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  1. I think this is my fault, so to speak.... within 5 minutes of posting my entire fibre connection died, and I’m pretty sure it was showing intermittent connectivity problems in the minutes prior, which I misinterpreted. My apologies.
  2. How long does it take to update links across the site to the new forum folks, seriously? Example - players can’t even report cheats via the links provided in sticky’s ffs. This has been reported over and over... does any of the team actually have any obligation to rectify, or is it literally unmanned? far out.
  3. Agreed, although depends on region which maps come up. In SEA and AS it’s Mirimar and Sanhok that pop - pretty much nothing else. But yeh. Your point is valid. Individual map selection should disappear entirely or this game is screwed. We’re now starting to see a steady stream of complaints here on the forums, and the best that PUBG can do is tell us that they are working on it. Better work fast imo...
  4. Just to be clear - it’s no longer SOME regions. I’ve VPN’d across them all - and while the specific maps vary, the problem is across ALL regions. I’d appreciate an update on this; your community deserves it, don’t you think?
  5. Low population may or not being the cause. Regardless, the solution to me is a complete redefinition of how queuing works. Right now it seems the spin up of a game is based on the people in an individual queue, filled out from the quickjoin queue. There are a lot more people selecting single map Sanhok, and - depending on region - a lot less spread across the other single map selections. It further seems that only when the single selection queue reaches a tipping point does an instance even fire up at all... 20 or so in the queue is the guess... then filled up to 100 from quickjoin. So - reverse it: allow the drfinition of readiness change so that quickjoin itself drives the spin up. Rotate the maps from that queue, and backfill from the individual queues (if they remain at all - I’d prefer they were removed entirely). The premise of quickjoin continues: I don’t care which map I play on - therefore driving spin up decisions based on relative ping amongst quickjoiners. Single map selection would still be slower - but given the number of people that generally seem to be in those queues, they’ll clear a heck of a lot faster than they are doing now - all with map variety built in. For the (possibly large) number of players wanting Sanhok - thus choosing that individual queue - you’ll just have to wait until you are pulled out for backfill, OR accept quickjoin variety...
  6. Confirming this one. I was going to put this up also. Cheers.
  7. Perfect. Looking forward to checking the changes out. Cheers.
  8. Perhaps it depends on the nature of the OEM copy. Mine have always been purchased by me for my own builds rather than a branded retail purchase...
  9. I've ALWAYS been able to transfer OEM copies just by talking to the folks in License support and explaining the dead motherboard story. No hassles EVER. Just call them and be nice..
  10. Nice find. I’ll read the linked articles later - curious how they deal with a fundamentally unordered and zero-guarantee protocol without other side effects...
  11. While true, I’ve called MS and explained hardware fault forced a change of MB/RAM/CPU and I’ve never had a problem with them giving me new activation on the upgraded hardware. I have NOT done this since Windows 7 though...
  12. CPU / RAM limitations resulting in bottlenecks shunting data between CPU/RAM/GPU are easy to overlook, and easier to blame on the game. I’ve seen similar with my kids i5, which was bottlenecking to the point where I too bit that bullet, and upgraded the rig to one of the latest i7 CPU’s. It can make a massive difference. The problem is the bullet. It’s expensive, and painful - CPU upgrade almost always means motherboard and RAM at the minimum... pretty much a full tear down and rebuild <shudder>.
  13. Ok, disregard... seems to have self corrected (who am I to understand do the intracies of internet routing ...) <sigh>
  14. My ping to SEA game servers (I have a few PUBG servers noted) is <90ms. Yet MM is dumping me to NA today from Melbourne Australia... BUT if I VPN to Perth Australia, it’ll use SEA. If I then kill tslgame.exe once in pre-game, drop the VPN and rejoin, the latency shows 90ms approx into that SEA server. So wtf is matchmaking doing dropping me into NA?
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