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  1. I get this every once in a while and if I just let go of left stick then reapply forward pressure, it fixes it. One thing to remember, before you say this doesn't work, is that after a dive it takes a moment to return to slower speed.
  2. Bug Description: My buddy messaged me a clip of the mirado flying about 20 feet above the road. Then, in a duos game I was in a mirado with my teammate driving and I noticed that we were flying about 20 feet above the ground. I think the road went down in elevation but the mirado stayed at the same elevation because we ended up driving through/under the map at one point. Once we stopped and got out of the mirado, it fell back down to normal ground level. Location: Mirimar, in game map shown. Evidence: https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/f3a6a6dc-d984-492c-a10d-5708c039fb87 Xbox One Version: me - One S, teammate - OG Connection: me - wired, teammate - wireless Game Mode: Duo FPP
  3. Lol, nice profile! No, everyone in my squad has it happen also, but they're not on the forums. It seems to only happen in FPP and it's only a split second where we get hung up so it's not a huge problem, but I felt it was worth mentioning.
  4. Not sure if it's just OCD or what, but having the magazine attachment slot to the left of the grip attachment slot really bugs me. That is all. Good work on the test server. Field of view slider is a game changer.
  5. Bug Description: This is also an issue on live, but seems to be worse on PTS. I seem to get stuck at the base of stairs quite a lot, mostly the base of a second set of stairs from a landing area (the small section between two adjacent sets of stairs). I'm only stuck for a second or so, but it's quite annoying. This happens on live in the apartment buildings also but it seems like there are more sets of half stairs in Vikendi. It's also happened on the buildings with the outside concrete stairs. It's almost like they are too narrow for the character. I'll try and get a more specific location when I get home. Location: Vikendi. Pretty much any stair case that is split into two opposite direction half staircases with landing areas. It's generally at the base of the stairs of the second half set and usually at the outside wall. Evidence: I will grab a clip when I get home today, but wanted to post before I forgot about it. Attached image, red arrow points to where I get stuck. Replication: Find a staircase as mentioned above and run along the outside wall of the staircase from the landing area up the second set of stairs. Xbox One Version: One S, but friends with OG have the same issue. Connection: Wired Game Mode: It happens mostly in FPP.
  6. Bug Description: The sound from snowmobiles after they have been used sounds horrible. Having the engine running is one thing but it sounds they are spinning donuts on gravel with the asphalt screech mixed in. Location: Had it happen in multiple locations. Evidence: https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/c9dca10f-ca37-4b7e-a0c7-db4b6f4fbfb8 Replication: It doesn't consistently happen, but drive a snowmobile and then come to a stop and get off of it. Xbox One Version: S Connection: Wired Game Mode: Squad, FPP. 
  7. Bug Description: If you float high enough, you can land on top of the invisible wall boundary of the north side of the map. You can then proceed to run north beyond the map boundary and up the mountain. You will fall of the invisible wall but take no damage. I did hit the blue wall and take damage for going beyond it. I tried to run back to the map but got stuck on the invisible boundary. Location: Nothern map boundary Vikendi Evidence: Picture and video linked. I tried to clip the float in and looking around but it only recorded about 10 seconds instead of the 2 minutes I selected. I will get a better video tonight. https://xboxclips.com/ThugNASA/a5a4554e-b638-4324-a2da-f5e2dcff392c https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thugnasa/video/66202810 Replication: Get a plane line that starts or ends far north and jump out as far north as you can. Pull your chute immediately and float as slow as you can Xbox One Version: One S Connection: Wired Game Mode: Done on both fpp and tpp squads.
  8. I'm not positive, but I think that window is boarded up from the inside. That caused the nade to bounce right back at you. I'll double check in game later.
  9. Here is a different representation. Although, I don't like the bullet trajectory not lining up with the barrel, but it better illustrates what you were experiencing.
  10. This is a simplified graphic of what you are seeing (this is not to scale). The character in the video is closer than the first zero point.
  11. No need. I can tell you exactly what this is. The sight is mounted above the barrel which means, at that range, the bullet is lower than where the reticle is. This has been stated many times by other admins. You were simply shooting under the head of the player. Frame through the 21 second mark ( using '<' and '>') and you will see that the reticle was aimed above the arm of the glasses and the bullet hit below the arm of the glasses. This is simply implemented realism.
  12. I've experienced this for the last three event modes. Mostly only tried FPP though. Got it to work one time with everyone selecting even mode before sending the invite to join the team.
  13. ThugNASA

    Late circles

    If you press the "Map" button illustrated in the attached diagram. You can see the current play zone, as indicated by the blue boundary as well as the next play zone as indicated by a white bordered circle. In the lower right corner of your play screen there is also a mini-map above which there is a bar and intermittent timer that signifies the time until the transition to the next play zone. Pay attention to both of these things to make you can plan your route accordingly and in a timely manner as to not strand you outside of the play zone. The more you know. 😉
  14. ThugNASA

    Late circles

    I think you need to elaborate on this. Were you in solos? If there are three of you alive and you all can't get to the final (or one of the final circles) then you would be in very close proximity to each other. So, why didn't you just kill the other two players? Also, it would be helpful if you could provide a better description of where you were other than "40 ft mountain." What map were you on? What area of the map? Where was it close to? Better yet, go to pubgdetective.com and lookup the game replay and post a link.
  15. ThugNASA

    Late circles

    Is it the second time you've been killed this way, or the second time you've complained about it? I'm assuming you mean the circle ends on the cliffs in Sanhok and because of your own decisions in positioning you get stuck below the cliff. Hardly a bug. If the zone is closing in on the cliffs then make sure you're on the upper side of them or have a route to get to the top before it starts closing and cuts off your access. Short answer: make better decisions in positioning, and have better map awareness.
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