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  1. Guys, this is you panic clicking the thumbsticks (lean) while in a gun fight. Don't worry it happens sometimes to the best of us. If it continues, you'll need to learn to let up a little, or checkout your controller, sometimes the thumbsticks become warn and too easily clickable.
  2. SiXXX

    Dsync is getting horrible

    My guess is he one shot killed the player first (already low health, or headshot or whatever). You put shots on during the delay it would take his packets to go him -> server -> you. Technically by the time your hits reached the server the player was already dead from the other guy, so the server discarded your packets (in other words didn't relay them to the killed player since he was already dead), while your client still says you hit them.
  3. No need. The internal will be slower than the one X. The same SSD will have the same read speed, doesn't matter what it's connected to.
  4. They do encrypt packets now. Radar was popular when they didn't.
  5. The box placement is likely determined by the server when you die, so that's where you died in relation to the server. People seem to think that if they have a good connection then it shouldn't be laggy. But that is not how online games work. If you have 50ms ping, and somebody with 450ms ping shoots you, it still takes 500ms/2 = 250ms for the shots to register on you. If they shoot you enough within those 250ms - as often happens with fast spraying guns (vector or VSS) - then you're dead before you know you're being shot. This happens in all online games and will not change. Data transfer is not instant and never will be instant. A game like pubg where emphasis is on shooting and killing people, the server will give benefit of any doubt to the shooter. This sometimes makes a worse experience for those being shot. If the game was about dodging and not being hit or something, benefit might be given to the one dodging, which would make for a worse experience for the person shooting.
  6. Hits are basically never determined by the server in large scale shooter games. That would make for a horrible feeling game. The player you're shooting at is never in that exact spot unless he's standing still. Theres at minimum a 100ms difference from client to server to other client. Probably their server checks to see if it was an impossible hit in some way (cheating) but in general if your game client says you hit him, the server accepts that. You can't just "cook up a program" that would register hits on all survivors, because it's done by an encrypted client.
  7. SiXXX


    I do wish they only had one mode though. Doesn't matter to me which mode since I play either. Maybe even a mix of both, something like if you have your gun in your hands it's FPP. When you have your guns holstered on your back then it can be TPP for travelling/looting, but as soon as you pull a gun out it's into FPP. That's basically how anybody who uses a sight plays anyway. As it is TPP would have to be the go to mode since it allows both. Just a shame the player base is split like this, without the player perspective split there would be some room for different more useful player base splits, like map select.
  8. SiXXX

    Lead or Follow

    Looting up is more important. If not everybody has all level 2 gear and two good guns at least, then you should be going town to town primarily focusing on loot, not avoiding fights, but not going out of the way to take them until everybody is ready. If we're in the center circle and everybody is looted up, we lock down that town. Generally splitting up is not a problem because we all want to win. Squads that are connected at the hip win games. Squads that split up just feed kills to other squads.
  9. SiXXX

    Lead or Follow

    Your direction is already determined by then. Always move towards the center of the circle and hit whatever is on the straightest path there. The only time it requires discussion is when the center is placed directly on wherever you are.
  10. SiXXX

    Lead or Follow

    No leader. Wherever gets the most votes (markers) is where you drop. Group on whoever is in battle. Help out your teammates whenever you can. Pretty simple stuff
  11. SiXXX

    Map - Water Based

    I like it if the majority of water was walking height, like Maldives style, but you could also drive a jetski/boat on it. Otherwise constantly swimming for the circle would get lame when people are just sitting on the shores waiting for you to pop up.
  12. SiXXX

    PUBG for low powered PCs.

    You can tell from the video they're just using lower resolution assets made for mobile. That's the main difference between the games. Current console pubg has better graphics, and with an SSD everything loads in just fine. Sometimes frame rate gets noticeably slow, but that's rare even on an original xbox. So what problem would this fix? You want to sacrifice visual quality for faster loading on outdated hardware, but other people use more up to date hardware and wouldn't want that.
  13. SiXXX

    PUBG for low powered PCs.

    So you want pubg mobile ported over to console now? It's made for phones. The complaints for console would just be about terrible graphics
  14. SiXXX

    Performance question

    An old or faulty router could potentially impact hit detection, but it would be rare. Generally, telling somebody with a fairly new ISP supplied router to get a newer, "better" router is just bad information. I could see dropped packets having an effect on hit detection (latency likely would not), since the client sends its hits to the server. You're router would have to be faulty (old firmware, or being overloaded with data, or any number of causes) in that it was dropping packets regularly for you to notice a difference in hit detection. If you're using wifi with your xbox, consider wiring it.
  15. This was the whole point. Squads quit out when losing teammates anyway. So the point is, make them perform a difficult challenge that results in them either fully dying and moving on to the next game, or their teammate respawning and saving the current game. And make it only within the first few minutes of a game, so the respawns are for the immediate deaths on drops, not mid-late game gun fights. In typical forum fashion people responded based on the title and didn't read the post nor use any fragment of critical thinking skills before making a decision. How many immediately assumed it would be like cod "press A to respawn" at any time during the game.