ready to leave. Oh and well im stuck playing on na servers because they add a new server to South America and just ignore oceana and the ping based matchmaking isnt till next year. Absolutely rubish, literally lost the entire player base of oc because they can’t add ping based matchmaking till next year but it aint gonna matter if no ones playing on the server anymore because they waited too long.
  14. Epic2JZ

    Wheres the weekly post at ?

    Thats gay as, oh well 🤷‍♂️ I must of not read it then