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  1. WainZ0r

    Sound issues

    No sound of footsteps in a duo on sanhok. Me and a team mate were watching another duo when I heard loads of shots behind but they sounded a bit further away, I turn round to see that the enemy players shots were on my team mate and they were 2 foot away from us, there was no sound of footsteps either. Had 2 other team mates complain of sound issues with footsteps and other sound in general like shot directions. Any more info needed please ask.
  2. WainZ0r

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    I'm good with anything, I play both just as bad as the other lol, just want a nice tourney with some good participation. Hopefully we get a good turnout by Saturday, if not many more join then looks like it will be quite until the final circles lol.
  3. WainZ0r

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    How we looking now on participants?
  4. WainZ0r

    Questions about TV technology & PUBG

    OLED uses organic material and they have a lifespan, don't get me wrong visually they are stunning however upon research they still don't have the tech in place to prevent this decay, so the lifespan is about 10 years but it's not using it to its full potential or using HDR, also if you are using it for gaming, on average that's gotta be a decent session this will also have an adverse effect, you can potentially cut its lifespan in half by using it for what it was built for, then there is the added issue of burn in so having an image sit on the screen for long periods, such as a health bar for example can burn into the screen meaning you will still see it whilst watching something else. Although it has the advantage of true black colour and no haloing like the qled samsung with recent models have reduced the issue substantially and for normal colour there isn't huge difference in the 2 at all, samsung garuntee their tv's for 10 years from burn in and because it's still an LCD tv it has it's own backlight which means it won't degrade like OLED will. I spent hours looking into them individually and then watching independent reviews and even one of the qled being used for gaming and the particular one I'm getting the guy uses a pc on it and notes no frame drops and smooth playing. However the one I'm getting has a hefty price tag, so obviously it's all dependant on certain models you want. Honestly just research OLED and QLED IN Google and it will give you all the Info you need to make the right choice and a good comparison. 😊👍hope this helps.
  5. WainZ0r

    Questions about TV technology & PUBG

    If You have an xbox one x then I would go with the Samsung if it has freesync as this will work with the xbox as it has VRR and ALLM technology, this will work with freesync and mean your tv will refresh as the game does, which keeps the refresh time down and the frames up, gaming monitors come with freesync and some of the best come with 1 or 2 ms refresh rate, so if that particular model utilises freesync I would go with that of the 2. I have been currently researching tv's like a madman and comparing OLED vs Samsung's QLED and I am getting the 65 inch QLED q9f I think it is and I believe this has VRR tech on it which will run alongside the xbox better than a tv without it, this I believe is the same for freesync.
  6. WainZ0r

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    Well that's a little more support for fpp, but it needs more, a mix isn't a bad shout like previously arranged, however I feel that it only appeals to players who play both, people that are only tpp probs won't join even with the tpp element of the tournament, feel it may have to be one or the other .
  7. WainZ0r

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    If not at least there could be a potential winnings prize for the 3 teams involved ..... Lol 😂
  8. WainZ0r

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    I don't mind buddy, I prefer fpp but always play tpp in eu servers anyway, switch to na fpp when I wanna treat myself 😂. I'm fine with it mate.
  9. I was averaging about 7 to 9 per game and I had a few 13 kill games here and there, but I still don't know why but for me personally ever since the movement update I average about 3 to 5, i have been doing better recently on solos with about 5 to 9 kills per game but never get the win lol.
  10. WainZ0r

    Kar98 clips

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wainz0r/video/66749114 recent one 😊
  11. Nothing special for me, could have had more wins had I not made a silly play, had a few high kill near wins but messed it up and died on 13 kills, I'm only about 3000ish to about 110 wins lol. I am striving to get better and play as much as possible. That's all I can do really 😊😊
  12. WainZ0r

    SkS and mutant 47

    You aren't so unique anymore with your princess power my little cherub 😂😂
  13. WainZ0r

    SkS and mutant 47

    I understand what you are saying but seeing blood doesn't always mean you are hitting where you think, also remember that although there is bullet penetration on limbs now I believe there is a damage drop if it hits the body through the arm, this is normally a certainty if they are holding a gun, I'm not 100% on that but that is what I believe happens.
  14. A tear gas or something would be cool that blurs the opponents vision.
  15. I think there is a general comsensus on a new LMG so I think an m60 as a crate weapon, maybe world spawns could be the PKP and/or the LSAT. AR's Famas F2000 SAR 21 snipers Barrett 50cal crate only JNG SVD MK11 M98B Not sure on category but the AKU 12 would be good. SPAS 12 shotgun (crate maybe) DEAGLE Just some thoughts and yes I am basing a lot of these from my battlefield 4 days lol