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  1. RyanWoodward

    That Hotfix

    I would like to think changing the circle color would be a pretty simple fix but who knows.
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos Do do you all know if this is being addressed or is it just gonna be how it is? Thank you you all for relaying the info.
  3. Don’t care what kind of eyes you have. White on white is difficult to see
  4. Is that an actual change someone has accomplished or what people say it should look like?
  5. RyanWoodward

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I understand wanting people to play the new map but forcing people to play Miramar is dumb, if they don’t like it. Either have it divided like before (large maps, small maps) or do individual map selection. It shouldn’t be that difficult.
  6. RyanWoodward

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Buildings will not render. It’s bad right now. 10-20 seconds after landing before it becomes playable. Never had an issue before this update.
  7. Thanks, hadn’t tried that.
  8. I just find it annoying, have the circle outline black or blue or just another color than the color of the map.
  9. I have that. That distinguishes the blood and the circle color (green instead of blue on map) but the outlining of the circle on the map is what I’m talking about and that setting doesn’t change that.
  10. A white circle and a snow covered map does not mix. I can’t seem to clearly tell where the circle is without taking a couple of minutes to see it. Gets aggravating, especially as the game goes on. Is is there a way to change the color or any tips to help?