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  1. This problem didn't exist a week ago. Everyone I played squads with yesterday said the same thing. The red zone used to blow out my ear drums, now I can barely hear anything.
  2. Logged on today after not playing since last week and the game volume is extremely low. Was there a recent patch or something? This is on an XBox One X with Astro A50s. This only affects PUBG. All other games I play sound find, but on PUBG with the headset volume maxed out I'm probably at 50% of max volume. Its so quiet the game is almost unplayable.
  3. What utterly amazes me is that we are in YEAR TWO of this game, and its still going backwards. They fix something that makes the game finally playable, only to break it again in the next update.
  4. This has been a problem for a long time now. I've gotten in the habit or walking up next to the vehicle and touching it so it will turn off before I walk away from it. The annoying thing is it doesn't do it for everyone. I've been in a squad of four where only two of us can hear the car running. Boats do this as well. Someone ditched a boat near the shore and I could hear it running for the next 10 minutes. Very annoying.
  5. The game is definitely worse over the last two updates. Load times are terrible again. Getting trapped under the map on castle is pretty normal. Some people are trying to do it intentionally to shoot people from under the floor. I upgraded both of my Xbox's to the One X to make this game more playable and it STILL loads terrible. Patiently waiting for a AAA studio to come up with something better, then I'm done with this game. TWO. YEARS. OF. SUFFERING. WITH. THIS. GARBAGE. DEVELOPMENT.
  6. I've seen a lot of people exploiting this (me included). When you're getting down to final circles, throw smoke on the enemy. Their frame rate drops to hell. As long as you stay away from the smoke, you'll be fine. Gotta love it.
  7. Crashing regularly on both maps. If you are spectating your last team mate, the game crashes when he gets killed. Shit is getting really old.
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