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  1. Your proposed solution to a low player base? Im the same in OC ... but you can’t fight inevitability....
  2. Firefight. Bike standing ready for fast getaway. RUN decision.... ...Why TF would I jump onto the rear seat in a solo match? WHY? This I think should change. A solo game should always place you in the driver seat of a bike. Nothing else makes sense.
  3. theexecutioner

    Cheating Discussion

    Look up DDU - it’s by the same author. Windows isn’t clearing standby cache properly - known bug - it fills memory to the point allocations aren’t working properly any more. This thing just monitors cache and available memory and flushes at specifically configured times. Try it, or not. But I’ve read of a lot of gamers, especially those with 16gb or less, being affected severely by this bug. And a lot where the stutter nearly completely disappears when cache is properly managed. EDIT: Here.
  4. theexecutioner

    Cheating Discussion

    Re stuttering.. have you tried setting your system to clear standby cache (win 10 bug) to see if it helps? Refer here.
  5. theexecutioner

    What bothers me about snipers

    Latency advantage may well play to this scenario too...?
  6. theexecutioner

    Need a moral boost!

    No need to do another I think.. unless you’re particularly eager... just direct ppl without interest in the coding and setup to the appropriate time marker...
  7. theexecutioner

    Need a moral boost!

    I’m not sure what you mean here; @Rev0verDrive‘s demo is a clear demonstration of what happens as ping increases, explaining succinctly why, as a high ping player, you appear to get hit even though you made it well behind cover. It additionally shows why a high ping player has advantage in peaking. This is EXACTLY what happens in PUBG, and any FPS on the market with respect to latency difference between participants; sure there are ways to help alleviate its effect... to a degree, but not to rectify it, so long as high latency players exist.
  8. theexecutioner

    Need a moral boost!

    Absolutely, yes. Esp. from around 14mins+ for those who want to see the ping delay in practise... perfect to help codify the issue.
  9. theexecutioner

    Frametime e Stuttering

    Your memory is not especially fast, but I don't think I'm willing to blame that - your system seems more than capable of coping... although 165Hz is pretty high frequency... Have you checked whether your standby cache is filling up (Windows bug) as noted in the link in my post above? At least one user here has found that significantly helped his stuttering problem. Report back and let us know, thx EDIT: What resolution and game settings are you using? And what fps are you seeing? You never mentioned...
  10. theexecutioner

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    Please follow the link in one of my earlier posts in this thread, and report back after trying some of the suggestions - if you already have done so, let me know what you’ve tried and we can take it from there... Also, can you post details of your system pls.
  11. theexecutioner


    Is there anything here that might help? It refers to audio settings that may need to be changed for PUBG since directional sound was implemented...?
  12. theexecutioner

    fps drop (gpu usage drop below 50%) on big cities gtx1080ti

    There’s an interesting thread on reddit that points to Corsair memory utilities that may be worth looking at, and a suggesting to try a previous nvidia graphics driver... take a look here. Also try this - could be a degree of interference by afterburner itself.
  13. theexecutioner

    fps drop (gpu usage drop below 50%) on big cities gtx1080ti

    FWIW, have you done any research yet to understand what affects frametime? I haven’t.. but mine is between 4.5ms - 8.3ms.
  14. theexecutioner

    fps drop (gpu usage drop below 50%) on big cities gtx1080ti

    Lobby is not indicative though. Not sure what can be done about render time...
  15. theexecutioner

    pubg crash low virtual memory

    lol. Good to hear... little snippets of knowledge making all the difference... better than a big problem you can’t make go away I guess...