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  1. El_Gran_Orgo

    FPP Weekend

    I think a lot of my friends who play TPP would really like (and probably prefer) FPP if they gave it a decent shot
  2. El_Gran_Orgo

    Crate chasing advice please guys...

    I also enjoy getting the drop and THEN flipping the bike and dying 😂
  3. El_Gran_Orgo

    Crate chasing advice please guys...

    Good luck @Aguy9916! Crate weapons and maybe more importantly crate armour can be the difference between win and losing. Had a game the other day where I had two M429's.. sooo unnecessary but sooo awesome hahaha felt like
  4. El_Gran_Orgo

    Crate chasing advice please guys...

    On top of what others have said (smokes and transport) One more tip is to prep your weapons and loot before getting to the drop. Ie make sure you have room for the ammo (especially if it’s an AWM) i will also usually take off my red dot and extendo from my main weapon so I can do a quick change. If it is a AWM I can either decide to do the inventory at the crate or take the armour move away to cover and get ready then for a quick sweep back pass
  5. El_Gran_Orgo

    FPP idea....

    SP/BP are useless. season has ended and there is nothing good to spend BP on. What about special FPP only missions to unlock unique skins ect just to get people to give it a go? Personally I think FPP will never become popular.. never really took off on console. bit of a shame
  6. maybe because he gets the kills while the sever has lagged out. it doesn't register exactly what has happened and therefore thinks he had no weapons?
  7. @#1 Xbox If that's the case.. which I think is more plausible than any aimbot on xbox. Would every player on the server experience a few seconds of compete lagging out? Like if someone was using it on your server.. you should know as you would be lagging out every now and again while playing. right?
  8. El_Gran_Orgo

    I May Be The Best Ever

    Had this run a couple of weeks ago. My best effort yet. This was at work and I went home soooo confident. Jumped on when the kids went down and didn’t make it past the initial drop/first circle all night haha
  9. More likely this is killing AFK's
  10. OK I watched the video. Looks like he is using a lag switch. Lags out the entire server, aims and shoots. So when spectating it looks instant or like hes shooting through walls. But really he has an extra few seconds that isn't being captured. . Verrry lame.
  11. El_Gran_Orgo

    40 Players

    I'm the opposite. Id rather play 40 player games in OC than quick full games on NA. Ive stopped playing FPP just so I can play on the OC server. Feels good to be able to shoot people again.
  12. El_Gran_Orgo

    Dream loadouts please folks...

    When I saw your name pop up I thought.., "IF THIS GUY DOESN'T PICK A CROSSBOW" 🤣
  13. El_Gran_Orgo

    OG or X?

    Play on both. Definitely runs better at home on the X than it does at my work on the OG.
  14. El_Gran_Orgo

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    haha wow.. nah mine doesn't even do the animation. Its like im not even pushing the right button (I am). Happens at least 3-4 times per game.
  15. El_Gran_Orgo

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    ohhh man first game back and I lose a hot drop cos my gun isnt on auto. I was fuuuming. Also, anyone else having issues with guns not reloading? I've noticed that I have to hold down x..then let go and try again a few times per game to get the gun to reload.