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  1. I don't think this is that big of an issue. Most likely those people aren't getting on the leaderboards, so I don't really see how it affects anyone. On the other hand, an idea to stop would be, just have the plane crash at the end of the flight and kill everyone still on board.
  2. ThugNASA

    Mirado flying through the air.

    Bug Description: My buddy messaged me a clip of the mirado flying about 20 feet above the road. Then, in a duos game I was in a mirado with my teammate driving and I noticed that we were flying about 20 feet above the ground. I think the road went down in elevation but the mirado stayed at the same elevation because we ended up driving through/under the map at one point. Once we stopped and got out of the mirado, it fell back down to normal ground level. Location: Mirimar, in game map shown. Evidence: https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/f3a6a6dc-d984-492c-a10d-5708c039fb87 Xbox One Version: me - One S, teammate - OG Connection: me - wired, teammate - wireless Game Mode: Duo FPP
  3. We flying out here. https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/f3a6a6dc-d984-492c-a10d-5708c039fb87
  4. I don't think it's necessarily old Xbox's although I'm sure that doesn't help. My buddy had his internet go out a while back so he had the "brilliant" idea to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on his phone and connect his Xbox to it. It took him minutes to find games and he would barely load in to the game by the time he half way to the ground from being kicked out of the plane, but he was getting vehicle kills by running over people that were inside of buildings and driving through mountains and stuff. I wish I could share clips that were messaged to me in Xbox live because it was quite entertaining.
  5. I did actually check this also, it was only at about 60% but I did move cod ww2 off of it since that game alone is 80gb as well as a couple others. I got it down to about 40% and that seems to have helped marginally. Luckily, the issues just kind of worked themselves out and I didn't have to do anything major. I just cleared the cache, which I did first thing when I got home, so I cannot say that is definitely what resolved it. I may have simply needed to reboot my Xbox but whatever it was it's not happening anymore.
  6. So, this was from last night, after my issues resolved and I had much more stable frame rate and game play. Through the XBOX Upload Studio, when you trim videos, you can actually go frame by frame through the video. I chose two separate seconds to go through frame by frame and counted 17 unique frames within the 30 frames in each of the seconds I chose to review, so I was getting near 17 frames per second. Although I don't have a clip of trying to gunfight from Wednesday, I can say with confidence this game play is significantly better than Wednesday night (right after the patch). I would say it is double the frames I was experiencing when I dropped at a medium compound on Vikendi with one other squad. https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/8c6bf1a2-7a92-416f-bff6-db7a590f2bf5 <-------- Thursday, after everything smoothed out. Additionally, I actually did clip one video from Wednesday but it was when I crashed and loaded back into the game, however the movement of technine156 in the parachute at about the 27 second mark is what the whole game looked like for me (mine and other players movements). https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/ee0f2618-f64c-4a53-908d-bf3d974ffdba Believe me or don't, I don't really care. All I care about is that it's fixed now (as related to this post) and I can actually play the game again.
  7. If you pick up a weapon in game that already has a weapon skin applied, is there a way to apply the weapon skin you have equipped? e.g. My teammate has the Digital Camo weapon skin equipped for the M416 and picks one up, which automatically applies the Digital Camo weapon skin to the gun. He then drops it for a different weapon. I have the Full Autumn weapon skin equipped for the M416 and I pick up his "used" M416. It does not automatically apply the Full Autumn skin to the M416.
  8. Yeah, I'm glad it worked itself out. It was virtually impossible to gun fight with how it was performing. I'm just gonna chalk it up to XBOX being a computer running a windows OS and a resource intensive game after an update with XB Live service issues having a bad night. Much better now.
  9. Also, if he would have actually read my first post I said that I have an SSD. I also am wired to the router with the best available internet for my location - 250mb/s. On a side note, have you tried clearing your cache? It might be different depending on your XBOX version but I hard powered off the XBOX and then unplugged for 30 seconds. This is to be taken with a grain of salt because I did it first thing when I got home, so I don't have a same day comparison before and after, but my issues seem to have been resolved for the most part. It is still a little laggy on hot drops, but it always has been. To clarify, all of my issues related to this post have been resolved.
  10. And I'm suppose to care about your opinion? There is nothing that displays the FPS, so don't hold your breath..... and a game clip would not show the controller input delay that I was having which compounded the low frame rate into an abysmal game play experience; so there is no way that I could possibly provide a clip of what I was experiencing. What I was experiencing, was ~10-15 FPS along with significant lag in controller input (there, is that better for you?). Unfortunately, by the time I thought of clipping it to post on here, I had already quit PUBG (closed the game) and can only go back 2 minutes on the XBOX DVR. Luckily, clearing the cache seems to have corrected the issue, or maybe my XBOX was just updating some other stuff that I was unaware of and just needed a restart. Either way, last night was much more stable, rendering was decent, input lag was gone and lag in general was very minimal. I had one hot drop that still got down pretty low that I did get a clip of that I will post after I upload to live. Edit: Just saw this on a reply from PUBG_Andymh5 "Hi, We received an increase in reports of desync/lag during time Xbox live was having service issues." So maybe this was part of the issue.
  11. Because everyone's movement looks worse than the animation in this.............. There was a moment on vikendi where if I had a recording I could probably just count the frames. The best I was getting looked similar to the 15 fps in this animation.
  12. I wish it were, I'm hoping my XBOX was just having a struggle moment. Gonna clean install and clear cache and hope for the best. If it's still bad, I'll record a third person perspective of the input lag because it was crazy bad.
  13. Just counting them, that's how low it is! Ha ha, jk, but really I'm just estimating. It's probably in the teens, but I swear I had a couple moments that were literally in the single digits. The weird thing is that it seems fine pre match, and decent in the plane, but as soon as I eject it's terrible.
  14. Samsung T5 Portable SSD - 500GB - USB 3.1 External SSD. Advertised as up to 540 mb/s. When I got it, it was a night and day difference and has worked great up until yesterday. I'm hoping a clean install and cache clear do the trick.
  15. ThugNASA

    Two updates?

    To be fair, I paid about $700 (yes, USD) for this game. I didn't have an XBOX before this game so I bought XB1S ($300), then headset ($120), then had to get an SSD ($80), then got a gaming monitor ($180). After the frustrations I have found other games that keep me entertained, but I would not have gone down this road without PUBG. RIP.............. 🤣