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  1. 8. FPP ONLY (TURNING OFF THE ABILITY TO CORNER PEEK) Disable any advantages for hardcore mode. That's what you've forgotten which technically is already in the game.
  2. It is quite stuttery laggy especially when in a battle fight when you goto ads it freezes hard and then the frames are lacking behind badly, PUBG fanboy speaks truth here that's my experience supper laggy don't know if it's because EU PLAYERS or whatever, but it's massively choppy.
  3. Yep, thanks for you're input on how the games been for you, I myself haven't had maybe one game of fog on Miramar and played that map over 10 times, Nico did say he did have it on a low % and believe he was talking about upping the % which me and a lot of others want is weather! I did find this was the place for feedback on the PTS so I've created a thread and posted.
  4. I normally don't post in this section as I'm usually posting in "General Discussion" section, but the dynamtic weather is really non existent and I've only played mirarmar sunny 10+ times in a row. Hope to see map selection and defiantly want to see a higher % of more dynamtic weather in these maps please.
  5. Are you kidding me, I'm excited for the weather and you're telling me it isn't really there, yo PUBG Corp?
  6. Yeah exactly smart one. I'm gonna guess your teenager.
  7. I'm not mad whatsoever. PC you can purchase a decent one for the same price as your Xbox One X and have your ways of M&K , should of realized what you were purchasing in the box when you got your Xbox and that doesn't just go for you that goes for the whole community as one. Then all those K&M players can put their little T-Rex arms over their desk and have they're ways also.
  8. You'll also be waiting longer Queing times as well.
  9. For one I'm not your friend, and if they do support this their gonna lose quite a bit of players guaranteed, consoles are sold with controllers nobody wants to move a mouse around on a little pad all day we enjoy controllers. The numbers will drop tremendously. Me being one of those PUBG fans who plays quite a bit, will move on this will not be acceptable.
  10. No Xbox model sells in any package a M&K so therefore that's exploiting and even can go as far as code of conduct on all console machines tell you this and accept of it could lead to ban and other illegal things, I know some are gonna say it's not detected, but still if people are gonna have to exploit and get an advantage on video games that I play, I will really consinder giving that game up, or play way less.
  11. As I've just recently mentioned if your Xbox model comes with a controller then that's what every individual should be using, now if someone has to buy third party accessories mnk, then your cheating and taking advantage of any way you possibly can, prob some low live, chubby cheek nerds that have money and that are trying to be good at the game humors me. Just remember if anyone is using a mnk your stats or skill doesn't matter, you bought third party accessories in otherwords cheating.
  12. Well I'm sorry about your incident, but consoles are meant to play with controllers, when you go out and buy any Xbox model they come with controllers, let me say that again controllers, so no excuse while your handicap or not others can use that excuse and shouldn't be aloud period, go buy a $500 PC comes with mouse and keyboard and you'll have a good if not better gaming experience.
  13. Right. I've also read you've actually went out an spent money for a keyboard and mouse and tried it, now your on an elite controller, only plebs try to get every advantage they can get to try and be good.
  14. Get Gud and stop using mouse and keyboard pleb.
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