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  1. k0Lm.

    PUBG crashes after matchmaking

    Check out step 2 and step 4, but follow the whole thing. Worked for me.
  2. This did it for me, thanks to @PUBG_HappyWhale I guess the trick is to manually delete the folder as in step 2 and remove cache as in step 4. (i REALLY hope PUBG would get some communication skills because this fix should be better represented.) Uninstall the game Delete the "PUBG" game folder located in "steam/steamapps/common/PUBG" In the Steam client menu -> Click on 'Steam' then click on 'Settings' In the menu on the left hand side -> Select 'Downloads' then click on -> 'Clear Download Cache' Restart Steam Reinstall the game
  3. Sooo..... When will PUBG fix this or give us more information? Last update on Twitter was right after the update itself, and on this forum there isn't a topic with this problem (from all) being replied to by any of the staff. I also can't find a phone number, so to me it looks like they are hiding behind their keyboard..
  4. k0Lm.

    PUBG crashes after matchmaking

    Same here, nothing works.. Have made a post aswell
  5. Saw something about running DDU to uninstall the graphic drivers in Windows Safe mode, did that, no succes. Now i also receive an error when i try to upload yet another crash report. Translated it should be something like: System.Net.WebException: The external server has reported an error: (500) internal server error. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at BroCrashReporter.FormUpload.UploadThreadMain()
  6. Since update #19 i also cannot enter the game anymore. And yes, i have checked steam for updates, reinstalled the game twice, reinstalled my GPU drivers, verified the game files, checked the forum for solutions without succes. Everything works but the game itself (i can change all settings, enter a squad, see the matchmaking proces, after that i can see the loading screen and then i get an instant crash). Bug Description: Instant crash while viewing the loading screen (the one after the matchmaking proces). Every single time on the exact same spot. Date Seen: Directly after update #19 happend. Server: Regular. Troubleshooting Attempted: Checked for updates for steam, reinstalled the game twice, reinstalled GPU drivers, verified game files, checked the forums for any other attempt to fix it without succes. Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: With or without, i get identical results. System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 64 bit Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580 8GB STRIX ROG Edition CPU: FX8350 Ram: 8gb corsair vengeance ddr4-2666