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    The game has lasted longer than 99.9% of other games I’ve ever played in nearly 30 years of gaming The fact that every day someone feels the need to post a thread so say the game is dead/dying shows people still care enough about the game to post on a forum about how upset they are I think a new pubg 2.0 will be released before this game actually dies
  2. I really liked the ‘land here and get a kill’ missions on the premium pass. It helped to filter people into the one area and force combat. I feel like that’s what this game needs more of. Especially on a map like vikendi which has way too many compounds for people to spread out at.
  3. El_Gran_Orgo

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    The 4x 'circle' on the 7.62 weapons is the worrrsssttt
  4. The aim point ends up being in the same spot when you ADS. As someone who plays FPP & TPP daily I don’t have this issue. I just play the game as a whole differently
  5. Yea most of the mixer ones either take forever to load or just don’t load. I think that’s just mixer though.. it’s always impossible to load old streams.. I could only watch the twitch ones
  6. If you click the link on pubg.report it is time stamped. So if it’s not going to that particular spot, double check the link and it should have the time on it
  7. El_Gran_Orgo

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Pubg vs Forza you choose
  8. Heard about this the other day and I have been laughing at this clip ever since. https://pubg.report/streams/50e67fbd-92f9-4651-bc84-deb3548fc970/838860840 also this guy tried to third party me in another gun fight. https://pubg.report/streams/c48e81de-81a3-4778-8f80-7b59349a1d3f/553658462 Haha it’s my new favourite thing to check
  9. El_Gran_Orgo

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Some of you guys have awesome setups! Long gone the days of me having a permanent gaming setup. At home set up.. I'l set the scene of me almost every night; 7pm kids go down. 7:01pm I get two stools from the kitchen and set them up in front of an old green couch in the kids play room. Get my monitor out of the cupboard and put it on one stool. Xbox out of the drawer and put it on the other. Plug all the cables in and go. 10pm, pack everything back up so the kids can play in the morning. EVERY F***ING NIGHT Work set up.. Got my OG xbox next to my desk ready for those lunchtime/ slow afternoon dinners. Bring my elite controller and SSD from home to work every day and just unplug my second monitor and use that. These games are usually interrupted by work calls and emails. But I get to play FPP so love being able to play at this time. People in offices surrounding me often give me weird looks when I get killed by some bull**** and slam my hand onto the desk and swear loudly and go for a coffee.
  10. El_Gran_Orgo

    My team killed 24 players

    @TwoSeven1 Nice dude! Xtartaus being carried hard. haha @WORLD CERES HUGE!
  11. El_Gran_Orgo

    ASUS VP28UQG - Anyone Else Have this Monitor

    I have this monitor. Completely standard settings.. love the monitor. Can’t see my red dot on vikendi on this or my work monitor either. Use Holos now
  12. El_Gran_Orgo


    I sink tinnys while swimming all the time irl
  13. El_Gran_Orgo

    Changing skins mid game?

    It’s a classic look.
  14. El_Gran_Orgo

    Changing skins mid game?

    Figured. That sucks. Change it please. I don’t want your crappy beige skin on my k98
  15. Is there currently a way of changing the skin on a gun mid game. i.e. I kill a guy who has a beige K98 skin.. but I wanna put my skin on that bad boy.. If not.. there needs to be. Please. And yes.. I actually care enough about skins to post this.. sue me 🤷‍♂️