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  1. I've found about 3 or 4 flair guns since it has been in game play. Gun wasn't loaded with flair and instead of reload my flair gun turned into a pistol, and I did have a flair still in my suplies. Just now shot a flair in the air but it wasn't straight up 90 degrees and nothing no plane drop. No plane drop due to the fact that the flair wasn't straight up in the air that happened twice. Then plane dropped my armoured vehicle in the water now that should not happen to a car maybe care package but not car.
  2. Vikendi. Solo Millar Windmill 249/vss Came up to a windmill ,open the door and it shot me directly up to the second floor of the windmill and I'm stuck with no way out. You could have left the windows breakable it so sucks.play zone ate me
  3. Can you guys put in jokers squad costumes in suicide squad. His squad that breaks him out of arkham.
  4. Lost all button function to game while exiting a party chat during the 60sec. Count down. Only middle Xbox button worked. Was able to quit game and jump back in to continue progress and function returned. Sannock (initial jump from plane) Xbox one s Solo
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