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  1. I agree with pajamadad. It is generally players who don't get many kills and don't expect to win. Though if their partner is down beside me and they know it, I very rarely see someone thirst. I see it as a form of selfishness. They're sacrificing their own teammate for a kill. It depends a lot on the situation since you don't just want somebody to crawl away and get a revive. But when they're down within my sight I will never finish, because for one, it makes their teammate rush towards you to save him, usually they make a mistake or play too aggressively and become an easy target, and two there's a good amount of people that follow this agreement that it's worth it to not be the first to finish kills. And when someone rushes into your building/room and you down him right beside you... Why tf would you ever thirst him? His teammates aren't going to frag your building with their partner inside so it's an easy camp kill. In squads I've seen people take that thirst and next thing you know there's frags coming through the windows everywhere. It makes little sense but not everybody pays that much attention. I've been in squad fights where 3 were down on each side and we win the 1v1 and get everyone back up. When you try to go for the win every game that is a huge advantage. If somebody had started finishing kills, we'd be left with 1 player with no chance of a win.
  2. Have not seen anything suggesting this. They simply say it is "not supported" by pubg. Quite a stretch for you to get the idea they will be banned
  3. When compared to professional sports, I think kills would be like points scored while a win is a win. Leading in points feels good but ultimately the championship is the end goal. But I do think those teams looking for fights and going for kills every game will improve much more and much faster than the teams hiding out, leading to more wins for them eventually. But.. let people play how they want
  4. I just looked up the m203 on wikipedia and it does say "The M203 is a single-shot 40mm under-barrel grenade launcher designed to attach to a rifle ... Quite versatile and compatible with many rifle models ... Stand-alone variants of the M203 exist, as do versions designed specifically for many other rifles." So it sounds like it could be for all ARs and still work. I do like this idea, whether they should explode on impact or not I'm not sure. If it used normal frags it could be controlled by the grenade button (dpad right), like pulling out a grenade just switches to the launcher when frags are equipped, and same button or 'y' switches back to normal fire. I don't think it should need to be in aim down site mode to switch since most people will probably just be popping them into houses while firing third person
  5. Would make more sense to take up the grip slot since it attaches under barrel. Could attach to any gun with under barrel rail. Use normal grenades as the ammo (not as realistic but that's what they do to simplify the other ammos).
  6. Sound travel time would have an effect as well. But my point is he doesn’t know the exact time when that other guy shot to begin with. Latency plus sound travel time would make it worse still. It’s silly when playing any online game to think “I did that thing first” when yours and somebody else’s actions are that close together. Their action has a travel time to get to you while your action is instant from your perspective. You don’t know what that travel time is unless you ping test their connection, which will pretty much never happen. Streamers should know this and be careful with what they portray onto such a large audience. Choco blew it on that one and people will forever use that video as “proof” for this scenario.
  7. Yes the person dong the shooting sees the blood from their own client hit detection. Other people see the blood from the location of the landed bullet as sent by the server
  8. My educated guess is it's because each of those events is a different packet. In order to update the game state in real time, a client will send a "shot fired" event packet as soon as they fire the shot. This would report muzzle flash and sound to other clients. Once the bullet has hit a target in relation to the client that fired it, then a "shot landed" event packet would be sent which would update other clients on where the bullet landed, whether it be a rock, tree, person, or whatever, and update those clients on where to play that bullet landing animation. It could not report them both in the same packet or you wouldn't get a shot report until the bullet landed which is no good when a sniper is shooting far away. Now, I'm certain that all of the shot trajectory and hit calculations are done by the client and not the server. The server wouldn't be able to handle all those calculations for 100 people. This is why you'll never see someone else's bullets in the air, you'll just see their muzzle flash, and where they land. You can only see your own bullets flying because it's your client calculating their trajectory, and everyone else's client processes their own bullets. So the last shot packet event type we'll call "player hit", which is sent when the client determines it has hit a player. The server would take this, compare the player's health and adjust it according and/or offer the kill/knock. This is where the server would check if the shooter is still up/alive, and if not, it would discard this "player hit" packet only. Discarding saves processing time because it doesn't need to process health or any of that for the hit target. The packet is just ignored. No bullets are being "cancelled" as I keep reading here. The least processor intensive way to accomplish this is to just drop the damage packet. The blood spray you mention happens because the first two packets I mentioned: "shot fired" and "shot landed", are not discarded. And what happens when a shot lands on a player target? Blood sprays out. The "shot landed" packet specifically is still processed, it doesn't have to be if the devs didn't want it to, but they probably keep it for game experience. If that shot hits wood, you get the wood spray, if that shot hits water, you get water spray, if that shot hits player, you get blood spray. That's all. This shot landing animation is still being updated to other clients. Which is where the blood comes from even without damage being done. The bullet hitting a surface animation and damage being done are two separate things.
  9. When you shoot someone the bullet trajectory and blood splatter is processed client side. It has nothing to do with the server. That’s why it still happens. When you get knocked or die, the server simply drops the packets that say your bullets hit that person The reason they do it is because of desync between high ping players. Your bullets are not cancelled mid air. As I said above any hit packets are simply dropped. Any bullets will continue their current trajectory until they hit something as determined by the client
  10. This is unlikely the case as Andy said. Just because Choco received the information of that guy's shot after Choco's shot, doesn't mean the server did. It was well under half a second apart when you watch the slow motion replay. The server could have received that other guy's kill first. Edit: It's unfortunate that Choco with such a large audience doesn't understand networking enough to not spread this misinformation. I went back to the slow motion replay again just to make sure, and it clearly shows the other guy's kill pop up first in the top right. This shows exactly what happened as far as the server cares. Andy confirmed it and I would bet on it, all bullets you shoot are cancelled when you get downed, no matter to who. Additional checks to see if it was just a specific person would likely just be unnecessary extra processing for the server.
  11. This logic is already implemented since during the game you can kill trade with a grenade, in the final 2 one person will always survive it and win. Exactly. People don't understand they'd be dying to some high ping player they killed 2 seconds ago. That seems fun
  12. Oh. That's silly as hell, and the first time I've seen it happen to me in thousands of games. Thanks for the info
  13. You can see from the video my helmet took the damage. That seems odd no?
  14. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sixxx/video/76942024 Clearly my helmet took the M24 shot but I did not die. Pubg lookup shows it as an 88 damage headshot. What happened here?
  15. Bad idea but this thread does make me wish there was a crown, a chicken suit, and lots more fun cosmetics.
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