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  1. cartoon

    warrior crate

    i know this was exclusive guys but will it ever ever ever return? anyone want to sell me one that they got at the time thats not 250££££ HDFJAKEFOFNFOWGWYENGLHNHALWBRLFN hope everyones christmas was happy and safe
  2. cartoon

    warrior crate

    never really had a reason to check those bro but i can imagine the rare ones fetch a pretty price
  3. cartoon

    warrior crate

    yeah bro check the ebay listings. you may pass out at the prices though
  4. cartoon

    PTS with disc

    are you 100% sure your on the pts? its not like a game add on. you can download the pts without owning the normal game iirc
  5. cartoon

    What happened to the shotguns

    your kd is better than mine but im blaming that on a busy life haha
  6. cartoon

    This is the PTS Right now

    boys thats just a empty screen
  7. cartoon

    What happened to the shotguns

    also might seem crazy but i always soft aim. never down sight
  8. cartoon

    What happened to the shotguns

    i post im all shotty threads i love them. make them great again
  9. cartoon

    Why pubg

    im still yet to play it to this day
  10. cartoon

    Cleaning house

    bizzare this is
  11. cartoon

    Cleaning house

    i didnt know this. ill have a look online and see what i can find
  12. cartoon

    Why pubg

    i call it the g spot
  13. cartoon

    Dev feedback

    i could do with a friday fun day. sign me up
  14. cartoon

    Cleaning house

    dont fancy buying a ps4 just to jill a few noobs lol. wish i could use a ps4 controller on my xbox tho
  15. cartoon

    What happened to the others?

    i had to follow a twitter link to get here. cant go through google now
  16. cartoon

    Ps4 are already asking

    check the twitter threads. its all ps4 users complaining.
  17. cartoon

    Shotgun inconsistency

  18. cartoon

    To the 5% that this applies to ...

    im afraid not bro. i will finish someone with a sawed off in a millisecond after fumbeling about with a laugh emote.... having said this i could learn the ninja ways.... got a really bad shot though and a crossbow is not forgiving
  19. cartoon

    the straw....

    also the gun play.... when i played i have never seen such awkward gun fights.
  20. cartoon

    the straw....

    vigor still very heavy pvp? no way to talk or help eachother. havnt tried in a few months
  21. think its time you ignored his bs bro
  22. hows this gone from k&m to donald trump haha
  23. cartoon

    My favorite....

    also forgive me bro i just read back and the language barrier has done me a mis-justice. i was agreeing with you. attempted sarcasm my friend but directed elsewhere
  24. cartoon

    My favorite....

    relax bro i aint even from the same country