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  1. How can i port? Did you see the replay? I flew off as he shot at me, yet no part of my body was visible.
  2. Also, it's time to stop defending this game's loop holes and start working on the issues. Look at you tube. Thousands of videos showcasing the issues this game has. If your server can't handle it, move it. If your coders can't sort out basic bullet principles get new ones. etc. The problem is, so many of the old issues are not sorted out.
  3. Lol, I was lying there while he was scoping me the whole time. How can he hit me without my head sticking out? As said before, there are fundamental issues here. Death cam, My cam, His cam. wtf? How can you play a game you can not trust?? I did not peak to shoot him but was healing so wtf
  4. Oh and 1 shot in the face does not make it when you drop in a place?
  5. Yet very effective shooting players peeking 5% of body mass around a tree.. jees i could not even see the guy when he shot me. This game has some real fundamental issues and needs to get fixed
  6. Oh and 1 shot in the face does not make it when you drop in a place?
  7. Yet another one.. how is this possible?
  8. First of all, I am not accusing anyone one on cheating. But yes, we can shoot through trees. If it was me with a shot gun it was 3-5 shots to kill. Yet this person can one shot me no problem. IT PISSES ME OFF THOUGH THAT IN END GAME THIS CAN HAPPEN.. WTF
  9. THEN DO NOT INVITE PUBLIC PLAYERS JEEZ.If you want randoms there then do it or go private
  10. BTW why am I getting random group invites from people and the last one I decided to have a talk to and its the same as they used to do it in lobby, random adverts/propaganda in Chinese???
  11. I joined got re-arranged and then banned btw
  12. Is this who we do pubg now? Banned from session even though never played with these guys? Its a public game after all???
  13. I am just saying, as I am still experiencing the issue as with Blackops too.. Thus the necro
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