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  1. Moobs123

    Wackyjacky video PC PTS

    Jesus Christ PUBG... a crate you have to buy with cash, and then only has a 0.16 chance of getting it anyway. Pay cash for a 1 in 630 chance of getting a skin.. what a way to take money off people
  2. It’s broken.... it’s saying I’ve played all 12 games without using any, hence I’m 12/15 to completing the challenge. ive used multiple in nearly every game lol
  3. Moobs123

    Kill 10 players with a crossbow

    How come my 10 kills with crossbow challenges is locked? It says 0/10 and every time I get one it doesn’t go up. Stays locked. I should have 7/8 of them by now... Annoying as I only have 2 challenges left until I’ve done them all too
  4. Moobs123

    Leveling up (Vikendi Pass)

    Having the pass makes it far easier I’ll give you that.. not even because of the extra missions, but because every other level you get premium rewards such as ‘4k XP’. I do believe it’ll be achievable for those without you’ll just have to grind a lot more
  5. Moobs123

    Leveling up (Vikendi Pass)

    I got to level 5 yesterday and only 3h gameplay, I think it’s easily doable, youve just got to decide whether you’re willing to go out of your way to do missions, and whether that’s worth your time. Levelling systems aren’t meant to be easy. It’s not there so every player can run around with the horse head unlocked at level 99 or whatever.... it rewards the people who do as it took effort for them to get there. look at it this way.. daily’s get you like 5k XP in total.... over 75 days that’s enough to get you to nearly level 40 from just making sure you do them? Plus the weekly challenges which have like 3/5/8/10k XP rewards
  6. Moobs123

    Wow the competition is rough

    I imagine all the streamers will have been on straight away and smashing it out due to the fact it’s sometbing new - maybe that explains it then I dunno
  7. Moobs123

    G-coin for pass lvl

    No, Otherwise everyone would spend the g-coin they’re given on levels... making it pointless as everyone has gone up 20... plus other than the g-coin included with the pass, what’s the point? spend real money on g-coin, to then spend g-coin on levels OR just spend real money on levels as that’s an option anyway
  8. Moobs123

    Wow the competition is rough

    Don’t think it is rank/skill based matchmaking... Vikendi is very open, very long line of sights and a small-ish map (6x6 as u know). Using rocks and trees won’t work anywhere near as well as sanhok. When running in the open anyone can see you, no big bushy trees as soft cover to make people rush shots... If you wanna be sure check the stats of the next however many who kill you... that’ll give you an answer, but I’m pretty sure you won’t see anytbing unusual
  9. Moobs123

    Lobby Failures | Defect

    Yep big issue and very annoying pls fix
  10. Moobs123

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Rendering is terrible on Vikendi, haven't tried any other maps. Only played 5 games but not once had the map rendered in when I land, even when I did a very long jump. My xbox normally handles the game relatively well, before the update it was only mirimar - (hacienda/Pecado/Leones) that had issues with rendering... occasionally bootcamp. Please no-one reply saying buy an SSD lol - simply stating it seems to struggle a little
  11. I’d already seen them from PC videos but seeing them myself now it looks even better! Defo buying the pass for £7.99 and that’s rare for me lol... refused to buy sanhok one, also this music is cool liking it so far lads!
  12. Use the UMP if it’s so powerful then, end of thread
  13. Moobs123

    Can't wait for the Region Lock

    Not complaining as it’s better for the game overall but I was one who preferred being able to play different regions. I’m top 20 EU but only play with a certain squad, squad games with my other pals I’d always go to NA servers where I wouldn’t mind dying and quitting etc...
  14. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/67707929
  15. Moobs123

    Individual Map Selection

    I also think that including sanhok with the others on battle royale is stupid, just in case you go to view feedback