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  1. Mirnes

    Did Bluehole forget we exist?

    Its like we are their step child lol
  2. Mirnes

    Why are the frames so garbage?

    I would take 1080p 60fps on my x any day of the week then this 4k crap
  3. Mirnes

    Where is the PTS?

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wtfff
  4. Mirnes

    No snow map til Jan

    Never fails this is bs
  5. Mirnes

    What kind of Troll are you

    Cant do shit when the game runs like crap
  6. Even if that guy uses “radar hack” you still have to be good at killing your pray.the guy with 22kdr must be good at aiming.keep in mind a lot of people suck at this game.i would say 90% including my self but some people i run into can empty out 3 clips without hitting you once
  7. Should not cancel but it does,one of many things that blue balls need to work on
  8. 28 inch 4k monitor maybe 3-4 feet away from it
  9. Mirnes

    Today has been a struggle

    The game is a waiste of your time bro
  10. Mirnes

    Graphical options...

    High expectations are long gone
  11. I knew they would move this from november update to december....never fails
  12. Mirnes

    Worst Desync/BS I Have Seen

    Ha got him... lol jk that happens all the time
  13. Maybe just maybe some guys are really freaking good at the game
  14. Mirnes

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    Just got killed behind the covet clear as day if hotfix does not fix this nonsense i will be deleting the game