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  1. El_Gran_Orgo

    Am I playing in NA?

    secretly loving the fact other people are having to deal with the shit OC players have been dealing with for the last 9 months
  2. El_Gran_Orgo

    Care Package on roof

    on that wacky jacky train. I like it
  3. El_Gran_Orgo

    Individual Map Selection

    You will likely get more Miramar games because people will leave those lobbies to try again for another map. I hated Miramar.. but its one of my favorite maps for squads at the moment. We tend to have so much fun doing back flips on motorbikes and burning around in Mirados on that map. Just need to keep yourselves amused for that long mid game lull.
  4. El_Gran_Orgo

    Individual Map Selection

    I have no doubts that the devs would love to have individual map selection for us like they do for PC. However, its been stated before that the player base isn't big enough to allow for this. They have had to remove some game modes from different regions already just to try and fill the games. I'm all for consolidating the player base as much as possible. Especially since the xbox FPP community is so small already
  5. El_Gran_Orgo

    Iron Rain Duo FPP Tourney - Update

    Far out! amazing we were both in party chat after the last game saying how fast our heart rates were ahaha
  6. El_Gran_Orgo

    Iron Rain Duo FPP Tourney - Update

    GG’s everyone. That was lots of fun and was good to get the W in the last one after winning the first only to find out people had left the game and it didn’t count 😭 thanks for hosting again @Civilian Kiwi
  7. El_Gran_Orgo

    Two questions about update patch notes

    I def noticed improved frame rates in smoke with the frame rate priority on. didnt notice a difference in any other movement or gunfights
  8. El_Gran_Orgo

    Iron Rain Duo FPP Tourney - Update

    Sort of sucks this has been moved from the Xbox section. Lose all your main viewers
  9. El_Gran_Orgo

    High level players

    Completely agree. I drop boot camp warehouses on sanhok almost every solo game. Drop in the exact same spot and have the same route I take to pick up my first weapon or two before engaging. I know all the spawn points around the area and go from there. I’d say I survive the initial drop about 70-80% of the time and have end game loadout 90% of the time. Point being.. drop in one spot and learn that spot back to front. People tend to go to the same spots over and over so easy kills can be had covering angles you have learnt in the process
  10. El_Gran_Orgo

    Crossbow thread

    Pick them up early game as a second weapon sometimes. Got this lucky early game kill which led to a nice dinner a while back https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/el-gran-orgo/video/56593809
  11. El_Gran_Orgo

    Killing Knocked Players

    100% steal kills. but surely you dont go out of your way to finish a knocked dude.. knowing that doing so will likely result in your own death? @BlazedInThe253 @pajama dad
  12. El_Gran_Orgo

    starting to finally

    Had a dinner in the first couple of games back.. so confidence was high from the start. Full spray control took a few nights to get back and little things like the movement/vaulting seemed clunky after playing other games. But that was weeks ago and Im back feeling as good as ever now
  13. El_Gran_Orgo

    Killing Knocked Players

    I feel like 6-12 months ago there was a lot more etiquette. Not many people went for the thirst kill especially if it put them in danger. But more and more I see guys thirst killing my down team mate at the expense of there own life. There is literally no point to it and it still drives me crazy. Good reasons to finish the downed player; - Their teammates are nowhere to be seen and you have given them time to come and save their mate - You REALLY need their loot to kill their team mates - They already thirsted your partner and you plan on nading yourself anyway - They are ages away and you got a sniping knock and they are crawling to cover
  14. El_Gran_Orgo

    starting to finally

    Same here.. played BO when it came out but that only lasted until RDR2 came out. then put a few weeks into that. I came back after online RDR got old really fast. Feeling refreshed and keen to play daily again. What I find funny is now, me and my regular squad are loving the original maps (erangel/miramar) again after only playing sanhok for months prior to a break.