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  1. The graphics are worse it would take someone recording in 4k and a 4k screen to view the image to tell the difference. The game was more centered around the X version at launch to hype up the new console. Graphics were better and rendering was better. Since then the few optimizations they have made are to make the OG version more playable. These changes were forced on the X because they didn't want to spend the resources making two builds of the game. There have been no optimizations specifically for the X in a long time. The framerate priority just enabled the PS4 pro resolution that was already built into the game.
  2. The d pad should activate the health wheel and the grenade wheel that the PC users have had for like 8 months. We are no where near the PC when it comes to quality life fixes and bug fixes.
  3. The developers need to state what their position is with console parity. Instead they skate around the issue.
  4. Yes but the Xbox does have a 30 percent faster CPU much more ram and a much better graphics card. The OG console can run 30 fps running 1080p with low textures. The X could do better if it were allowed the same settings. I bet the framerate could fluctuate above 45 fps.
  5. The game would run far better on the X running 1080p and low textures. They choose not to give us the option. It's all a guess but I think the X was probably running 50-60fps but it was using the OG build. Microsoft probably started screaming at that tweet because they wanted console parity and they wanted the 4k logo on one of the X launch games.
  6. Had a buzzing coming from my headset. I think there was an issue with the device supplying power and the device supplying audio. A 3.5mm ground loop isolator was an easy fix me. They sell them on Amazon cheap.
  7. Well the game was built around the limitations of the OG Xbox and probably console parity rules from Microsoft. PUBG is to blame for devoting little resources to console development and that effects the number of a sales and smaller playerbase now. The PS4 version of the game is just Xbox version made to work on the PS4. They do this because if a lack of resources and to save development time.
  8. I play FPP on my PC at 144 FPS. However, I play TPP on console. 30 fps at TPP is easier on my old eyes than FPP at 30 fps.
  9. AK is not the best or strongest AR. The Beryl and m4 have much better time to kill. You should watch the video by Wacky Jacky comparing ARs. I will say if you like the feel of a specific AR you should stick with it.
  10. I thought you meant "please expand the console dev team to 5 members" lol
  11. It's a lack of console developers (skill and numbers). They put their efforts elsewhere because they have no time to port these skins. They claim licensing as an excuse but you don't see PS4 getting these skins either and they are one of the biggest supporters of twitch. Console users didn't even get Christmas skins. Remember these are the same console developers that said the ump with zero recoil is working as intended and that the 3d inventory model was not causing crashes.
  12. Tencent should do this regardless of what PUBG Corp does with their game. Cross console support even with the switch could be possible. The population would probably be large enough for full FPP lobbies and mouse lobbies.
  13. Your X is being forced to load one thing at a time. This was part of predictive rendering updates and also changing rendering order updates. It can load all things simultaneously for fast loading like the PC and even faster with an SSD. However loading is being optimized for the OG and X users are being forced to use it. The X loaded fast when this game launched. No SSDs needed back then.
  14. Yes it works ok but not any better than stereo. Most people will tell you Dolby is far better to justify their purchase. This is the same thing with a lot headsets. Its rare to hear an unbiased review.
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