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  1. BTW why am I getting random group invites from people and the last one I decided to have a talk to and its the same as they used to do it in lobby, random adverts/propaganda in Chinese???
  2. You can turn it on in windows options, mouse?? ye?
  3. I joined got re-arranged and then banned btw
  4. Is this who we do pubg now? Banned from session even though never played with these guys? Its a public game after all???
  5. Had some credits, bought a pass. If you do work 8 hours a day though, you have to grind out your dailies, then your weeklies and some premiums for that loot.. So you are going to game most nights, vikendi with its smg's etc lol
  6. Vikendi definitely is more difficult then Sanhok's pass. Not impossible though
  7. motcom

    Need a moral boost!

    But this is what I am trying to prove so hard. lol
  8. motcom

    Need a moral boost!

    Coming form Africa, ping worth 180ms is ueber.. 240+ and you will never hit your first shot before your enemy does.. that is fact.
  9. motcom


    Yes I saw that clip too
  10. motcom


    Hey guys, yes sorry it was one which i missed to record. It was at Castle though. This person was so relaxed, looking at me walking about in the building right in front of me but did not engage until I started looting. I saw the UMP disappear and thought hmm maybe ping related or what.. He killed me obviously and on death cam he was there. Edit: it was on EU server this
  11. motcom

    Oh the things you'll break

    BTW i do like these kind of 'quests'. 500km is nasty. But destroying stuff is always fun. Playing a game as it is not meant to be played is always fun. BTW when me and my buddy did it we managed top 10 never the less. So sometimes these funny quests can bring you fairly up in the leader boards of that game.. funny enough..
  12. motcom

    Oh the things you'll break

    It is easy, make sure you destroy the whole door though, punch the windows so you don't waste ammo and the rest, well not so bad
  13. motcom


    My ping is as usual, so can't figure it out
  14. motcom


    So i was in castle today, I looted like normal and I could hear this guy. I saw a ump9 in-front of me and it magically disappeared. I continue looting and this guy just kills me, sitting right in-front of me. On replay he is visible, in game however not. Is this a new cheat for this game?? What is going on??
  15. motcom

    LVL 3 worthless

    look at my post about level 3 helmet, got a video that shows that even at about 60% hp you can get one shot with a kar98 on level 3 helmet.