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  1. I hate knocking a guy/gal, said knocked player gets revived. 2 mins later, killed by said knocked player. Should've finished the job to begin with lol.
  2. It is so hard to lean and shoot. Leaning and shooting should have a severe accuracy penalty.
  3. I'd go to stalber. Fun place to fight with hopes of final circle. If not, high ground advantage getting to next circles.
  4. Love your knowledge and detail. Put me down for one upon release lol!
  5. Rev, are you a dev lol? You are very on point with everything PUBG!!
  6. That makes sense on why the Devs worked the loot in that manner. Good idea actually
  7. Like slap the loot all down during the count down?
  8. It's so hard to shoot a gun with a perfect stance. To lean and shoot a Kar98 or M24 causes so much inaccuracy and imbalance you would end up falling on your butt. Keep leaning in the game for peeking and surveillance.
  9. Have to totally agree with OP. I do love the game play now. Running into so many cheaters lately, walking away for a while. So much of the enjoyment is sucked out of the game with the esp / no recoilers. Hopefully the forums will provide positive updates on greatly reducing cheaters in the near future.
  10. There should be a "Severe" penalty for shooting while leaning anyways. I know it's a game but no penalty makes those shots ultra unrealistic.
  11. The re-balance is pretty good. They could dial it back a tiny smidgen but it isn't all that big of a deal. To be able to have a level playing field hot dropping is more than welcome. A welcome addition would be to give melee weapons (not punching, unless in the face/head) a one hit knock or a shorter 2nd swing delay.
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