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  1. Pick Six

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    Everyone knows about a SSD and it's speed but even with it loading should be far far better. Rendering can be fixed on the X as it was not an issue a year ago with the HDD. There has never been any rendering optimizations on the X. Only rendering optimizations for the OG being forced on the X creating this issue.
  2. Pick Six

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    An example of what is happening. If you have good computer and need to copy 3 files off your hard drive. You could copy them one at a time for 20 seconds each and a total of 60 seconds for all 3. Or you could copy them all simulanteosly in 30 seconds. This is the nerf we are enduring on the X when all objects need to be loaded.
  3. Pick Six

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    Truth. Rendering was slowed down to help out OG users. I think we are forced to render one thing at a time in order of priority. It was faster and more efficient for the X to render everything at once and this was better using the HDD vs what we have now with the SSD. No X users were complaining about rendering and the necessity for an SSD a year ago. Yes SSDs are far superior but the even this rendering order severly nerfs what they can do on the X.
  4. Pick Six

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    I'm not sure how they are going to fix they OG version but it needs to be fixed. With that being said, the X should have been hotfixed months ago. We need the rendering order we had exactly 1 year ago. This seems like it could be fixed in minutes. The slowed down and limited number of objects that can be rendered at simultaneously has severly nerfed the X and what it can do. We now have playdough building s on the stock HDD when this was not an issue long ago. We do not need to run the same rendering order of the OG Xbox. You are actually allowed to enhance the Xbox One X.
  5. MY GUESS. Only 2 or 3 devs are working on the console side of the game for Xbox and PS4. Their only goal is to keep the game somewhat playable at 30 fps and port PC content and skins for money. When major issues like the OG Xbox and rendering happen, they are lost and spend ALL their time trying to fix it. They don't know how though. This delays everything else from weeks to months. At this point I wouldn't expect any optimizations or features that can't be effortlessly ported from PC.
  6. Pick Six

    I found this post (PUBG REVENUE)

    Yes. In the steam app you enable controller and download a PUBG configuration someone made. There are many to choose from and quite a few try to duplicate the Xbox controller mapping very close.
  7. Correct Everyone knows this is the situation now. Did you own an X before Miramar showed up on the test server? Before this date the SSD did very little to help rendering because it was already good with HDD. After multiple rendering patches to help out OG users. Rendering is awful on the X without an SSD and seems to get worse after every fix.
  8. I would love to find some PTS #1 Miramar hot drop hacienda and pecado clips. To show how good it was and how until necessary an SSD was back then. The problem X users have now is entirely created by PUBG developers.
  9. The bad thing is the game is currently being built around what the OG can handle. Zero optimizations for the X. 4k is a joke my 1440p PC looks far better. I would gladly play 1080p low settings for 45-60 fps.
  10. I agree this was the case when I first bought my SSD. I remember only buying one to get back in game faster after a crash. It was frustrating to crash 20 minutes into a game. I could make it back from a crash in about 40 seconds where it took two minutes without the SSD and I could sometimes salvage the round. I would also make into the pregame lobby really quick. I really didn't notice buildings or textures loading faster although I'm sure there was some improvement. Too bad now it's almost a requirement on the X after multiple changes to help the OG console. X USERS DESERVE A SEPERATE RENDERING OPTION THAT IS OPTIMIZED FOR THEIR CONSOLE.
  11. I understand the OG needs a lot of help. But everyone knows PUBG has decided to give very few resources and developers to the 4 consoles. They are spending all their time trying (with no success)to make the game playable on the OG Xbox and occasionally porting PC created content. All the downgrades to help the OG are being forced on the other consoles when they could have just left them alone. Meanwhile no improvements are being made anywhere else in the game.
  12. Yes it was. You did not need an SSD. The rendering distance was absolutely better, there was no playdough and high level textures were loaded when you landed. What else could you ask for. This is all the fault of PUBG developers for changing this. An SSD is a requirement to get the same level of rendering now. I'm a fan of SSD's. I own 4 of them but the game is in a bad spot right now and rendering could be far far better with and without SSD on the X.
  13. Just imagine how fast an SSD would render on the X if rendering was optimized actually optimized for the X.
  14. Yes weapons rendered as fast as your hardware would allow. Now an SSD doesn't even help you with weapons.
  15. Before last May, rendering on the One X was as good or better than we have now with an SSD. Buildings loaded in the far distance while parachuting, no playdough buildings, you could see weapons and guide your chute to them before hitting the ground. This was the same rendering pattern that PC had and the X could handle it. Then PUBG tried to help out the OG Xbox by implementing predictive rendering (rendering optimized for the OG console). They we're lazy and instead of using two different rendering builds for the different consoles, they forced X users to use it too. This did not allow the X to render everything simultaneously. It forced the X to render one thing at a time and moved weapons to server side to slow the rendering speed. They have tried to do this 3 or 4 times since last last May and each time rendering has gotten worse. The only way they can improve it on the OG is to keep holding back certain objects and textures so the critical ones can load in first. This is why the X now requires an SSD because we are using rendering that is optimized for the OG console. This is probably effecting the PS4 too. Only PUBG would ruin rendering for half of it's players to improve it for the others. The bad part is, the OG isn't fixed and they are going to keep doing this. X users need their own build making it the best it can be for them The current X is in no way enhanced. They should feel ashamed when an X user complains about rendering and playdough buildings and especially when users are forced to buy an SSD because they created this issue.