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  1. Just look at this, the early days of BF4 werent even this bad. I know early acces this early acces that but c'mon. The car missed me by at least 2 meters. Getting shot around a corner or tree is getting a bit old aswell. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135175408
  2. Circles are all about planning ahead, its part of the game! I do understand it can be frustrating if the circle is on the opposite side everytime. They need to make the new circle appear in the center of earch new circle and not based on RNG nonsense where some people can stay put and other have to move everytime.
  3. No siren plz. Its not hard to keep track of the circle and a siren noise will be distracting as fuck and it might conseal sound of a gun that is shooting you.
  4. I played a couple of duo's with the same guy. We used the ingame voice chat and it didnt work at all sometimes so, I think its a bug or something.
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