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  1. theexecutioner

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    Just my suspicious nature, but tbh I think this is a misguided way to avoid having to deal directly with matchmaking problems. An in vain hope they’ll reinvigorate the Erengal queues without having to release changes to matchmaking and queue management... I’m curious - what happened to the @PUBG_Hawkinz comment regarding matchmaking and queue death being a top priority? Seems to me this Erangel effort puts that to bed - and no one could possibly claim this rework isn’t affecting the release cadence associated with matchmaking repair... ... while I applaud the attempt to reinvigorate the maps, I do not think it should be the focus right now...
  2. theexecutioner

    Hardware ban work

    Yes, it can. That’s the point. They can just roll the hardware ID’s... script kiddie stuff.
  3. theexecutioner

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    lol. With this I agree... but shopping a row of shops with the same crap in them is even worse...
  4. theexecutioner

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    100% agree. It’s part of what makes the maps unique.
  5. theexecutioner

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    Yep, you’ve certainly understood the nuances of BR.... <sigh> 🙄
  6. theexecutioner

    "Not Authorized"

    I’ve seen this when Steam hasn’t connected to their backend properly... try exiting PUBG and Steam, restart both?
  7. theexecutioner

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    It’s all for nothing unless they combine this with a rework of matchmaking. I’ve not seen a viable Erangel queue in weeks.
  8. Yep. Which is why rotation should be driven from logic in the algo itself rather than the individual map queues. They need to turn the whole thing on it’s tail and draw directly from quickjoin FIRST, on a built in rotation, THEN backfill from the individual queues. On average you’d get a fk of a lot more variety than exists now. Its close to dead tbh. One or two maps are absolutely dominating per region (Sanhok and something else - depending on region).
  9. theexecutioner

    Links throughout forum STILL broken

    I think this is my fault, so to speak.... within 5 minutes of posting my entire fibre connection died, and I’m pretty sure it was showing intermittent connectivity problems in the minutes prior, which I misinterpreted. My apologies.
  10. How long does it take to update links across the site to the new forum folks, seriously? Example - players can’t even report cheats via the links provided in sticky’s ffs. This has been reported over and over... does any of the team actually have any obligation to rectify, or is it literally unmanned? far out.
  11. theexecutioner

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Yeh nor I, lthough of any of the cosmetics, the chutes are probably the least intrusive... coming down ppl can single you out no matter what. At least it’s gone a few seconds after you land rather than shoes or face masks or hats that leave a calling card.
  12. theexecutioner

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Yep this. Top 1000 should have been irregardless of points... (imo)
  13. theexecutioner

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    I’m talking about matchmaking and queue management specifically - not the core game mechanics.
  14. theexecutioner

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Agreed, this is certainly a valid position. I’ve actually made my purchase price over many times (luck of the draw) .. but PUBG themselves need to continue to be viable to support the game servers... right now that’s looking sketchy because of their negligence (imo)