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  1. Also found a invisible bumb. On road but wasn't near your location . I post vid Vinkindi Tpp/squad Xbox one s Paved road. 1-28-2019_7-24-38_PM-usw4g0tl.mp4
  2. Per guide to reporting the bug was found..." invisible bumb". Vinkindi Tpp/squad Paved road. Driving on roads can sometime throw you under. In this case it didn't quite completely go under map only partial and rendered the vehicle into road ,killing all of the squad ..
  3. Two issues 1st. Is driving on roads and blowing up ...i killed all my mates by hitting an invisible bumb then rendered partially in map til explosion.... post vid. If possible. 2nd is players not rendering when we first jump from plane.. 1-28-2019_7-24-38_PM-usw4g0tl.mp4