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  1. ...like Player 2 was going to put up with that. Lol. If they did, they were a co-op benefactor in some way. That was in-house, different times, altogether.
  2. Had a major gaming outlet employee recommend one to me when I inquired about a high-end controller they had in stock. Ever seen those cartoons where a guy in a trench-coat displays all the watches in the breast of the coat? Yep; awkward. I was shocked. I know it had nothing to do with the company but to see an employee, so openly suggest it, ew filthy.
  3. If the person using the mouse and keyboard has an extensive history with PC gaming; of course it would give them an advantage. Can said mouse/keyboarder be beat by a controller player? Yes, of course. There you have it - everybody dies in PUBG
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