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  1. Viníciuspena91

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I would like to know from bluehole company, if it will release the mouse and keyboard for the "PUBG", same other games as "fortnite, warface, warframe among others" .. we see many players today playing mouse and keyboard, I'm waiting for a response from the company Thank you @PUBG_Lumos. @PUBG_Andymh5
  2. Viníciuspena91

    SA Server is not working

    the legal that they do not give any information, the problem is internal, not lack of players, I do not know why I still insist on this game
  3. Viníciuspena91

    SA Server is not working

    all the players of the server are in trouble, the problem is there inside and nobody gives us a position for us
  4. Viníciuspena91

    SA Server is not working

    it's not available, it's not starting, and it's not for lack of players, it's some problem with the server
  5. Viníciuspena91

    SA Server is not working

    Is the server in any maintenance? No one can find match
  6. Viníciuspena91

    SA Server is not working

    will the squad mode be set?
  7. Viníciuspena91

    SA Server is not working

    Has anyone managed to schar some game?
  8. Viníciuspena91

    Region Lock / Server Sa

    miss you server SA
  9. Viníciuspena91

    Region Lock / Server Sa

    You do not complain because you do not play with ping 150;)
  10. Viníciuspena91

    Ping indicator

    exactly, how will we know if we are playing on our server? being that next update will not have how to choose region?!
  11. Viníciuspena91

    Region Lock / Server Sa

    I would like to know, if with the new system of locked region, the SA server will be placed together with the November update .. it is impossible to play on the server Na ------------------------------------------------------------------ gostaria de saber ,se com o novo sistema de região bloqueada ,vai ser colocado o servidor SA junto com a atualização de novembro .. está impossível de jogar no servidor Na
  12. Viníciuspena91

    Ping indicator

    I would like to ask along with the November update to the implementation of "ping status", same as on the platform on the computer, this would help a lot ------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Viníciuspena91

    News on SA servers?

    We've been waiting since the game left. ????? -------------------------------- estamos esperando desde que o jogo saiu ???
  14. if they do not put it, it will lose all, general is stopping playing, I'm not even lobbying the server on, I can not stand to die
  15. the server sa test period showed us the stark difference and the disadvantage we have in relation to the server on, after the test period ended, what else I saw was the Brazilians saying that they would not play this game until the official launch of the server, I am part of it, decreases my hours of game radically, I only come back to play when sa sa, unfortunately can not play with 250 ping, have to give 40 bullets to kill a player, die behind the wall, you hit a hs of sniper and not counting, too frustrating ----------------------------------------------------------------- o período de teste do servidor sa nos mostrou a diferença gritante e a desvantagem que temos em relação ao servidor na ,depois que o período de teste acabou ,o que mais vi foi os brasileiros falando que não ia mais jogar esse jogo até o lançamento oficial do servidor ,eu faço parte disso ,diminui minha horas de jogo radicalmente ,só volto jogar quando sair o sa, infelizmente não dá pra jogar com 250 de ping ,ter que dar 40 balas pra matar um player ,morrer atrás da parede ,você acertar um hs de sniper e não contar, frustante de mais