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  1. I've set my XB for CloudFlare DNS, will see how it goes. 👍
  2. Still happening, a couple times this week; most recently just about 5 minutes previous to this post.
  3. I confirm my Xbox NAT is open; in my case it has always resolved by restarting PUBG without having to reboot console, router, etc.
  4. Just happened again; I did not let the game linger on the loading screen more than a couple minutes this time, as I was playing in a squad. Vikendi, match ended around 14:31 EDT.
  5. The condition occurred this evening (EDT TZ); the console has been sitting at the B&W "loading" screen for 30 minutes and counting.
  6. G/T is "Criminy Simmons"; I'll make a point of timing it next time, definitely a much longer "seat of the pants" feel than I generally see when transitioning from death/match end back to the "ready up screen".
  7. Ah, didn't realize I'd have to make note of it prior to the match ending/getting killed. No way to get it from the API after the fact? I was playing in a duo when it happened last night. I can try to wait it out next time -- I'd estimate I waited 2-3 minutes last night. Any upper limit on how long I should wait next time?
  8. I'm on the NA servers; will capture the session ID the next time I experience the issue. Thanks.
  9. Frequency is about 25% of the time; game sits at the b&w "loading" screen indefinitely until I quit/restart the game. Console is XB1X, wired connection, open NAT.
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