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  1. Madmaxima7

    Can you?

    Don't listen to these bored toxic fanboys that shoot down every idea as soon as they see it. There's a reason why it has been removed or is non existent in most shooters. It ruins good shots. There's a line between realism and gameplay. If all you needed was just pre fire every body in bursts wildly so you keep them stunned with flinching then how fun would that gameplay be. There's no comebacks or outplaying, no cat and mouse, no baiting. No nothing but spray first
  2. Madmaxima7

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Desync is still very bad. I have a clip the other night behind a tree. I kept thinking I was being shot by someone else behind me too it was so bad. Not fair at all
  3. Madmaxima7

    What is the best gun all round?

    M4, scar, ak, the ump, and the vss I know it's going to be a good game if I get a ump fully kitted and a vss with extended mag.
  4. Madmaxima7

    Coming back to PUBG after RDR2

    Yeah I guess anything would feel faster when compared to the movement in RDR2 lol
  5. Madmaxima7

    That's It I'm Done! Game Over Everyone!

    Seriously, people making posts complaining that their second chance got taken away from them by their competitors. In solo, there are no second chances period
  6. Madmaxima7

    That's It I'm Done! Game Over Everyone!

    How rude of your competition to kill you in a game of survival
  7. Madmaxima7


    Test server almost always gets put onto live server regardless of the bugs. Then they use hot fixes for the next month or so fixing them
  8. Madmaxima7

    PUBG is dead

    This has been getting pretty bad for me too for the last week or 2. Can't even get onto erangel anymore
  9. I'm willing to be the test subject. I've used a mouse and keyboard throughout my life for the computer. Use it every day at my job for hrs. I play on console exclusively for most of my life. I can show how easy it would be to play on m&k. It will take me a few days to get used to the key binding but I used to play cod 1 & 2 on it back in like 2002 or something. Haven't played fps on it since. I'll create a YouTube channel and show everything if this can please end this stupid debate.
  10. Madmaxima7

    Found the rains down in Miramar - very impressive

    Finally had my first fog map. It was fun!!!
  11. Madmaxima7

    Current Xbox Game Preview PTS Build

    Yeah I'm loving all the polish they've added. Also thank God they finally made the hip reticle much bigger and easier to see. I've been begging for this for a while. It's weird not that people have mentioned it.
  12. Madmaxima7

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Already used to pressing the left bumper every time I'm done ads, lol. Its pathetic what we have to put up with to play this game properly
  13. Madmaxima7

    Pts 18 Not Accessible

    Figured I might as well post here since no one else had yet and it might get a faster response
  14. Madmaxima7

    Pts 18 Not Accessible

    It's 7:18 Pacific time where I'm at and I still can't download or play the PTS. Others are having the same issue in a few posts in the general discussion.