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  1. You go girl!!! 😆 Yeah. It's a video game. Been playing it for awhile. Played lots of games. If you knew - you'd know I'm probably a damned sight older than you, "kiddo". No. Can't be both. M4 and M16 are really similar - let's just call them whatever. "Hey Fred, I've got an M4 here". Fred; "WTF? that's an M16. Are you st00pid???". Like saying it doesn't matter if you're male or female. Really similar, only a few differences......right? 😉 That's just kinda wrong and insensitive to be calling it something it's not. There's a lot of people that take a lot of this game too damned seriously. There's endless threads here on all sorts of stuff. Ump being OP, and the rounds not dropping off - but yet the VSS rounds are slower and drop like a rock - all the while having a much longer barrel, but the same ammo. On and on the 'seriousness' goes. Was actually playing last night, had a somewhat newer 'friend' in the squad. 2 of us got knocked, he was picking me up and started bitching to the other guy about not picking the other guy up, wasting time looting. Other guy was just grabbing a medkit off a box. No big deal to me. But the rando took the game so serious, he got all bent outta shape and knocked my buddy. Sometimes......it's just fun to troll, in a somewhat serious (but not so serious) way. There absolutely are people that insist it's a Bronco. Been in those games and heard it. Truth be told, a thread like this sometimes takes the monotony out of the over-serious threads. That is - if a person ain't so serious to begin with - to take it all so effing serious 😆
  2. ....came and read it under your own volition, even given the fairly explanatory thread title 🤣
  3. I would assume many - given the endless threads about gun realism, bullet drop/damage, etc......
  4. Everyone keeps calling it a Bronco. It's not a Ford Bronco. It's a Chevy Blazer. Yeah, I know it's actually not, for trademark purposes - but it's 10x more Blazer than Bronco. Take a look at the pictures. In the game, the vehicle has the following; shorter, more wrap-around brake/tail lights that are rounder distinctive 2-tone paint (center 'band' secondary color) pronounced rear tailgate handle license plate hangs below bumper This is obviously shared with the actual Chevy Blazer. Whereas the Bronco has taller, narrower and more angular brake/tail lights two-tone paint most often not 'center-banded' NO rear pronounced tailgate handle most had exposed rear tire carrier on tailgate license plate goes above bumper (because there's a plate there for the bumper ball hitch) Surely there's some actual car people on here that can see and know the obvious. Stop it. Just stop it. Stop calling it a Bronco!!! OMfrikkenG......
  5. With the various game modes, there's no reason at all for teaming in solo. When I game solo, my tactics are different. I had a guy that I found out later was 'baiting' me. He was moving around, doing over-obvious peeking at a distance. I came out of a building, was maneuvering closer to him - behind a wall - and then ended up getting shot from another dude that was behind me. Total setup. If I was in any other game mode, I would have obviously been more careful, knowing there could be teammates elsewhere. THIS is why it should be insta-ban for teaming in solo. I was still not sure WTF was going on, until the guy that killed me, that was looting my body, was joined by the other guy. Have a screen shot, don't know if reporting will do anything.
  6. I think there is some dsync issues, lag and more with getting shot. With the radar hack, it hadn't happened to me in a long time, but the other night was doing squads with friends, ran into another squad in Dobro on Vikendi. No matter where we were, they were shooting at us, from seemingly nowhere. We knew something was up, started maneuvering around - behind the castle, snaking through building, etc - they knew our every move, and were literally following us, or moving to intercept. You can't see everything when zig-zagging in a town with lots of buildings and more. Our last surviving member was chased on foot, the whole other squad was chasing him (so it wasn't like there were people giving call-outs). Chased him to his specific location.
  7. Flare didn't work for my squad last night. After 3rd circle, playing on Miramar, squadmate shot it straight up. It stayed there up in the sky for like forever. Never a drop, plane noise, anything. Told him to report it, don't know that he did.
