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    Browser based 2d PubG

    Post a link, take one for the team 😅
  2. Win % determines the good players. Then you look at kills. So 2 people with 20% overall win rates are both good players. One with 2.8KD, one with 6.5KD. 99% of the time the 6.5kd player is far better. Look at kills once win rate is good enough. As for these leaderboards this season, it means nothing. I’m 40/50th for duos or something and I don’t deserve to be there really.
  3. For some reason Pubg is playing my sound completely wrong. Headphones and sound direction work phone when on the Xbox main menu when shifting between sides, even works fine spectating my team when I’m dead. But when i play it is completely, and I mean completely. Messed up.
  4. Moobs123

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    I thought it was loot 10 grenades 🙃 so there I finally was with 10 nades in my inventory which I then dropped 6 of to start collecting meds and ammo. 🙂
  5. You all say this but I can guarantee if you jumped somewhere at the end of the flight path and happened to stumble accross 7 idle players... you’d very shortly have 7 kills.
  6. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/69282657 1v3 end game The squad of 3 all have win rates of 20-30% and KD’s of 5.5 to 2.5, made it feel even better that it’s a proper squad! The ones where you have no right always taste the best! Although do forgive my god awful AK spray at the start... only started using it this past 2 days and it’s often a shock from my usual m4/QBZ
  7. Moobs123

    One of those that felt good 😄

    Cheers! And yeah I’m aware about dpad, Same for selecting which throwable you want. I just find the menu quicker haha not sure why, probably something which will be beneficial if I force myself to get used to it
  8. Moobs123

    One of those that felt good 😄

    I think some of them were low-ish health as I knew they were fighting another squad just before the 1v3 too... ciricle didn’t have any other cover in so didn’t really give any of them an opportunity to heal up, I reckon that played a part. But yeah, a squad with 30% win rates probably thought they had it on a plate with 1 left and slackened a bit I agree
  9. Moobs123

    One of those that felt good 😄

    Yeah I know I did have a lot haha, I think I must have looted quickly and just pressed X to take all. Saying that I do like to rock with 5/6 first aids, especially on sanhok. In case I’m ever held out of the zone and need to rotate etc. Plus zones can often screw you
  10. Moobs123


    Haha😄 come say hi next time my friend! Youll probably find me in or around the most central compound of the circle if vikendi duos! Feel free to pay a visit! 😉 (Before anyone comments I’m trying to get 6000SP before I go away, hence the way I’m paying atm - I agree it’s far less entertaining)
  11. Moobs123

    One of those that felt good 😄

    Not bragging, simply said the ones where you have no right to win are the best feeling. Not once mentioned that I’m some amazing legendary player. But I’ll note that, hip fire is nothing but luck. Must be one lucky guy as I win 90% of hip fire fights I get in to... actually imo hip fire Is the best play for me there anyway, far more mobile
  12. Moobs123

    One of those that felt good 😄

    Cheers mate, feel free to go through my one man squad wins there’s plenty more lucky clips there too. While you do so, you may stumble across screen shots of top 20 Squads EU so be sure to comment how lucky they are also. Again, wouldn’t say I have potato aim. Like I said, Ive used m4/QBZ as my load out for every game for past 1000+ matches... so AK is a shock at times. But honestly, feel free to go watch all my other potato aim clips which luckily down the people I was aiming at Same game... 10 mins earlier before I decided to try an AK... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/69282937
  13. Moobs123


    Cheating is taken very seriosuly. If you post a video on this forum calling them out then yes, a ban or warning will be implemented. However, said Ban/warning will be against you not the people caught cheating. You will be told to report them in game, where the harsh moderators are striking down all the cheaters at full force with punishments that’s contain grave consequences and act as the biggest deterrent. (If, and I mean if, they ever get caught after doing it hundreds of times, for days on end. They’ll be brought to justice with a nice light 1 day ban) Welcome to the forums 👍🏼
  14. Moobs123


    I’d agree with you pre-vikendi update, but since it’s been tampered with I no longer use it, and very rarely lose a gunfight to someone using it. If you learn how to use an AR and find one you that works well for you, the UMP will very quickly be a no go as a primary.
  15. Moobs123

    Skimask skin coming back ??

