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  1. Since the s and the x and the elite and the scuff it is no different than pc but nice try
  2. Didnt think so just making sure what is the saying oh yeah git gud is that it maybe I am saying it wrong cause I am not a tryhard with excuses everytime I die like it mnk
  3. Have you ever heard a mnk player say don’t use a controller I can’t recall that could you find where he has ever asked you to change anything seems this forum has 30 pages asking him to change his way of playing maybe you should take some of your own advice and get better with a controller and quit trying to change the way other people play
  4. It’s so funny to see all the fpp guys saying I play the most competitive way then complain about mnk then bring up shroud and all these other streamers but wait here is where it gets funny guess what all the streamers they bring up use mnk can you believe that mnk is the most competitive way to play so if everyone is going to continue to use that argument about fpp you are going to have to get on board with mnk
  5. I have seen videos looks super simple if I didn’t enjoy playing on a 70” tv from my couch I would totally have a monitor and keyboard set up just not as enjoyable to me but to each ther own
  6. You don’t actually believe this do you when there was is an awesome mnk player you can tell just watch any of the top mnk players play then find the best controller streamer there is a noticeable difference that being said the op sounds like he is crying wolf cause there are not that many mnk players in this game people just like to cry he’s cheating every time they die that being said I don’t care if people use mnk who cares yes they have an advantage but they are very rarely in games so who cares
  7. Fpp players are hipacrits I play fpp because it is the most hard core and competitive way to play the game that is how all the streamers play the game so it is the right way to play well guess what all those streamers and tournaments you guys bring up are played with mnk because it is the most competitive way and most hardcore way to play so quit crying about people useing them when all of your guys Cry I play fpp cause it is competitive and hardcore just saying
  8. Nope am an old man tired of people complaing but that is all people in there 20’s can do these days is complain its not fair give me a trophy and it is just getting old
  9. Lol where are you going to go ps4 already supports it so you are just talking bs either stop playing all games except switch and get off the forum we are all tired of your crying and bs saying they are loosening customers cause of this
  10. You it will not make better than everyone but if you get a guy that is on the lvl of shroud and ninja and give them mouse and keyboard against controllers they would win 100 percent of the time but thank god most people that are good with mouse and keyboard stay on pc which is why all the noobs are running to xbox but 95 percent of mouse and keyboard users on xbox are garbage please stop replying to this post it is getting tiring to see everyday at the top and it was already on the top when I replied
  11. People are just bad and can’t accept it I maybe see one mnk user every 20 or 30 games it is not a huge problem like they make it out to be
  12. Dont forget the hundreds of dollars every year to upgrade video cards sound cards and everything else just to keep up with other pc’s
  13. Lol it is awesome to hear them all say it is not an advantage you can be just as good with a controller it cracks me up
  14. I feel like people that make this comparison have never played with mouse and keyboard it is not a small difference that is why auto aim was created it was for controllers not for mouse and keyboard everything is more precise with a mouse and keyboard a good player on mouse and keyboard would destroy a great player with a controller just watch streams of people that use controller then watch a stream of mouse and keyboard the difference may amaze you