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  1. Hello, could I be able to get both of your PSN IDs please?
  2. PUBG_Oreoree

    Infinite wait for every modes but solo

    We'll let the devs know about this! Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, could you be able to try again and let me know if it's fixed?
  4. Hello everyone, We’d like to guide our users on how modes (such as FPP-Solo, TPP-Duo, etc.) will be managed in more detail. Our plan of opening each mode is as follows: Solo TPP → Squad TPP → Duo TPP → Solo FPP → Squad FPP → Duo FPP We’ll be changing how the modes will be opened and closed. Modes were to be opened and stay opened. Now, the modes will open and close dynamically depending on the current user base for a smooth matchmaking. Opening each modes will depend on the current user base. We’ll open new modes if there are enough players to open a mode without affecting matchmaking of currently opened ones. For example: Solo-TPP and Squad-TPP is available right now, the next mode to follow is Duo-TPP. Duo-TPP will be available when there are enough users for healthy matchmaking for Solo-TPP, Squad-TPP and Duo-TPP. The closing of a mode will depend on the time it takes to get into a match. When the average time of getting into a match for a certain mode exceeds 10 minutes, the corresponding mode shall become unavailable until the next opportunity of it becoming available, as stated above. Thanks
  5. Im sorry for the late reply. Is this still occuring?
  6. Hello, by any chance, are you blocking google analytics on your network?
  7. PUBG_Oreoree

    Unable to start the game

    Hey, could I get your PSN ID please? We'll have a look into it! Also, does this happen all the time? And is this live servers (base game) or PTS?
  8. PUBG_Oreoree

    Unable to start the game

    Please try playing on the normal version that has the red border in the image. (The one without PTS in the image)
  9. PUBG_Oreoree

    Unable to start the game

    Please use the main game that does not say "PTS" or "Public Test Server"
  10. PUBG_Oreoree

    Unable to start the game

    Hello, Could we get your PSN ID, and a screenshot of the error, please? Thank you
  11. PUBG_Oreoree


    Normal one! PTS stands for Public Test Server, so it only opens when there's something that needs to be tested publically. Normal one should be opened 24/7 unless there's a maintenance.
  12. Hey everyone, Today brings our 22nd edition of Xbox Community Weekly post. Let’s get straight to it. Frame Drops We’ve seen a lot of recent feedback regarding frame drops, especially during CQC. There are many players who have reported this issue being resolved after hard restarting their Xbox, which clears the cache, allowing more memory to be available for the game to utilize. To hard restart your Xbox, hold down the power button for approximately 15 seconds until it turns off - then turn it back on. For players who are still experiencing frame drops since the most recent update, even after hard restarting their Xbox, please use Xbox DVR to record clips of the frame drops and send them to us via the community subreddit or our official forum. This isn’t affecting all players in the community, so there may be external factors contributing to this issue, for example, low amount of HDD/SSD space or the Xbox being turned on for a very long time, etc. There are multiple different situations which players categorize under “frame drops” and with your help through submitting these clips, we want to better understand the type of frame drops that players have recently been reporting an increase of. Ultimately, prior to the most recent update, this issue wasn’t happening to as many players and we are actively investigating the cause to work towards a solution. We will continue to monitor community feedback and investigate the root cause of this issue, while we also continue to focus on improving framerate stability overall. Anti-Cheat The use of hacks or cheats is not tolerated, and is against our Rules of Conduct. Any players found to be using them will be permanently banned from PUBG. We’re continuing to investigate cases of players using cheats that give them additional map information. The immediate action we’re taking is to closely analyze data to find and ban players conclusively found to be using this type of cheat. Our long-term goal is to completely prevent the use of cheats. Our anti-cheat team is hard at work, but this isn’t a simple fix, it’s a process and will take time - but we are committed to it. Again, the use of any hacks or cheats is not tolerated. We are issuing permanent bans for this type of behavior and will continue to do so going forward. Thanksgiving Login Event To celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re running a special login event. Login before [November 26 00:00AM PST / November 26 09:00AM CET] to receive the Full Autumn M416 skin for free, in celebration of Thanksgiving. Everyone is eligible to participate in the event, regardless of which region you’re from. So, if you haven’t already got it - jump in game to claim your free skin! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  13. Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and feasts on some turkey dinners during the holidays. Make sure you’re not too full, so there’s still some room left for chicken dinners in-game too! We’d like to celebrate together with our users this Thanksgiving, so we’ve prepared a login event for those who’ll be playing PUBG during the Thanksgiving weekend. Even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, this login event is open to everyone, as you all deserve a special gift! Event Schedule: Starts: November 22 02:01AM PST / November 22 11:01AM CET Ends: November 26 00:00AM PST / November 26 09:00AM CET Players who login to the game at least once during the event during the event, will receive the Full Autumn M416 weapon skin immediately upon login! To equip the weapon skin, simply head over to the Customization tab and find the Full Autumn skin located under Weapons > M416. Again, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  14. Hello everyone, Thanks to all who joined in on the mayhem in last weekend’s Huntsmen and Marksmen event and left us feedback! This weekend, we’re running the same event while incorporating some of the feedback and suggestions we received. Some of the changes include: Increased max match time and max points Care package drop time has been increased, but frequency remains the same to retain the importance of care packages Decreased revival time (when knocked down) and increased the default HP when revived - Don’t wait for your teammate to respawn, save them when they are knocked down instead! Full event details below! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Nov 22, 7pm PST / Nov 23, 4am CET ENDS: Nov 25, 7pm PST / Nov 26, 4am CET AVAILABLE QUEUES 10-man squads on Sanhok NA/EU: TPP/FPP OC/SA: TPP only Please note that getting into the Event Mode lobby as a party may cause your team to disband or crash when the match is made. Instead, invite your friends to play once you’re in the Event Mode lobby. RULES War Mode Three 10-man squads fight on Erangel (max 30 players) Each match takes place inside a small, static safe zone All players spawn with 1 of 3 item sets: No. 1 S686 20 x 12 Gauge Level 1 Vest Level 1 Helmet 5 x Bandages 1 x Grenade P18C 30 x 9mm No. 2 S12K 20 x 12 Gauge Level 1 Vest Level 1 Helmet 5 x Bandages 1 x Grenade P1911 30 x 0.45ACP No. 3 S1897 20 x 12 Gauge Level 1 Vest Level 1 Helmet 5 x Bandages 1 x Grenade R1895 30 x 7.62mm Care packages drop every 240 seconds and contain DMRs, SRs, and powerful items When knocked, you will take 20 damage per second (total of 5 seconds of being knocked down before dying) Reviving a teammate will take 1 second Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points, knocking down an enemy earns your team 1 point Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 15 seconds The first team to reach 250 points wins If no team reaches 250 points after 20 minutes, the team with the most points wins OTHER EVENT RULES The mode is limited to 30 maximum players (3 teams of 10 players) Vehicles do not spawn Red zones are disabled Weather is set to “Overcast” Friendly fire is disabled When revived, players will have 85 HP (Was 50) Let us know what you think of these changes when you jump into the event this weekend! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  15. Hello everyone, due to your feedback we have decided to revert our decision regarding the closure of the modes. Please see our message here. Thank you!