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  1. I have atmos. I just use it for other games. Stereo for pubg.
  2. New content is just copied from PC. Little effort required. If they devote all their time for fixes we will get nothing. Unless they hire 10x the developers with experience.
  3. Pick Six

    Let's face it

    The content isnt the issue. They are just copying that from the real developers of PUBG. The PC guys. What we really need is 5x the amount of console developers. The team we have now struggles to release any fixes or xbox specific features. What they are somewhat competent at is copying PC content which probably consumes little time.
  4. Pick Six

    Let's face it

    X users had zero rendering problems before predictive rendering patch. It was a lot more similar to PC rendering. Please give x users this back and give the OG users something else.
  5. Pick Six

    What should PUBG steal?

    Armor repair.
  6. Run OG graphics settings. Low textures at native 1080p. You dont think the X with a 33 percent more powerful CPU, better RAM with 4gb more, and a far better GPU can run the game any better than the OG with same settngs?
  7. Pick Six

    The end of PUBG

    Completely disagree. The game plays at best the same and renders worse than ever. Things rendered 100 percent better a year ago without an SSD than they do now and looks far worse too. I'm an older gamer and I'll admit I have money to waste on my hobbies. I cant do or purchase anything to make my X any better. I have been playing alot of 60fps games on consoles lately and I recently purchased a gaming PC and I play pubg occasionally on it. I still come back to PUBG xbox to play with friends and it is hard. Xbox X users who upgraded for an enhanced experience deserve a lot more.
  8. I feel like PUBG PC has 100+ developers. My guess is Xbox has less than 5 and now those same 5 are working on PS4 too. How many console porters/developers do you think we have?
  9. Pick Six

    An Update: 7 days no play

    Start playing well optimized games that run 60 fps. Then play a round of pubg it is hard. 20 to 30 fps makes it a lot harder to hit moving targets.
  10. Pick Six

    An Update: 7 days no play

    Pubg is such a great idea and game. If only BlueHole would have given the resources needed for console development. There is no reason this game cannot be optimized, have next day bug fixes, and release content the same day as PC. I dont blame anyone for abandoning the game at this point. The truth is PUBG deserves it for their lackluster console support.
  11. This a feature that pubg managers thought would be great to have for PC but literally decided console users cant have it. There are plenty of buttons because it is from inventory.
  12. Pick Six

    When will we get 60 fps?

    Pubg lite probably will have 10x the developers/support than the consoles. Every issue with the console game centers around PUBG Corp not hiring enough developers or enough SKILLED developers to handle support for this game. These guys have no clue how to optimize the game, or implement requested features like crossplay or proximity chat. It feels like the menu is running 10fps and barely works. It's really feels like they have 1 or 2 guys copying/porting PC content and he prays things work. If not it takes him weeks to fix a bug and even longer since PS4 release. Bad thing is they have made billions and decided not to hire anyone.
  13. Pick Six

    groza vs m16...m16 wins?

    Per wackyjacky. But actually being able to land and control the m16 shots is another story.
  14. Pick Six

    When will we get 60 fps?

    I believe this entirely possible with lower textures. Basically the exact OG settings. I think this is what Brendan g tweeted about when he saw the X running 60fps. I think PUBG or Microsoft is holding the X back to keep it on par with the OG. In return they decided to give us enhanced graphics and keep us at or below 30 fps. The X has a lot more ram, far stronger gpu, and 33 percent stronger CPU.
  15. Pick Six

    PUBG falling behind?

    Pubg decided not to hire skilled console developers or outsource console development to another company. The failure is on them. They could possibly still do it and make the game free but I doubt they would even consider it. That could save the game.