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  1. This.... ive never been great at the game but since the patch I feel like im at a greater disadvantage to everyone but of course it has to affect others too... desync is just destroying my game now..and desync has to work both ways ..if im not getting the info from the server then I am not able to shoot until its to late so hits are not registering or Im shooting first but dying first and looking at the replay Ive not even raised my weapon... I got desync before the last patch but I was getting into the top 20 with kills close to averaging 2 kills a round and at least had a chance of top 5 but now with the micro stutters, unable to pick up loot as I end up running past it after thinking ive stopped, it not rendering, lag on the drop, lag on picking it up, not being able to pick it up.. etc ..... no im struggling top 50 average and kills are just no where.... and it just feels like there are more cheaters than ever...in the last week ive had reports back on 4 people banned or temp banned.... prior to this it was quiet for weeks on end...
  2. nah.. I personally dont think they still have a wide enough damage area... inside a building.however I seem to be getting hit inside a building when a nade lands outside which is weird.
  3. not clear you actually hit them as there was no blood...but what I would say is that after some tests there seems to be an issue with damage and hits.. whether its desync I dont know, but Ive got clear evidence of headshots and body shots slown down, have calculated the hit damage for the location and they would have been dead but are not.
  4. Im certainly not going to get into how things render etc as I have no idea, for the uninitiated it just sounds as though rather than doing 1 thing at a time (i.e load assets into map prior to plane launch, then present them as the user gets closer, it seems like the server is having to load the assets and send the info to the user at the same time. So ultimately I just cant hot drop and there is nothing I can do about that on my side.
  5. so what can be done about it ? Im in same position all of a sudden, is it because they increased the loot on the maps? Why do they wait until the no. of people are around before it spawns why not just randomly spawn it across the map? ..this is why I find little loot if I drop on large town but no one there... thats kinda BS
  6. btw i was not stream sniping... I never even heard of the guy.. just saw it on my report when playing the feedback.
  7. I have 16 gb ram.. the issues only really started with the new update I didnt have any of this prior to it.. I deleted and reinstalled it and it seems to have sorted out some of the jitter during the matches but I still have massive lag on initial drop as the assets load in.. getting the red timer etc on screen, so it makes dropping into busy zones almost impossible. Its not my system even though its a little on the old side (cpu and GPU wise) as these issues were not apparent prior to the latest patch. I also run games like Squad and Hell Let Loose on medium to high setting without any issues whatsover. FPS wise I get between 90 and 125 on High settings in pubg but have turned most settings down to very low now. FPS generally dont drop that much at all during gameplay. Assets loading in are server side so nothing to do with my hard drive as that really only impacts the initial map load as I dont run an SD so still believe its whatever server Im connecting to in Europe., I do get a lot of Desync, and I mean alot, dying when behind cover, shooting first yet when you play the deathcam back ive not even raised my gun, things like that. Ive tweaked Nvidia settings. Have programme clearing my memory cache every 5 mins reduced graphic settings checked my internet is not slow (70 gb constant) closed background programmes cleaned pc with CC Cleaner reinstalled reduced screen resolution monitor GPU heat (its fine)
  8. im really struggling after the most recent update .. near enough crash every session, lag on dropping in is horrendous no weapons appearing, and jitter when running... I have rolled back drivers, cleared memory cache, closed taskmanager apps, wiped registry ...reduced every graphic setting to low, switch resolution to lower, everything... dont get this on any other FPS game and they demand more than pubg im sure
  9. why would you shoot your cell phone? seems a bit extreme
  10. no im not, but I think there was one big story going around a while ago because a streamer got his knickers in a twist about dying and reported players for stream sniping, they subsequently got banned ... I think its still disputed whether that player was stream sniping or not... Its just about having the confidence in the PUBG process, hacking is one thing and generally fairly obvious to figure out, but being reported for griefing by bad losers and getting a temp ban would be highly unfair so just wondered how robust the process is and if this guy continually reports people for griefing because he got shot then I think thats as bad as griefing.
  11. true, thats not really my point, its the fact that people are trying to get you banned for a period for doing nothing wrong, .... so just wondered if there was a counter to this BS, and yea I guess its no different for reporting when you suspect hacking...but actually hes the one griefing because he died... just think its lets say bad sportsman ship lol
  12. You can now watch playbacks from streamers killing and being killed by you. (wont advertise the link!) but a streamer reported me for griefing because I killed him (didnt even look at the playback). Now Im sure people report a lot of the time and streamers are no different but if people are actually reporting just because they are shot is there any comeback that can be done if they are caught doing it? Or just suck it up and laugh at the guy (who I am in the process of contacting him on his stream to let him know that he is not a very good streamer if he cant take being killed).
  13. no fix on rolling back.. only two things changed on the pc ... Nvidia driver update... Pubg update... one is rolled back the other is not... I have reported many crashes to the team so hopefully a fix will sort this out as its unplayable.
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