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  1. Did that and it still didnt count😢
  2. Thats what he gets for going loot crazy lol. But really that sucks, used to happen all the time on pc.
  3. Did not know you had to get out their directions are very vague at times doesnt say to get out... Tyty you helped me out have a good day sir!!!
  4. Its not counting it for stopping in redzone for week 1 and premium challenges!
  5. The map itself and design is great. where the problem lies is the level 3 helmet spawns, the lack of assault rifles snipers and dmr's most of the weapons are mini Uzis and tommy gun. Besides Close Quarters combat in the city the map is very wide open and far stretches making snipers a viable option. But due to the spawn rate of snipers and dmr's you do not get that type of gameplay all the time maybe one out of ten games and then when you do get the sniper you are not rewarded for great headshots because level 3 helmet spawn in the ground. wackyjacky 101 has a Perfect Video breaking this down you would think that with the SMG spawn rate this would be something we would expect on Sandhok due to the size.
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