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  1. WainZ0r

    Gg’s in the forum

    Hey harold, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye after our game together but credit where it's due mate, I think this is a great way of getting some friendly competition amongst all of us, count me in on Saturday and am looking forward to seeing you all out there 🤘😁👍.
  2. WainZ0r

    Gg’s in the forum

    If there is another next week I will jump on.
  3. WainZ0r

    Game is still so broken!

    The part of this post I agree with is the jumping/vaulting, many times I have been bang in the middle of a window and the character didn't wanna jump through. Also the menu is very slow. However hit reg I disagree with, if you have a video of the 3 shots to the head people here will slow it down and have a look for you, everytime anyone mentions hit reg it's always been proven wrong and nothing was a miss.
  4. WainZ0r

    3x reticle is sh!t

    I stick the 3x on and love it with a canted sight on, recently had some awesome quick aim kills with it and destroyed people heads. A good scope in my opinion would even have it on a kar98 over the longer range scopes but that's just cause I have got pretty good just sniping up to a 4x at long range and prefer it now.
  5. WainZ0r

    crate ideas?

    I think the reason why they haven’t added more weapons to crate is due to it then becoming crazy with not getting what you want, I know that doesn’t always happen but at the mo there is a 1 in 4 chance (if I haven’t forgot something that is) of getting the AWM, I think they need a couple more but too many would tip that balance. It wouldn’t be so bad pulling the aug out and having something else in its place, I just don’t wanna see it nerfed.
  6. WainZ0r

    crate ideas?

    The problem for me If they world spawn the Aug, they will nerf it and make it rubbish, I like the gun a lot and dont wanna see it become a has been weapon. Aa12 yep The comp bow yep I would like to see a desert eagle if they were to put a hand gun in. The main gun I would love to see is the barrett 50 cal. Great gun
  7. WainZ0r

    Same players?

    Yeah its 0.008% difference, which I knew but in case there is any further arguments my mrs is a maths teacher and teaches A level maths also confirmed it 😂😂👍👍
  8. WainZ0r

    a new low...

    How did you survive the buggy lol..... that health ...... so close 😱😱😱
  9. WainZ0r

    Some Excellent PUBG Violence

    I enjoyed that as well
  10. WainZ0r

    Discouraging Situation

    I dont understand when a post like this pops up and we offer clarification why it always ends up that we are ripping into people.......
  11. WainZ0r

    New pass of the Tuesday indeed

    Si tout va bien, pc l'avait mis en ligne le 24 avril je crois. doigts croisés. 👍👍
  12. WainZ0r


    Good luck dude, you have no idea what replies will soon follow 😬
  13. Absolutely, everytime I say I play pubg people go what's that, oh that's like fortnite or I have to say it's like fortnite as people recognise it more unfortunately.
  14. WainZ0r

    Helmet question

    Yeah if the helmet takes all its remaining damage It comes off, so if the helmet has 1 health and you are at full health it will save you but be destroyed and come off the players head, perfectly normal just normally dont notice as either you die or you replace it.
  15. Also fortnite are currently running an endgame game mode, they also did a thanos one when infinity war came out in season 4 as my son keeps telling me, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney had some stake in the fortnite franchise.