    I don’t have it, but not very fair to those who pre ordered or whatever you needed to do to get it
  16. Sigh Right. When I’m playing random duos at 10PM UK..... why on Earth are you pairing me with America’s on the NA or SA server (I’m sure all you Americans are extra friendly) But I don’t want to be on that server? Region lock..... I would rather wait an extra minute for a EU duo partner and game than be put on to even worse functioning servers. I’m 100% sure there’s others playing in the EU at 10UK. I would understand if it was 4AM but come on you smashed the implementation of region lock guys, 10/10.
  17. So, you know pre release, when you loaded up the game, on the introduction screen there was a message warning about loading issues, rendering issues, crashing, and the game not being stable yet. My question is; who on Earth, at PUBG corp, thought that a message stating them things is no longer needed lol 😂 The game is just as bad as the 6 months after it came it, just in different areas. The clip that made me turn off today, wonderful stuff really https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/69181817
  18. Moobs123

    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    Broke the game even more with the update. Well done. Absolute disgrace this
  19. Dear PUBG, It has come to my attention that a certain percentage of my deaths are caused by PUBG, despite the game having the cheek to tell me ‘so and so’ killed me with the m416. After careful consideration, I have estimated that 40% of my deaths, that’s 4 in 10 games, are completely down to PUBG rather than the others players. (Believe me it’s no exaggeration) please refer to the evidence below from last night. Where the car flipped high into the air and fell through the map at such a high speed that I lost the majority of my life while swimming upwards because it took so long. I had 20% health, but this is still too easy isn’t it? so you also decided to spawn us, ONE BY ONE, in to the middle of another squad of 4 players. At this point I didn’t even try, my game went all laggy and jammy so I accepted my fate. Evidence attached here: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/69021461 If you require any other evidence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I have a lot to keep you occupied. It is on this note I will be expecting 40% of my deaths to be wiped from my KD ratio, I would consider this very generous on my behalf. happy playing 😉 Kind Regards, Just another victim
  20. Can’t blame the player in the slightest. What are they meant to do, just stand there and watch another squad loot up around them.. blueholes mess. A big mess
  21. Moobs123

    understanding SP

    @PUBG_Andymh5 was wondering if we could get a detailed breakdown of how SP works and if you could locate a guide or some information surrounding it. At the moment im not sure whether it would be better to come 2nd with 1 kill or come 6th with 7 kills etc. Would be great to understand the numbers behind it and see exactly how it operates. Person at top of solo leaderboards, say I had the exact same stats as him, but 100 more games and 3 more wins, would that put me above him as I have more wins, or below as win% is 17% not 20% etc any info or link to any pages you have would be appreciated by a few. Apologies in advance if there’s something out there I’ve missed.
  22. Moobs123

    understanding SP

    @PUBG_Andymh5 appreciate the response👍🏼 Do you have any of the numbers behind how much SP you’re gonna get per match. Like how much SP 2nd place gets you compared to 5th or 15th, same with kills etc. Eg, for SP gaining, is it better to lay low and come 2nd, or go for action, 10 kills but come 12th. Atm I have no clue which would be better cheers!
  23. Moobs123

    What Level Are You?

    Knowing I can’t complete it alone now takes the fun and grind away for me... either buy them now or at the end, don’t really care for it. Only gunna buy what’s needed and 20 should be fine but yeah could wait till the end to see how many I need... just feel if I have to buy 20 of them to get there why not do it sooner rather than later
  24. Moobs123

    Make AUG a common spawn

    Don’t make the AUG world spawn. Its a laser and so much more powerful than people think. The AUG wrecks people as it is, so does the Groza for people who can control it