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  1. Gotta ask, playing over wifi or ethernet ? What location do you play from ? Have you tried some ping / speed tests to other locations over a period of time to test your connection. Are those spikes predictable?
  2. Make sure Nvidia control has power set to prefer maximum performance , you can try pre rendered frames at 1 or 2 see if makes a difference . Make sure power saving features are off for CPU and windows , or set to high performance everywhere .
  3. Is windows volume mixer showing audio playing under pubg when you have it open and no sound comes through ? make sure default audio device you want to use is set correctly . Is the audio going through a USB headset , or audio jack. . I have had sound issues cause by bad graphics drivers check it out.
  4. 6gb even better , not sure if mobile GPU has the option but in Nvidia control panel in 3d settings set power to prefer max performance power plan in windows on high as well. Also are temps for GPU and CPU ok , not to hot when in pubg.
  5. Give this a shot of you haven't ,in Nvidia control panel under mange 3d setting I believe is called set power setting to prefer maximum performance . 2nd search Google for win 10 ultimate performance plan , and copy paste the CMD line string into CMD prompt, and then change power plan to ultimate in windows power settings. 3rd you can try down clocking that 1080ti maybe 50mhz or so and see if makes a difference, if you never tried this yet . Hope you get it working. I have a friend with i9 and 1080 and these steps helped him in particular.
  6. With the 970m graphics in that laptop have you tried older drivers ? I'm not an Nvidia user but it wouldn't hurt to try a driver version from a couple months ago, or the opposite try a new one if never upgraded. Check laptop support page for update bios and wifi drivers , looks like realtek drivers for wifi. Not sure what pubg settings are in your game but that 970m I think has 3gb vram so keep textures low.
  7. Just out of curiosity what do you use for CPU and GPU.
  8. Eu tend to get a decent ping to na so probably the reason it wants to put you there vs both in eu. And if your friend on the west coast na even more so. West na is in the early am right now so probably the reason for lack of matchmaking this time around.
  9. Depending on your location , not many people currently playing , try FPP?
  10. Seems as if video drivers were causing me to crash trying to run pubg on win 1903 with an Rx 580. upgraded amd driver to 19.5.2 all is good now not a single crash.
  11. After installing win 1903 last night pubg had quite a bit of sound issues , cutting in and out when action occured . Leaning towards this being a windows issue ,probably some driver issue as a friend pubg on 1809 still worked great. Pubg performance seemed on par with win 1809 maybe smoother . Retesting tonight with some tweaks and driver changes and will try again.
  12. Good little place to check connection issues at is dslreports.com using the Jitter/Ping Test if you have connection ISP issues this will help you find out. Regarding windows trying game mode on /off disabling full screen optimizations. In the antivirus section disabling Control Flow Guard only for the pubg executable and battleeye may be worth a try, not sure if it does affect pubg any, dont disable this feature system wide tho. But I would check out dslreports, see how good the connection is first.👍
  13. The fps drop just seems like a result of the hitching/freeze at that particular point . Some sort of bottleneck happening at that particular time perhaps . Have you tried changing pre rendered frames , trying 3 ,2 and 1 .Not sure of Nvidia settings exactly. Have you tested for dpc and latency issues on pc, using latencymon, maybe worth a check. I'm using i5-3570k and a Rx 580 with win version 1809 all updates and everything in windows on defaults . I do find capping my frames to refresh rate produces a very smooth experience. The game bar exe issue I haven't noticed but will check tonight out of curiosity.👍
  14. Any kind of QoS or traffic shaping in general going on with your setup? Does this happen alot if not streaming ? Network lag issue sucks , but I have not encountered it in months. My ping is not much lower than what yours showed either .
  15. Turn down mic gain so as not to pick up sounds from across the house so badly. As far as I can tell the in game voice input option works as well. Discord as well as others at default depending on discord and windows setting will almost pick up sounds outside for me if I have the gain turned up. Doesn't see to matter if using in game voice chat or discord or teamspeak , long as player has a quality mic and settings tweaks quality is clean and clear for me to hear and speak.
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