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  1. Up In wisconsin

    Dev 3 report

    One thing I felt helped a lot was to switch the option for frame rate priority over resolution priority on the Xbox x I think that will be something that will help a lot once that it's live servers
  2. Up In wisconsin

    Dev 3 report

    Don't get me wrong when I say I was disappointed that I didn't mean about the actual game fixes. They are doing they look pretty solid and I'm excited to see how they run on the live servers and I am glad that they are polishing up the game for us and putting in the work I do want to say this. All I'm asking for in this post that yes it's just for a little bit more time specific dates when were already waiting two weeks for a community post instead of the usual one week how it was. Other than that and still the most addicting game I've ever played in my entire life and I love it!
  3. Up In wisconsin

    Dev 3 report

    Kind of disappointed with this week's report. Reason being is because when the game launched to 1.0 we were promised up and down that we would receive updates 2 weeks after PC players got their update they've had the vikendi well over two weeks on the live servers I've already had the pass I'm playing it and the crappy public test server where runs like ass please keep your guys's timeframes or just let us know a more realistic time frame please and thank you
  4. Up In wisconsin

    Pts server challeneges xbox

    Very nice, thank you!!
  5. I was just reading about the challenges for the test servers I did not see anything on there when I logged in on the 21st through the 24th for any challenges and then I read a post that we must keep track of her own progress just a simple question how the hell do I keep track of how many kilometers I jumped parachuting LOL. But I know for sure I've completed the rust and I have not gotten those two triumphs crates. Gamertag SlickDicDadd
  6. Up In wisconsin

    Proximity chat

    Some of my favorite reaction videos are the very salty deaths also if you're a toxic person yourself of course you can be toxic online but I'm not a toxic person. I just think it adds another element that the game doesn't have right now I'm just throwing in my two cents not trying to make anybody mad I hope you guys get plenty of chickens this Christmas guys
  7. Up In wisconsin

    Proximity chat

    I personally get a kick at when players are talking all toxic and swearing I think it's personally funny but I do kill a lot of people as I am rank 76 North American solos so I mean it might be different for me than it would be for you
  8. Up In wisconsin

    Proximity chat

    And I would like to use the Jaws sound effects when I'm close to people I think that would just be funny s***
  9. Up In wisconsin

    Proximity chat

    Actually the game has more users on PC than it does PS4 and Xbox and they have proximity chat and if you ever watched Choco Tacos videos or shrouds they talk to other players but they do not team with them at all I just want to do it because I see the funny voice chat videos and people having a really good time in the community I think would be closer to each other and of course yes there would be some toxic players but that's in any game that you play not just in pubg
  10. Up In wisconsin

    Proximity chat

    I know Nico had a post back in April of this year which is been about eight months ago saying that it was very possible but a low priority. I've been on YouTube watching pubg tv's Channel and the funny proximity chat episodes just make the game that much more enjoyable and binds the community much more. Blue Hole says they're always listening to feedback but out of all the features we have asked for proximity chat definitely has been the number one feature and has not been added yet I understand that you guys would need the rework the UI but to be honest the UI needs to be reworked anyways LOL. I absolutely love this game is literally the only video game I play anymore because I do not get the same feeling or adrenaline pumping last Circle action from any other games with that being said proximity chat with literally Elevate the play ability of this game a hundredfold for people that have not experienced it yet. Yes I could get a computer but all my real-life friends play Xbox because not everybody can afford a PC and even solos I would love proximity chat. Nico/bluehole, this is my Christmas wish to you guys I hope you and the Blue Hole team and pubg Corp have a wonderful Merry Christmas in the hole pubg Community has amazing Christmas and holidays and that we all get plenty of chickens love all you guys please add proximity chat please please please.
  11. Up In wisconsin


    The loot spawns are not even and not balance for example snipers and dmr's are one of the rarest items on that map but at the same time level 3 helmet spawn on that map which takes away rewarding the player for headshots and accurate shots and also most of the weapons are SMGs which the map is really wide open and spread out making it best suited for dmr's assault rifles and snipers wackyjacky has amazing video on this break in this town I would strongly recommend watching it
  12. Up In wisconsin

    Snow map rebalancing

    The map itself and design is great. where the problem lies is the level 3 helmet spawns, the lack of assault rifles snipers and dmr's most of the weapons are mini Uzis and tommy gun. Besides Close Quarters combat in the city the map is very wide open and far stretches making snipers a viable option. But due to the spawn rate of snipers and dmr's you do not get that type of gameplay all the time maybe one out of ten games and then when you do get the sniper you are not rewarded for great headshots because level 3 helmet spawn in the ground. wackyjacky 101 has a Perfect Video breaking this down you would think that with the SMG spawn rate this would be something we would expect on Sandhok due to the size.