  8. I ain't gotta high K/D, but I can't help but share... Dropped once with my squad in Pecado. Dropped where 80--90% of the time I can literally kit-out. I honest-to-goodness ran through 10 or so buildings, couldn't find any type of weapon, vest or anything - but picked up a Molotov. One of my squadmates on the south side of town was taking heat, everyone else ran there, I tried two more houses to pick up something on my way. STILL couldn't find a weapon of any type. As I'm approaching, my squadmates have now all been killed, and they're laughing at me. I figured I'd go out in style - threw my Molly on the roof where one of the other members was lurking, ran inside, ran up on one of their team looting one of my squadmates, punched him to death before he could react - didn't just knock him, thirsted him (a suicide mission with a molly would have only knocked him, but killed me). After thirsting him, made an attempt to loot his box to grab a weapon, but another of their teammates got there in time to kill me before I could pick anything up. My squad, who was spectating, literally pissed themselves laughing to death. I'd have hated to be that other player, getting thirsted by punches. I bet the dude's squadmates didn't let him live that one down. I think one of my squadmates said he recorded the video - need to see if he really did.
  9. I've dropped good loot in bushes, etc., away from where I'm gonna die (if I know I won't be revived) to keep others from looting my body and 'making bank'. Truth be told, I've sat outside an area, and just waited for someone else to do all the looting, then ambush them and take their stuff. And it's also happened to me.
  10. Spectate the people that killed you. Many times I've been killed by bush-wookies in ghillie suits. Yep, I was moving - Kar98 to the head. Some people are just good with certain weapons. Which comes back to, don't be a sitting duck. Don't sit around, unless you know you're invisible. I've seen people with silenced weapons pop shots into shrubs, not knowing if there was anyone in it or not. I'm tossed up when it comes to throwables. I've seen people use grenades/molotovs at the end, with precision. Seen people use smoke with precision. I usually don't have enough room to carry a lot of stuff - so I'd say pick out a throwable, and practice using it. Same with weapons - pick something, and 'get gud' with it. Know how it reacts when you shoot it. So that when the shooting does start, you're more accurate with shot placement. As an OG, my response time is a bit behind the 'youngsters'. That, and an old TV doing 720p (...what is this LED stuff you speak of? Is it like PCP? or LSD?...). But I've dinner'd a time or two solo, so it's not impossible. And there's just some times that when it's down to the final circle, you're up against a couple others, with Level 3 gear, while you have a Lvl2 helm and vest that's taken some damage. And you find you're between the two. Last night I got popped, after I popped someone else, 'cause I was in the middle. I've been recently doing more with moving after I've done some shooting - once your position is known, you risk throwables taking you out, or being spotted if you're not fully concealed. Advice is easier taken than implemented.
  11. Yes, have a video. Was able to slow it down, it was a jacket. Had no idea about the whole clothes thing, after all this time. Learned something new.
  12. Saw someone jump from the plane a good 1-2 seconds before the "exit plane" button showed for me (and before others exited). I've done my share of spamming the "B" button before, when I wanted to drop as soon as the plane would let me, but this seemed too soon. Bug? Anomaly?
  13. 38 and 39, and calling yerself "old" gamers??? You kids get off my lawn, come back when you've grown hair on yer nutsacks. Or lips. Or whatever - don't wanna be discriminatory or anything. Unless you self-identify as a unicorn. Got nothin' for that. I don't think you can call yourself 'OG' until you've hit that 50 mark. I'm an OG. And I not only place in top 10 regularly, have solo chicken dinners as well. I'd be beast if I live at home with my parents and played/streamed all day. But alas, I have work (and kids, and more). Elite is great, once you get used to it, the standard controller won't feel as responsive when you have to play on one again. As previously stated, start with 2 paddles. That's all I use. If I only played PUBG, I'd use all four paddles. But definitely use the paddles. My biggest complaint is when I set my controller down to grab a beer or something. If I set it down on a bed, cushion or anything not hard, there's a chance it will activate a paddle. Have one mapped to A, which means there's times I've gotten up to do something, and come back to find I'd been tossed in a game.
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