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  1. I’ve played this game since day one, played loads of hours and I have never seen hit registration so bad. It’s either the bullets go straight through them or I see a load of blood coming off them and they just don’t go down even had it when 3 of us been shooting the same guy. This has been going on now for 3/4 weeks and I’m not to sure if it’s because of he new update coming out or what. I will upload videos from my phone once I record them saved on my Xbox. Ive even had a person standing completely still in boot camp window head shot lined up, shot straight through his head he didn’t even move so I shot again same result nothing. This isn’t me just saying it’s all of the lads I play with as well.
  2. How can any of you sit there and say people with mouse an keyboard don’t have a advantage to a controller an that it doesn’t work properly put it in on YouTube people using it on pubg they destroy people that use a controller there aim is near enough perfect because the mouse is so accurate. Even watching them with the AK they make it look like it has no recoil an doesn’t bounce all over the place cause they can control it that well. StoneMountain is a example that someone said but he is already unreal on pubg on pc but I’ve seen others of ramdomers using it an it’s just easy kills for them. I’ve been playing this game for some time now on Xbox an my aim is still fucked sometimes so mouse and keyboard is a huge advantage.