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  1. Skullaxe

    Pubg Lore

    I thought it was more like a Hunger Games thing with criminals. Winner from each region (Map) gets to compete in a Grand Royale for riches and freedom at the end.
  2. Skullaxe

    This is how a miramar match looks for me

    You mean that isn't normal? I thought hot dropping meant you cut through the ceiling like a hot knife through butter.
  3. Skullaxe

    Test Server : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    How dare you carefully format and articulate your viewpoint!! Shame on you sir.. Shame!! But, seriously, I agree on most points. Only thing I disagree on is the markers. I like them.
  4. Skullaxe


    I have trialled this a bit. Found my self a nice shack to camp in for a bit. I found if I was still, and then soft aimed left then right, I would start to drift right. If I only soft aimed left, it would sometimes do it. It would not do it if I only soft aimed right. Also seems to happen more if I am close up TPPing hard on a window or doorway. It is like it wants me to sneak into view. Never does it to the left.
  5. Skullaxe


    Only thing I can ask is did you do a full shut down restart of xbox? Some people are reporting this is helpful....
  6. Skullaxe

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    My only question is "Are mouse and keyboards expressly forbidden for use on the Xbox version of the game?" If they not are expressly forbidden, then yes, in a way, it is pay to win. If they are banned, then it is pay to cheat and should be dealt with accordingly. As for pay to win items, to me it would straight up defeat the purpose of what the game is. 100 peeps dropping in with EXACTLY the same chance of victory.
  7. Skullaxe

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I don't use a mouse and keyboard on console, but is there actually a written something somewhere that expressly forbids them? It isn't cheating unless it is expressly forbidden.