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  1. 🙄 Most people don't complain about what others are using to control their game. It's not an auto win device. Radar and other forms of cheating affect other players much more
  2. Your friend is mistaken. That is not how it works.
  3. Not that impressive. I'm more impressed you managed to not kill him while letting him reload his micro uzi 3 times to finish you
  4. Not bugged. Dead body movement and location are determined by the client. Each person will always see the body differently even when you're all alive in a squad playing together.
  5. Looks like your connection got interrupted
  6. I'd say it's different. Whether it closes into the center or some random area within makes no difference to my suggestion. The circle should be slower than running speed even on the fastest side, especially after phase 3 when it gets smaller and when gun fights occur more frequently between multiple squads. If this means we get rid of the pauses in between movement that still makes more sense, at least people wouldn't get caught with a circle faster than they can run that will kill them once it reaches the next phase in. Nothing worse than getting caught in a gun fight on the far side in the later phases, maybe even a second squad shows up just to delay you more, and your squad wins the fight just to realize the circle is now closing in and you have no chance to make it there alive. I know they experimented with a slower circle on pc but I don't know why it never made it into the game. Plus if it's always slower than running speed after phase 3 means it could do a much higher amount of damage since there's no real reason to get caught in it, which would also prevent people shooting inward from the blue. I really don't know why they didn't make that choice, how it is now is pretty much the worst and most frustrating design they could have.
  7. I'd prefer something like just continuously, but very slowly close the circle in after phase 3. So that it hits each phase at the same speed as it would now, but without any pauses in between. And on the big maps it's ridiculous you can't outrun even a phase 5 circle if you're on the far side. Just forces people to sit in the blue and shoot you in the back as they try to get that last kill before being playzoned, while everybody who wants to survive sprints with their weapons holstered while trying to dodge bullets. Why can't they just let us gun fight while being pushed slowly inward.
  8. So just post the clip and say something like "what happened here?". Posting clips is not against the rules. Just don't make any mention of cheating.
  9. Option 1: Frag grenades Option 2: Carry an S12K. Seriously. Nobody uses them but any house is yours if you have one. I'll start recording the videos where campers surprise me in a corner and I one tap them.
  10. It's not lag switching by other players. The servers have been doing this lately more than normal. I play squads and we all get it at once periodically.
  11. With teammates getting sniped in an open field, I recognize that any rescue attempt would be futile. I run for cover and post up in a small tower. Not the best place to be but it'll have to do. Teammates are finished off and the realization hits that if I want to eat tonight I'll have to go through a full squad to do it. I hear the hail of grenades and know they're getting close. Knowing that I must pick a couple off quick to stand a chance, I get up and start shooting. Bullets rain all around to mark the final fight. Is there really any question that I'm the best? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sixxx/video/74407141
  12. I know. That didn't occur in this case since they both moved into each other at about the same time. Being this close mostly comes down to luck. You can counter it by using a vector or shotgun, otherwise just spray and pray.
  13. It's irrelevant. Latency will always exist in online games. It's only noticeable at very close range in cases like this where you move past each other and basically turn around. You can be sure he did shoot you - where you appeared on his screen - enough to get the kill with no advantage given either way.
  14. Just a symptom of online latency. Your two clients obviously show two different things. What you see him doing is delayed by whatever his ping + your ping is to the server.
  15. This seems like a very odd and arbitrary way to get a few more percentage points out of how much better you're convinced you are. Only my minor is in applied mathematics so I'm not great at it. But when comparing percents you take the difference (this means subtraction). His win percentage is 5.8%, yours is 6.6%, that makes a difference of 0.8%. Your win rate is 0.8% higher. There's no other calculations necessary. Even when putting it into the calculator, you're trying to get the percentage difference of the percentage of wins? That doesn't make any sense. Ironically if you bothered to read the text describing the percentage difference calculator you used and posted the picture of, it warns against misrepresenting data in this way, and not to confuse it with difference in percentages.
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