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  1. Download the mixer create app and it will give you the option through that mate. Well done @Prinzar getting a win and I will be back on saturday, got very drunk last night indeed for the birthday. I have also had trouble getting the video to render for last weeks game hoping to find the issue and get it sorted soon.
  2. Does no one else feel this sounds like a harold brock post 🙄🤔🙄😂😂
  3. So last nights games were great and we had some good participation, dunno about everyone else but I thought the duo games were really good and everyone played really well. The games went as follows: Sanhok duo TPP - @Keats1997 and h4andyganja Sanhok duo TPP - @TR4KERZ and @dopestone1 Erangel TPP - @nukeyy1 Sanhok FPP - @Big Stend once again I am unable to host saturday so if someone is around to host that would be great and normal service will resume the following week. thanks all again for playing and will get the vid on youtube shortly.
  4. Just remembered I am going to be unable to host next saturday, it is my 30th on friday and the mrs has a 'surprise' bday party on the saturday for me, so if someone could take up the mantle for the week then normal service will resume the following week 😊😊😊😊😊 will post all the info of the game tomorrow as well, thanks all that joined in great to see ya's.
  5. I appreciate your on going support and will endeavour to repay that support with milky buttons and sexual favours 👍👍
  6. Thank you, I know that you are just infatuated with me and my wise words, I could never disappoint you and will continue to be your own personal messiah, now be excellent to everyone my child 🤘😊🖕
  7. For anyone also that has gone and watched the vids on youtube give the channel a sub if you havent done, it's always greatly appreciated and hopefully my boy will benefit from it in the future when I'm old and senile 🤦‍♂️👴 lol
  8. Morning all, Games should be good to go ahead tonight, do we have many joining, would be great to have a few more people in. What would people like to see in this week? If we have enough we could probs have another duo game or teams of 3 if we hit the numbers, will still do warm up war mode as well. Let me know peeps @ColonicBoom @TR4KERZ @Gros Yake @Goofy The Scot @Prinzar @SleepyGrumpyCat@AmaZedgorilla @Scooter2shoes @dopestone1 @HelloDaddio @Hell-RaizeR @Baba Yaga 138 @Dinnerforone @EyedDeadmanjr @NickJsy @Aguy9916 @HelloDaddio @Fritt0 @Rock1obsta @LowTickRate @BadBatch5040 @ASTR4L ASC3NT @NathHolloran@Mr. Smalls @Pisto79 @NickJsy @mamulator @The ORDER 22 @jjarQue@nukeyy1@MajorClagNut@HairMetalLarusso @beavykins @DB0VIN @Keats1997 @Hunterlori @Dead Muppet @Big Stend
  9. Yeah I render the vids currently in 720, it's all done through my phone and it takes a while to, render, upload and process and I feel that at the mo 720 is pretty good, but may start doing them in 1080 as i have that option and a 4k option for the video. Did you see the sad moment we had at the end lol 😂
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