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  1. samolo

    next week it's the right one?

    always nothing? no news?
  2. samolo

    next week it's the right one?

    I thought the same, for me it seems more logical to first release the PTS update and then vikendi..
  3. you think we'll have the update PTS next week..??
  4. we agree hahaha i just want a deagle...!! i thought the same
  5. and so... we have several assault rifles with different specificities..??
  6. samolo

    Chances of PTS this week?

    i think it should happen this week, with the graphical parameters and the FOV i hope...
  7. I agree with you, we need the MP5 haha
  8. personally I would like to have a desert eagle... and you??
  9. samolo

    Supply drop

    I want one Desert eagle...
  10. here are the number of BP i own...