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  1. Ricochet'd damage, (and maybe add a slight increase) for anyone on your team that initiates TK'ing. Didn't some of the COD's do that? Yeah, I've also accidentally TK'd a teammate. Someone may cross in front of you while you're shooting, etc.
  2. xPonyx

    Post hidden?

    To prevent forum spamming from bots/more (ex; spammer posting "click here for cheapest online drugs!"), filters are often setup that automatically moderate a post/thread that contains certain values. Such as anything that's a monetary value (dollars), includes a redirect/link to a website that's not whitelisted, and so on. I have a couple of my forums setup that way. Last year there was several instances where this site got spammed with crap.
  3. Problem is, rocks shouldn't be (and aren't) playdough when the match is 3/4 of the way over. There's a glitch that's allowing players to enter the rocks. But yeah, anymore I try to stay away from the larger rock outcroppings
  4. xPonyx

    Post hidden?

    If there's anything that could be interpreted as a monetary value, that will also cause it to be moderated
  5. Dude. This is a major problem right now. And it's not just happening at the beginning of the match. I posted this over a week ago in the 'bugs' stickied thread. Player I ended up spectating was freely moving around the rock - in fact, he drove a motorcycle UP TO THE ROCK, and then entered the rock. And it was acknowledged as glitching by PUBG.
  6. Canted on a G36 with a 3x or 4x. Sweet in theory, but limited in my implementation yet. Meaning; I think it could save over swapping from 3x to a red dot in final circles, but have not had anything for luck since the last update...
  7. xPonyx

    Open minded TPP players

    Started out in FPP, with my buddies. A couple of them kept getting 'motion sick' in FPP, so we went to TPP. One still plays FPP in TPP game-mode. I did that for awhile, but if everyone else is peeking from inside buildings or behind walls, it puts the TPP player at a disadvantage.
  8. The Adata 480gb SSD's were on sale yesterday for 44.99. Tried to post a new thread, but it wasn't apparently "allowed". Also check the specs of your adapter cable - some cables/enclosures don't pass enough speed. There's a hundred sub-10dollar adapter cables, but you gotta check the specs!
  9. xPonyx

    SSD vs Standard internal.

    I use a program called Xbox One Drive Converter. Allows me to read and copy xbox formatted drives from my PC (yes, there's a couple steps involved). So, for example, I have 3 x1x's, and all have external drives. My internet sucks, so re-downloading stuff and big game updates are a pain. So here's what I did; - plug in all of the externals into one xbox, so it could format them - copy (or transfer) all the games/apps from my main, updated xbox to one of the drives - plug that drive into my computer, along with the blank (but formatted) drives. Then copied all the data from the master to the blank drives - plugged them into my xbox's, and now my entire library is on all 3 of my xbox's.
  10. Tried to post a new topic, but apparently things now are "pending approval'.... There's a 480gb Adata on sale at aaaammmmaaazon, flash sale, 44.99. Right now, sale over in a few hours. For those interested. Enough room to add other games in the future, at only a few dollars more than a typical (decent) 240 or 250gb SSD.
  11. xPonyx

    UMP vs G36

    Not sure why, but I run both as my preferred combo (kitted out). 3x or 4x on the G36, 2x on the Ump. I don't dinner much being an OG with trash internet, but the last solo dinner I got last week was strictly with the Ump, suppressed, on Vikendi. Didn't ever pull out my G36.
  12. xPonyx

    Weird stuff happening on Vikendi

    I've noticed a few non-typical things as well. Occasional interior door open, but also glass broken out of windows. I think some of it is purposeful to the map. Noticing these things at the beginning of the match (so it's not like someone ran through an area). Yep, I'm aware that the red zone can break windows, and that sometimes players will run through a building already kitted out, but on the lookout for things like suppressors, larger backpack/helmet, all the while leaving "good" loot (have done that myself). Have friends that won't pick up an energy drink (they're addicted to painkillers, lol), and won't grab a medkit (takes up too much room, and too much time to use).
  13. xPonyx

    Feb. 28th Update

    Thank you for taking the time to respond here. If there are several different "official" social media avenues for PUBG, I might recommend changing the loading screen information to include those other platforms. I do know a -lot- of individuals that signed up here, and here alone, because it's the only site listed as the Official Site. As such, people are going to expect answers and other information to come first from the Official Site. Reddit sub's can be pretty much created by anyone, and it's obviously been known to have false information, trolls, and more. If you've got multiple platforms - consider adding them to the game screen. And - FWIW - if you take a look at your signature here, on the Official Forum, you'll see there's no mention of Reddit, nor is there a hyperlink. If you're not listing it as official, even in your signature - don't be surprised when people get bent outta shape when you (and other staff) hang out there more, and answer questions there, first, instead of listed Official places.
  14. xPonyx

    Headset Required

    Situation is that it's more than just me that experiences it at times - did you not see the other post(s)? So if it's more than just me - then it's more likely a game issue. Also stated it happens sometimes. Didn't say all the time, didn't say most of the time. Now....anyone really understanding that it's only happening sometimes, should come to the obvious conclusion that the inverse of those "sometimes" is that the audio is working great, with directional sounds being spot-on. Which again - would cause one to surmise that the settings must be good. Again, don't see any scenario where 'practice' would/should enter the equation. If there truly is a limitation on audio cues, as also posted in this thread - then this could explain audio abnormalities gamers occasionally experience. I believe there's also a thread or two about people not hearing people run up on them in the game (not hearing footsteps). Perhaps they need more "practice", too? 🤣 And I believe we've all experienced occasional (yes, OCCASIONAL) times where we're in the plane - and there's no plane sound? You don't by chance provide online/phone tech support from overseas, from someplace like India, do you 😉. I've had the pleasure of sometimes connecting to a call/support center, who also has a hard time grasping and comprehending....
  15. xPonyx

    Headset Required

    Sometimes it's the game. I -think- I've got enough practice, thanks 👎 Been using decent headsets since they came out for consoles, starting with wired/preamp ones for the original xbox. Have had these 800x's for over 2 years. Think I'd have gotten 'em figured out by now.