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  1. Hmm not sure about this. Ping is wayyy better on OC servers for me and everyone I know who plays from Australia. When we get connected to NA servers it suuuucks. But i do put up with it sometimes to play with friends.
  2. Yep EU players were being put onto OC, which is what the hotfix was correcting. So back to 40 player day games on OC again.
  3. I’ve got the plantronics version but it’s been playin up lately.
  4. Some sick set ups ITT. By day it’s a kids playroom, by night it’s my safe place xbox one x ssd 28” Asus gaming monitor Elite controller Sennheiser GSP500’s ikea kitchen stool
  5. @Harold Brock I just watched your YouTube recap of the week 3 games.. Even though the games were somewhat boring with so few players.. your commentary actually made it awesome! Would watch again! well done.
  6. I was REALLY hoping this was you killing HB with a crossbow
  7. Yea remastering the whole map on PC
  8. We call those bikes "death traps". and those buildings "our buildings" off the top of my head.. we use Yasnaya = Yash West Los Leones = Home Chumacera = Chimmi Chungs Docks west of the ruins on Sanhok = "our Docks" Northern Quarry on Sanhok = The Tact Compensator = Compressors Scopes and helmet, back pack and vests are reversed. = Level 2 scope. 3 times helmet ect ect Enemies = Bad Boiz Anyone that has been shot once in the foot = HES F***EN ONE SHOT! HOW IS THIS GUY NOT DOWN
  9. Die and try again. but you decrease the chance of that happening by learning the exact spawn locations of your favourite hot drop location and drop right on them. I drop in the exact same spot.. like the exact same corner of a particular roof in boot camp every time. There’s a gun there 80% of the time. If not I hop in the window and there are 2 or 3 spawn spots in that building. At least one will have a gun also be good at parachuting. It helps to be one of the first to land. Obviously have just over 6.0 kd in solos right now and I still die on the drop fairly regularly
  10. Nothing more satisfying than a car knock https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/el-gran-orgo/video/74170831 m24.. bodied with first shot but he's not getting away. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/el-gran-orgo/video/74170833 from being a spaz and getting stuck on a fence to knocking old mate off his scooter https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/el-gran-orgo/video/74170951 Missed the first two.. but one last attempt before he heads over the hill https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/el-gran-orgo/video/74170952
  11. Noticed last night that there was a lot more desync than usual. Didnt think anything of it because.. you know.. PUBG. However, after a guy messaged me to say GG, and asked if I was spanish cos of my name. I looked at his profile and he was from EU. Then looking at PUBG Detective a lot of EU gamertags in the games I was playing. (Checked a lot of them on xbox live app and definitely EU players) All the game codes at the bottom of screen had OC at the end so it was definitely always OC server. But lots of EU players in there. Is this happening again?
  12. OC is a pretty small community so I see the same people all the time. There’s a list of really decent players on OC solos I run into every day
  13. Guy messaged me a while back saying he was reporting me for “wall hacking”. Said I shot him after he went behind a rock. I said it was probably desync and happens all the time.. even linked a YouTube about how bad it was on Xbox at the time... and to not hate the player hate the game. And after a few back and forths he agreed and we had a laugh at how bad the game was running. But then he finished with.. ‘I still reported you though lol’ thanks mate
  14. From the dead bodies of your enemies Its literally the only way I find a better than decent loadout on Erangle and Miramar
  15. I'm just really impressed you have a S1897 at end game.. Thats a first for me. Seems like an easy trade for basically any other weapon you could find.
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