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  1. Great feature we have since January. But my question since last August (where I think it was introduced to PC) is: where is ping indicator and warning icons??
  2. Not to mention ledge grabbing which everyone seems so excited about and then I see video where you fall down 10 metres down and grab a ledge without any damage...
  3. I play Training mode couple times a week. Once in a while I`m OOR. Compared to matches I`m never OOR. So you have answer who`s fault was in that situation.
  4. ^ this. Also you don`t know what was this guy`s ping. If he was wired, losing packets, watching freakin youtube on another device, etc. Netcode on PC PUBG is really good nowadays, on Xbox also quite nice. Most of the times in this situation fault is on player`s side. We are welcoming third decade of 21st century and people`s Internet are worse and worse year by year due to ignorance and stupidity.
  5. To be honest Vikendi update (January) fixed sounds for me, which have been broken since September 2018. However last patch had very nagative impact for me: 1) most of the times nonexistent verticality (literally no sound difference when someone is going upstairs or downstairs or if he`s walking on different floors) 2) disappearing footsteps 3) volume of footsteps 4) positioning of sound - sometimes sound "travels" when I turn camera (exactly the same problem as before January) 4) different experience - my mate hear footsteps where I hear literally nothing. It was almost perfect for me before (minus some problems with laggy players). I have good setup - high end headset, Xbox One X with SSHD, wired. I play since day 1 on Xbox and even earlier on PC. I know sounds in this game by hand and notice immediately when something is wrong. Like I said - January update - May update - terrific sounds.
  6. Tiny hint for topic`s author: rate of fire. Done? Ok, now it`s time to delete the topic.
  7. Thank you for that information. I thought it`s a lost cause. For sure I will write back.
  8. 100% agree with this. So how can you explain that when I reported someone for using mouse and keyboard with attached clips (100% obvious, he even admitted it) support didn`t even view it. However when I reported radar hacker, clip was viewed within 2 hours (kudos to that actually) and he is probably banned (new account, offline since 2 days after submitting ticket). You just don`t want to agree that your company doesn`t even care about MnK and fair experience for everyone. Assholes that laugh and lie in our faces play with MnK destroying experience for thousands. Couple of my friends started playing less mostly because of it. I am not playing that much bacause of it - been killed 3 times this month by 100% MnK which is a new record for me (really rare in the past for me, but every time been absolutely furious by it).
  9. Agree. Ridicolous excuse. There`s probably couple handicaped people that use MnK and hundreds assholes that are destroying any fun and sense of competitiveness playing this game for thousands of players every day. I am a straightforward guy - something is not supported = ban when using it.
  10. Packet loss is always relevant whether you playing on pc, console or even mobile. Im waiting for that feature since it came on PC. I think it would help a lot people improving their connections. Topics with desync would decrease and less desync or superbullets for everyone means overall better experience.
  11. There`s something to it. I am mad cause I reported one around 2 weeks ago with clips on youtube. They didn`t even view it...
  12. I played on One S and for the last year and a half Im playing on One X. Also sometimes on PC.
  13. You can drop resolution to 240p and it won`t make any difference. The problem for a long time is CPU. Resolution change is bound to GPU usage.
  14. Rendering distance on consoles is at 600m. They reduced it around 6 months ago.
  15. When I read couple days ago about 1 day bans for cheating I was shocked that this laughable policy is still actual. Respect for fast reaction and change of this. I like new bigger penalties. Well done devs.
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