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  1. Yep. Very random this game at gun fights.... its very annoying . You got 2 choice you die behind the wall or you die before you can see enemy's
  2. If you press START and when you get connected to the server it doesn't go back to full screen ? Noticed lobby is windwow mode and when I get connected to the server is fullscreen
  3. Would be nice, atm if you are 1 vs 3 or full squad your chance to win are very low, pretty much depends on how good the team is. Most of them just push you all together if this is the case knowing that is 1 vs squad and you cannot kill them all at once. If you don't know the remaining players then I bet the final fight will still be played tactically and not just a big horde pushing against one.
  4. It seems every time nvidia releases a new update the shadow bug appears .
  5. Same here. I prefer to play against less players and have fair gun fights than to play against high ping players where every fight is random.
  6. Thx for your reply, I have tried everything you wrote. I have g933 plugged into jack and the sound is worse. Anyway I am gonna return the headset because its keeps restarting every now and then. So I will try sennheiser game one .
  7. Same here. Especially when discord is on and I am in a voice chat with my friends the game sound is super low.
  8. Do you expect full gear up in a compound? If yes, then you are playing the wrong game. The loot is rng and in my opinion is plenty now. You cannot expect to be fully equipped everygame just by looting compound and a few houses. Beside the loot increases you got some items merged wich means that you get more other items. It will ruin the game with more loot.
  9. Hmm, must be the motherboard then... tough is an asus rog strix z370 F, wonder if a sound card will do the job
  10. Hi, I have tested 3 headsets , hyperx cloud 2, logitech g933 and razer kraken. My question is , why do the game requires third party app to teak the sound so you can balance the sound in game. If I use only the headset software and windows setting the only think audible ingame is plane , car engine amd gun shots. The rest of the sound are very low. Atm i have to use a third party app to teak the damn sound to balance. I use them stereo in usb port connected.
  11. Is it really a big difference from 60 fps to 144 fps ?
  12. PUBG doesn't use sli setup. It is using only one gpu. I Read somewhere that the unreal engine is not developed to use sli gpu. Maybe in future.
  13. I just played a map vikendi jumped on castle my squad and 1 more. Fps went down to 35 from 200. We died pretty quick to a full squad of doyu12345. I belive because of them having very high ping server had troubles updating our game so fps went down to 35 and for my mates to even 10fps...
  14. After you use your data,speed will be 256kbs . You can't do nothing with that speed apart of browsing. I recommend you never take limited data internet for your home. It works for mobile ex. Tablet, phone, laptop. But its not recommended for a home use where you use plenty of data only by watching youtube for example. Shop around for unlimited deals for your home .
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