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  1. WainZ0r

    2 vs 1 for the chicken.....

    Unlucky buddy, good shot though.
  2. WainZ0r

    When Claggerz met....

    It was a beautiful moment seeing someone jump over me and mid air ruin the person that downed me. Bravo sir... 😁👍
  3. I played battlefield 5 briefly, not sure how I feel about it and if I like the way it plays compared to battlefield 1 and especially 4, had they done this game mode for bf4 I may have been all over it.
  4. WainZ0r

    Are gillie suits bad idea?

    Brilliant..... just brilliant. That made me proper giggle 😂
  5. He put a confused emoji, I dunno what was confusing lol I'm now confused..... who am I? Also put about the op, he has had backlash and so I was just kindly making a giggle about that whole other argument lol, glad someone got it 😂😂
  6. I dunno what was confusing about my previous quote. You have mentioned about tpp and fpp and that always brings out either side comments and so I said you have opened up a can of worms and to prepare for the comments surrounding tpp over fpp. 😊 hope that clears that up 👍
  7. WainZ0r

    NA or EU

    Eu here as well
  8. WainZ0r

    Ideas for Pubg

    It's funny as I was reading that the news was on the Tele and as I read house of commons it cut to the house of commons in the news report lol 😂
  9. WainZ0r

    Montage video I made!

    Good vid dude. Gave it a like. Check my most recent one out. Been trying to sort out more vids for YouTube but having trouble with my editing software.
  10. Oooo double can of worms now aswell as op, hope you are prepared lol 😂
  11. WainZ0r

    Are gillie suits bad idea?

    Well......... well ......... well ........... if it isn't absolutely hide your posts cause he will F*****g stalk you useless. If I had a gun on a boat I would shoot you.... 😂😂
  12. I have had quite a few times recently where I am the guy that goes into cover and still get hit after I'm in cover. Very frustrating, but I may have been on the good end at times.
  13. WainZ0r

    Are gillie suits bad idea?

    Lol disgusting behaviour 🤟😁👍
  14. WainZ0r

    Are gillie suits bad idea?

    I think the ghillie is effective especially in squads and in sanhok, the amount of times we have gone up against a squad and see the guy in the ghillie last as the others stand out more, another thing about the ghillie is it hides your backpack, however running around like a loon will make it less effective, I like pushing people so it's probably not beneficial for me to use it, however if it's in a crate I will take it and then depends on how I feel I may drop it somewhere random if I don't fancy it, stops someone else checking on the off chance and grabbing it.