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  1. Top right - X Bottom right - B Top left - up dpad Bottom left - LB The ability to reload and crouch while still maintaining right stick movement is excellent and with x allows for quick looting and being able to turn as well.
  2. That's when you activate the beast mode button on the keyboard 😂
  3. Good games tonight peeps, even if it was a little one sided lol, the war mode was fun good shout stend. So the games went as follows: Erangel - @jjarQue Um........ Mirimar - @jjarQue And well............... Sanhok - @jjarQue........ again! 🤣😂 Well done all hope to see ya again soon.
  4. I'm gonna be hosting, streaming and commentating mate so woll be able to see what's going on afterwards, but I will join in the war mode
  5. I have set up a war mode first as it might get everyone warmed up, it is open now so start joining .... WainZ0r PW - HB
  6. Yeah maybe we make one of the matches a war mode then if everyone is cool with that @Big Stend no probs for me
  7. Its only a bit of fun and good way to get some practice in, try out some fresh plays 😏👍
  8. Same time mate 2pm Los Angeles 4pm Chicago 5pm New York 10pm London
  9. I knew I missed someone, sorry baba, hope you can make it mate and I wont be about to k9 ya this time lol
  10. Look forward to seeing ya's. Will anyone from the names below be joining us, hopefully all. @pajama dad, @Goofy The Scot @fa7ali7yX, @BlazedInThe253, @HelloDaddio @Big Stend +kronic, @MajorClagNut, @ColonicBoom, @Stuffedcrust21, @TR4KERZ, @EyedDeadmanjr, @Dead Muppet, @Hatched Car, @KD Danimal, @beavykins, @Captain Joe, @DB0VIN, @NickJsy, @Rece Davis, @dopestone1, @Photon mkUltra, @BadBatch5040, @Hell-RaizeR, @SandmaN20
  11. I thought he was an excellent player but as a person I thought he was an absolute idiot and like what's been said the spitting into a bottle was scummy. Oh well no real loss in my opinion.
  12. You scumbag you told me I was your favourite 😑
  13. I hate the wasd, I used to switch to the arrows and bind keys around it so 0 on keypad was crouch 1 and 2 was lean and ctrl was jump, made crouch jumping so easy, only prob is pubg has a lot more buttons than soldier of fortune 2 did lol, I may venture across eventually but at the mo I cant warrant a huge expenditure on a decent system.
  14. They are a part of the game, if someones play is to launch nades in the final circle and that's it then that is down to them, it's a bit shit but still a tactic nonetheless.
  15. Done exactly the same thing the other night on game I should have won, I broke my number one rule...... dont loot in the end game unless absolutely vital.... Edit: I did smoke by the way😔😔
  16. Better but still like him as well .......... charge your fucking phone!
  17. On my 65in tv I did have the freesync on but recently turned it off and tried the game motion setting with blur reduction and judder reduction both on 10, xbox set to 1440 120hz with auto low latency on.
  18. Cheers dude what is your channel on youtube I will check it out, I would like the samsung as I have the q9fn and love how it looks and does give me great gaming but even with all the stuff on it still has that blur when I turn the character, plus gaming is just better on a monitor 😁
  19. I didnt word that right, basically the samsung is about 460gbp and the one I said about the acer is about 330gbp, wasnt sure if I could warrant the extra, the acer ticks all the boxes but has mixed reviews, whereas the samsung seems pretty well based around being one of the best for the one x so it is just whether I can get the extra money together for it.
  20. I could commentate on 2 and play the other 2 this might be an option and just change between mirimar and erangel each week on which one I play. Not sure if I can do following week yet though, gotta see about work.
  21. I had a look on pubglookup out of curiosity he last played 4 days ago in duo, haven't seen him on here at all though.
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