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  1. Audio issues with footsteps have been an issue for a long time on both PC and console. I remember a while back someone had mentioned in the forums that the game can only handle up to 3 or 4 audio outputs to the user at once. So if you're doing a bunch of inventory management with different sounds and say on Vikendi, with that wind sound constantly going, you might find the problem more prevalent on Vikendi. Can't remember if this was confirmed or not but makes sense. Maybe someone could elaborate
  2. Hey man, I developed the same thing a while back from jamming the run button too hard all the time. If you have a numb feeling along the side or top of your thumb you can do thumb exercises that will make it go away pretty quickly. Just search for it and do them a few times a day and you might find the pain and numbness start to go away after just a couple times
  3. The grenade thing is kind of tough, they're useful against camping but can definitely get abused by campers as well. People have gotten a lot better at cooking them just enough, add the clunky movement and you don't stand a chance whether you're camping or pushing
  4. I personally, was thinking some kind of Fallout currency in the game that we could throw at each other for laughs
  5. J Turing feels so much natural in other games and easy to accomplish right off the bat. The momentum carrying in this game is horrendous across the entire board
  6. Agreed, it's like this in almost every other game with vehicles. Seems like just lazy programming yet again that someone overlooked. We all have just got used to letting off the brake/reverse at the last second. Handbrakes are for drifting and as a back up break in real life
  7. Remove the full second delay when I want to run. Add something to swap weapons faster or just increase the speed a bit overall. Allow other parachutes around me to render in as a higher priority than say like the grass. Fix the no audio of footsteps
  8. I think the Doc was going to patent that one lol
  9. Same bro. The new system makes more sense but the old system had a nice sound and had a small propulsion when you pulled the shute that was satisfying
  10. RNG got you down...just git gud. Dude perfectly cooks a grenade even though he was the one hiding and not peeking the whole time and blows your face off? Just git gud. Random Red zone just so happens to "randomly" spawn in your path 3 times in a row in the last 5 minutes out of the whole map and blows your fun 10 kill game...just git gud. I think we can all use a little git gud to pick us up from time to time.
  11. That grass cutting one was such a fun read lol
  12. Desync is still very bad. I have a clip the other night behind a tree. I kept thinking I was being shot by someone else behind me too it was so bad. Not fair at all
  13. Test server almost always gets put onto live server regardless of the bugs. Then they use hot fixes for the next month or so fixing them
  14. I'm willing to be the test subject. I've used a mouse and keyboard throughout my life for the computer. Use it every day at my job for hrs. I play on console exclusively for most of my life. I can show how easy it would be to play on m&k. It will take me a few days to get used to the key binding but I used to play cod 1 & 2 on it back in like 2002 or something. Haven't played fps on it since. I'll create a YouTube channel and show everything if this can please end this stupid debate.
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