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  1. cartoon

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    think its time you ignored his bs bro
  2. cartoon

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    hows this gone from k&m to donald trump haha
  3. cartoon

    Pubg Lore

    a mix of this film and hunger games. a bucketofchicken is doing a good job here i feel. its interesting
  4. cartoon

    Pubg Lore

    quickly browsing at the min. ill read that in detail later for sure man
  5. cartoon

    Bug? Glasses - Full gas mask

    i posted this a while ago. lets get this fixed
  6. cartoon

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    this is console gaming bro. most people have a big ass tv in their front room with the xbox on. dont get me wrong i asked my wife to let me make a desk set up. she fisted me up
  7. cartoon

    Hardcore / Competitive Mode on Xbox

    l like the no player count idea bro
  8. cartoon

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    i agree. the "dangerous" areas dont reward anymore. high risk, high reward felt more intense and a better experiance. now you can land anywhere and the loots all the same
  9. cartoon

    mask and glasses

    ok so not a big deal but i used to be able to wear glasses under a gas mask to darken the eyes of the mask or to even tint it red. since the hotfix this is no longer possible. if i select some glasses it takes off the mask. glasses still work with playerunknowns bandanna mask. id be happy with darkened eyes on any mask if wearing glasses underneath is unrealistic. thanks
  10. cartoon

    Squad ready up bug

    we always shout and kick off with eachother like its that mans personal fault haha
  11. cartoon

    Squad ready up bug

    yeah i dont know what causes this but its annoying as a mother fucker. just having everyone in a 4 man squad able to ready up can be a right mission!
  12. cartoon

    even worse now

    i think its decided that all mine miss bro
  13. cartoon

    20,000 BP and leather jacket not applied

    no worries bro good luck with it
  14. cartoon

    20,000 BP and leather jacket not applied

    i got mine straight away mate. so you have a problem somewhere. you fully updated?
  15. cartoon

    mask and glasses

    yes as AK says its the gas masks. sorry i should have made that clear.
  16. cartoon

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    well written. horses for courses