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  1. levisW

    HRTF does not work. Looking for solutions.

    I think the sound is fued up at the moment in general. Was playing on squad and one of our teammate was behind us jumped in a buggy and started going towards us, me and the other 2 teammates heard the buggy in front of us shouting buggy in front of us when in fact it was our mate with the buggy comming form behind.
  2. levisW

    Vikendi Map Bug

    I have reported this about a month ago , is still there i know.
  3. levisW

    Clothes appear from nowhere

    I have tried to drop my parachute from plane , it didn't work
  4. Yes is still happening, fresh windows instal and latest driver of nvidia and light bug is present
  5. Imagine me shooting you from 500m with 8x on sks tapping left click very fast and not having to bother with recoil . Would you like that ?
  6. levisW

    D-sync is back?

  7. levisW

    It's time to bring back 3d ping

    It would be nice to be able to use your senses when sound will be accurate. For now i use my luck sense
  8. levisW

    Help with game performance

    I have found the issue. The game was never really in full screen. It still stutters and fps drops not as bad as before but i guess its server side, bad optimisation of the game.
  9. levisW

    Help with game performance

    It doesn't let me edit my post. My ram 16-18-36 timings and 1.35 volts on 3200mhz
  10. levisW

    Help with game performance

    I have checked all your articles , nothing seems to have an impact on my game performance . anything i have tried same result. game runs exactly the same. I will give up trying and let PUBG fix their game. FYI ,here is afterburner info after 10 min of game with stutters and fps drops
  11. levisW

    PUBG slow startup

    I got same prob, game starts very slow. Don't think its from your end.
  12. levisW

    Patch 25 building rendering

    It is on other maps but not as bad as vikendi. What i have noticed is that buildings windows are rendering very late. Will do a video next week . Was running toward a compound and the houses appear without Windows and getting closer you could see they start rendering.
  13. levisW

    Patch 25 building rendering

    For a better view go jump on castle (vikendi) you will see how late the building is rendering. I have view distance on ultra but after patch 25 building are rendering very late, trees are changing position with every meter i move and desync is back to its glory. ( before you ask) yes game on ssd good specs etc... had no issues before.
  14. levisW

    Help with game performance

    I have tried to oc my gpu but in pubg i get all sorts of graphical glitches. Will check on Monday and come backto you. Thx
  15. Hi, i run out of ideeas on what to check . My game stutters allot recently, after the last patch even in smoke my fps go down from 170 to 40. I have overclocked an i7 8700k at 4.8ghz witch is stable and corsair ddram4 3200mhz on xmp. Game on ssd and nvidia gtx 1080 gaming x. I use iclc app for cleaning cache memory . I have clean instal the game and updated all drivers with 2019 release. My windows setting are on high performance, temp are max to 74-80c . My gpu stays on load at 90% and cpu around 40-50% overall . Any ideeas would much appreciate. Thx