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  1. PubgIsBroken

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I really truly hope the dev's are listening to the feed back on this update. How can you roll this out and think it is acceptable? You did not add region lock. You guys simply broke the game further.
  2. PubgIsBroken

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    So terrible having to back out of after every game because we cannot ready up. So broken and disappointing.
  3. PubgIsBroken

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Map rendering is terrible. Xbox one x performance on frame rate selection is pretty bad also. Have to make a new lobby after every game because you can't ready up. Sadly another poor update from blue hole.
  4. PubgIsBroken

    Where are the PTS players?

    Did the PTS playerbase die? Havent been able to find a game.
  5. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    After playing multiple games it honestly looks a little different and a bit more textured which is nice. Still desync and hit reg. Vector is God. Get owned in 3 bullets or less. New weapons are strong also. Getting used to movement but it's still odd.
  6. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    I mean it's fun but might as well wait as it's still the same frustrating pubg.
  7. PubgIsBroken


    Movement is so sketchy and has a mind if it's own almost. Dont like it at all.
  8. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    My xbox says 14 gigs
  9. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    Honestly feels like I'm learning the controls for first time. Game seems clunky and stuttery. First game just got demolished by a guy who took 20 bullets killed me in 2. Idk maybe I suck but it doesn't feel right. Others thoughts welcomed!
  10. PubgIsBroken

    Trying to get into a match

    Yeah man no FPP only TPP still took a few minutes
  11. PubgIsBroken

    Loot system is bad

    I understand the idea of rare loot you dont get it right away.You spend alot and get lucky once in a long while. That's the point of these boxes. But are 20+ duplicates in a row neccessary....? The boxes are super laggy. Been that way since launch. This is not even close to being a full release title.