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  1. Gladiatorpie

    Congrats pubg

    It happens with an SSD to. I have never had such horrendous load times and frame drops on the initial drop. Something got messed up.
  2. Gladiatorpie

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Horrendous lag on landing. Especially in crowded areas. FPS drops to below 10 also. Havent noticed anything to terrible mid to late game but early game is atrocious
  3. Holy crap that ban system sucks. 3rd time offenders only get a week off and you never perma ban anyone? It should be a perma ban on the 3rd offense. Ive reread it about 5 times now to make sure Im still reading it right...and I see now that you are trying to bring it in line with PC. How on earth did perma bans not make it in the original interation of the ban system?
  4. Gladiatorpie

    Best noob sniper rifle?

    Mini 14 is the most forgiving of the DMR’s and snipers. It has next to zero bullet drop (even beating out the AWM for bullet speed) and the largest mag out of all the DMR’s.
  5. They just need a hard cap or the lethal radius needs to be super small. Considering the only other thing in the game that can one shot people are bolt action snipers it makes no sense that a common, easy to use item is so powerful.
  6. I feel like this is supposed to be in the pc section.
  7. Gladiatorpie


    Happens to me too. Still have no clue what to do except drop 200 yards behind everyone and hope my team wins the 3v4.
  8. Gladiatorpie

    Movement mechanics

    Yes movement in this game is terrible. Playing any other game shows how awful the ported controls still are. Its actually painful playing a few firestorm games and switching over to pub once looting in firestorm infuriates us to much. Yes its better than when it was WASD movement but its still terrible.
  9. An example I had recently on Vikendi was a guy shooting me and running through wine barrels he hadnt loaded yet. He was fully behind the barrel on my screen, killed me and then ran through the barrel that hadnt loaded for him yet.
  10. Video sums everything up nicely. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ilovebeer17/video/71847116
  11. Can these bullets hit people? Or wtf. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ilovebeer17/video/64707378
  12. Gladiatorpie

    Ump lightweight grip still bugged

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ilovebeer17/video/63606818 Or is this intended at this point?